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  1. Thanks Don. I've obviously been reading around the forums (this and others!) over the last few days while mulling over my decision and I saw that you'd had a bit of an issue which you've thankfully resolved! I've been surprised at the pleasant reception which the Rift-S has received, especially given the lukewarm reviews prior to it's release. Have you tried it other sims yet? If so, is it as impressive an upgrade in those as it seems to be in IL-2? (Sorry everyone, but I fly other sims too )
  2. Yeah, I'm definitely leaning towards the Rift-S as I'm pretty pleased with the Rift ecosystem generally and although the Reverb has that exceedingly tempting resolution jump, from the reaction of the guys on here who have got the Rift-S, it seems like a good unit and worth the upgrade, even from the CV1.
  3. Thanks both. So it seems that neither of you feel that the CPU upgrade is worthwhile... I am running the 8600K at 4.7GHz already anyway, so maybe I shouldn't bother with the CPU and wait for the 10nm Intels... Looks like it's a new HMD for me then!
  4. Hi guys, Just wanted some advice from those with slightly newer hardware than I have on what next to buy! I'm currently running a Rift CV1, with an i5-8600K, z370 motherboard, 3200MHz RAM and a GTX1080Ti. I get good (I'm happy with it) performance in both IL-2 BOS and XP11, which are my two sims of choice! I've got a budget of around GBP450ish, so looking at maybe the i9-9900K, i7-9700K or possibly the Rift-S. Anyone got any feeling around which is the better thing to go for? I know this is the IL-2 forum, but I'm also considering XP11 performance, especially as they look to be moving towards a Vulkan implementation, which might improve multi-core performance on the CPU. Any thoughts welcome!! Thanks. 'monsta
  5. Thanks Chili. I'll try with the settings in the thread. I do use the 3Dmigoto mod for the cloud fix and zoom (and yes, Oculus) I've managed to get the 8600K up to around 4.7 stable with decent (but not fantastic) air cooling but I want it to last, so not pushing it too hard! Once I get some decent time, I'll run the test for you guys on my rig. (I did it back on version 2.012 with a 3gb GTX1060 on the Balapan track but things have changed a lot since then!)
  6. Hi guys/Chili, Firstly, chili, thank you for all of your hard work in compiling all of this data! With the improvements in version 3.008/9 - can you give me some suggestions for in-game settings for an 8600K/1080Ti combo as it seems we may now be able to push the GPU a little harder? OTT SS / Overall graphics / Clouds / Shadows / Distance, etc.? I'd like something fairly stable at 90, but I'm not one who suffers badly when it drops a bit below that, so I'm happy at anything above 45, really (as long as it's only sometimes, not constant 45!!) I also mostly play single-player - scripted campaigns and career. Thanks all
  7. Looks interesting. Just have to wait until they appear on Big Apple Buddy I guess! (UK user here!)
  8. Hi Adger, Thank you for doing this. I'd like to put myself forward for the prize draw, please! Thanks again - this community truly is something special - I've never been on any forum in my (many) years which has so much kindness and respect for other people. 'monsta
  9. I'm in for BoBP, please. Thank you for doing this. This community never ceases to amaze me with it's kindness, respect and generosity...
  10. Are you connecting to your Oculus machine via RDP? Only say this because I was trying to remotely install a game the other day and hit the same error and thought "ah, here we go again", but you can't open Oculus via Remote Desktop... (and you get given the same error message as the cert problem from a couple of weeks back)
  11. Have to agree with Fenris - had bad shimmering when I first updated. Just cleaned out and re-installed and shimmering gone, even with settings at Ultra, with 150km draw distance. As an aside - where is the setting which prevents the mouse from going outside the game window? Since the reinstall, with the Graphics set to 1024x768 windowed, my mouse goes outside the window and is very annoying!! I can get round it by running at 1920x1080 (monitor resolution) but I'm sure I'm just being stupid and not finding the setting! Thanks.
  12. Hi guys, Has there been any word on whether there will be any VR optimizations/changes/improvements in 3.001? Just wondering if anyone has read anything in any of the announcements/comments from devs, etc.? Cheers
  13. I was running a 1060 3GB for a while in VR and it was fine. It was OK as long as I kept graphics settings minimal (Low/Balanced, Mirrors off, shadows off/low, etc.) and no SS. Check the baseline thread here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29322-measuring-rig-performance-common-baseline/ for my details (this is with the i5-8600K CPU) Still, the 1060 3GB looks like it's better than the 1050Ti performance-wise. I used to have an i5-3450 paired with the 1060 initially - then I found IL-2 in VR and the absolutely awesome experience of combat flight simming in VR made me spend loads of money to upgrade my rig!!
  14. Anyone got any idea what sort of price the VKB throttle will be? I've got a Hotas X currently, but it's a bit lacking accuracy. I'm thinking about the T.16000m Hotas set up (stick and throttle) but if the VKB Gladiator MkII and throttle competes with that on price, I might well wait... Thanks! Note1: Does anyone have direct experience of both the Hotas X and the T.16000m sticks? Is it "night and day" going from the Hotas X to the T.16000m? Note2: How do the Saitek X52/55/56 units compare to these? Cheers (didn't mean to hijack the thread!)
  15. I have Gammaxx 400 push pull air cooler. I doubt I can do too much OC but I'm going to redo my thermal paste and remount it this week to see if I can get stock clock temps down, then maybe try some gentle OC. Anyway, hopefully the info will help people out!
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