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  1. For those who were looking for TrackIR support - I believe I saw it in the release notes for the latest patch. EDIT: I see I'm very late to the party with this comment!
  2. Thanks Don. Good to know that your rig is capable of hitting 90 with high settings/resolution. Especially as I'm considering a 3090! What do your actual FPS look like if you turn off Motion Smoothing (I assume it's locking to 45/90 in the same way as ASW did when it's turned on)?
  3. I think you'll be OK with SystemActive, as they already seem to be shipping the "second" batch, i.e. orders after July. I was a lucky one who ordered in July and received mine on Tuesday. It's very nice - I just wish real life would stop for a while, so I could really spend some quality time in VR! Very much agree with you here. It's really bad that people with pre-orders have not had their orders fulfilled before retail orders are being taken, shipped and delivered. The same thing has happened in the UK, albeit not as dire as your situation. Not good HP, not good.
  4. Actually, the VR Beta has already closed! The first wave (for WMR devices) has been running for a couple of weeks and now they've opened wave 2 for non-WMR and closed applications. I tried to get on both but no dice. Hopefully they'll put it into general release soon anyway.
  5. Ah Don. Now you've got me all worked up again. I had tempered myself somewhat having received notification that here in the UK, delivery will be 2 more weeks (I ordered early July). Now I'm wishing my life away again
  6. Reverb G2 starting to ship soon according to HP rep on r/HPReverb. Final production units are on their way. Looks like they're remaining fairly close to the recently announced timeline of early/mid November for the first batch of pre-orders. Exciting times!
  7. Yes, the drone camera with the Xbox controller works really well - just wish the Active Pause wasn't such a calamity! I'm eagerly awaiting the VR implementation - still can't get used to pancake flying no matter how much I try, so I think I'll maybe grab the Mooney once I'm back in 3D and can really enjoy the great views from that cockpit (Reverb G2 on pre-order, so hopefully not too much longer to wait 🤷‍♂️)
  8. Beautiful weather to be flying in! Got lucky with that nice bit of blue sky for your arrival! Xbox controller looking not so good for landings How is the Mooney? Worth the money? Does everything work? I was going to get the Mooney for XP11, but didn't, so I must admit I'm tempted here!
  9. No, I don't believe the GamePass is mandatory. Buy the sim - Base, Premium or Deluxe and that's it, you own it and can play it. If you already have a GamePass subscription, or choose to go that way, then you get access to the Base version of the sim while your subscription is active.
  10. Why not? Looks like a very well-fabricated and industrious modification 🤣😜
  11. Exactly! I'll certainly be putting the CV1 up for sale. I've just pre-ordered the G2 having spoken to them about cancellation policy just in case I decide that the finances aren't up to it come September. Pretty excited now - should be quite a jump in resolution from the Rift S! Not that I have any issue with the Rift S as it is - it's still a very good headset as far as I'm concerned. (Thanks for your words - gave me the confidence to go ahead with the pre-order )
  12. Cheers Don. It's a pretty good price for what you get, so I will probably pull the trigger too - just working out whether I can aid the finances by selling my Rift S
  13. Hi guys. Just a quick piece of advice please! I'm sorely tempted by the Reverb G2, but there are a few games in my Oculus library (I currently have a Rift S) that I'd like to continue to play. Can I play them using a Reverb if I was to get one? It seems that Revive might make that a possibility but does anyone have "hands-on" experience of doing this using a non-Oculus headset and is it any good? Thanks everyone
  14. Thanks Don. I've obviously been reading around the forums (this and others!) over the last few days while mulling over my decision and I saw that you'd had a bit of an issue which you've thankfully resolved! I've been surprised at the pleasant reception which the Rift-S has received, especially given the lukewarm reviews prior to it's release. Have you tried it other sims yet? If so, is it as impressive an upgrade in those as it seems to be in IL-2? (Sorry everyone, but I fly other sims too )
  15. Yeah, I'm definitely leaning towards the Rift-S as I'm pretty pleased with the Rift ecosystem generally and although the Reverb has that exceedingly tempting resolution jump, from the reaction of the guys on here who have got the Rift-S, it seems like a good unit and worth the upgrade, even from the CV1.
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