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  1. Very nice DD today, all looking great, not long now. Always a nice way to end the week with a DD update 😀😀
  2. I hope so Amraam67 for some reason I thought we was getting the bubble canopy ☹️
  3. I’ve had IL2 from the beginning actually bought a PC for it as before that I was using an Apple Mac for work and at home. The first flight sim I used was Hellcats over the Pacific for Apple Mac back in the 90’s also Falcon 4 but never really enjoyed the modern jet sims! After I got the PC I used and enjoyed Mig Alley about the only jets era I like, do remember that being really good with sun light hitting the canopies of aircraft etc. Had time away for a few years as normal life got in the way but kept popping back to see what was happening liked the development that was going on a
  4. I know what you mean 😀 looking good guys 👍
  5. Not sure as yet I’ll most likely get a tailpiece and locking nut from Shapewise and take it from there, until I get the KG13 in my hands and see how the lower part is but together I don’t really know, if it follows the original spec the inside of the tube is 32mm may see if I can get something to mount the tailpiece on/into and fit that inside the lower portion of the grip if anyone has any ideas...
  6. Looks like Jazz is going to be very busy over the coming weeks!
  7. I’ve also ordered from AviaSim but have been told he’s running out of parts so there may be a delay not sure if this is weeks or months ☹️
  8. Yeah that worked thanks Jade monkey 😀 just wait for a reply
  9. Thanks Jade monkey I’ll give it a go and keep trying 😀
  10. Hope someone can help - I've tried to log in to the Russian site to contact someone who can make a KG13 Grip, the problem is I can go through Google translate and it's fine but as soon as I try to log on (which apprantley you can with your .com password etc) I get told that google cannot translate and that's as far as I can go. Without signing in I cannot send a PM to them. I have ordered this but just would like confirmation that I have only ordered a KG13 Grip. https://sghjsvu2c5piwk3v5llljcknj4-jj2cvlaia66be-aviasim-control-com.translate.goog/
  11. Just to say I have received the Monstertech mounts what a solid piece of kit they are well worth it just waiting for an ‘S’ shaped extension from Virpil which is on back order and if or when the Thrustmaster base stops working then I shall go for a Virpil base.
  12. Thanks von-Tom nice set up, I've just ordered the Monstertech mounts, longer mount for the Joystick and standard for the Throttle, have to say after seeing dburne set up I'm thinking about the Virpril 'S' curve extension and ordering a stronger spring from Sahaj - This hobby can get expensive! Anyone have this set up with the Worthog I've searched the Webb but only seem to see images of the Virpril units with the 'S' curve extension. Thanks again for all the info and images. 🙂
  13. Thanks guys for all images and info - decisions decisions 🤔
  14. Thanks dburne, I did realise afterwards it would be personal preference could be a good idea to do with the deeper Monstertech at least then I would be covered. Will check out the Monstertech site and get some idea of sizes etc. just wondering do the extension really make a difference? thanks again
  15. I’m thinking about getting standard size Monstertech desk mounts for the HOTAS Warthog but I’m also interested in a joystick extension I’d be looking at the 75mm extension. My question is has anyone got the above set up using the joystick centrally on the desk, is the joystick too high with a 75mm extension with a standard Monstertech desk mount or would I need to order the longer version of Monstertech so I have more room play with positioning the joystick height or is the standard desk mount OK. Don’t really want to spend the extra money on the longer desk mount if I don’t need too.
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