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  1. 1./JG2_Little_D

    One little question

    Hi gents, thank you for your Help and Info. regards Little_D
  2. 1./JG2_Little_D

    One little question

    Hi pilotpierre, LoL , but i still need the info. regards Little_D
  3. 1./JG2_Little_D

    One little question

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me how wide the cockpits of the P-51, P47, P38 and Spitfire were? regards Little_D
  4. 1./JG2_Little_D

    Spit Mk9 Post 3.006 Update

    Hi unreasonable, thx for the info. I also read that the coolling power of the air that goes thru the radiators at high alt is less, because the air is thinner. I read in the forum that the spit have some problems with the radiators on automatic in BoX. So looks like there are more problems on the spit. And yes hopefully they fix all the little easter eggs in this sim. Like a P-39 shadow when you are flying a Fw190 at low alt . regards Little_D
  5. 1./JG2_Little_D

    Spit Mk9 Post 3.006 Update

    Hi gents, as i dont know mutch about the Spitfire, i have a question to you: In the 109/190 handboock you can read that as more altitude you make, the boilingpoint of the water collant from 100 degrees, went down to around 59 -69 degrees shown on the display at max high. So at say 10.000m the max temp that was allowed was 59 - 69 degrees on the display. So should not drop the boilingpoint for the watercoolant in the spit also go down, or you use different coolant mix? On the other side i think maby they only forgot to check the techchat and edit it to the new system. What happens when you see that your coolant start to boil and you reduce power till it stops. Is than normal flying without engine damage possible? regards Little_D
  6. 1./JG2_Little_D

    Bf 109 G-14 Nuances

    Hi gents, did a quick test with G-14. When you go to 1.7 ATA at low level you have a MW-50 pressure from around 0,75. As soon the ATA drops, the MW-50 pressure drops to 0,50 or even lower. Get we maby to less MW-50 over 1000m into the system? Regards Little_D
  7. 1./JG2_Little_D

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Hi Admins, nice flying on 29.09.2018 without gps. Had the best flight for a long time, low level long distance fighter bomber mission on the HQ in the south east. On the winter map it was not easy to navigate, but was so much fun . Please give us more days of navigation fun . By the way is there a way, that you open an other possibility to download the KOTA skinpack? And do you think about something like this in the future for your server? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/39549-mod-draw-distance-increase-ships-stalingrad-smoke/ If yes is there a possibility for the server admin to only allow, lets say a KOTA skin and modpack? So we could use the best of the game with the best of the community, without having different Skin and modpacks running on 1 server. Hi 3./JG15_HansPhillipp, well done and good job, but now you need to do a even better job next month . regards Little_D
  8. 1./JG2_Little_D

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Hi gents, for the 29. September with the special event GPS off, it would be maby a good idea to have sunny maps. So if some beginner join too, they have not so a hard time to navigate like on the normal maps with weather. regards Little_D
  9. 1./JG2_Little_D

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Hi gents, is your TS down, cant connect. regards Little_D
  10. 1./JG2_Little_D

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Hi gents, me and my wingman will be there on 29. September 2018 . Flying without GPS +1. regards Little_D
  11. 1./JG2_Little_D

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Hi HRAF team, hi gents, My wingman and me had, after i had to stop flying for 4 weaks, 2 nice mission on your server. First a little figther bomber mission with 2x FW190-F3 to atack one of the enemy artillery on Kuban 43 ..... i think. We inflict some damage and had a blast to outfly the enemy AAA, we both where able to do a second run to inflict some more damage with the 50KG bombs. All still under fire from AAA and outflying it. Then we went directly for the AAA. With teamwork we where able to kill 2 - 3 AAA. Before we head home. We both liked the layout of the AAA and the mix of light medium and havy AAA. Also the layout of the target and the smoke is quite nice. With the smoke you need to "view" the target from higher above to find the best flight path for your atack. In the middle of the ground pounding i got hit from smal AAA in my right wingtip, and had to worry to loose my wingtip all the way home, as it looks like there a ran a crack through the wingtip. Landed safty wise without flaps and forgot to put my gear down . The second flight with 2x Fw190A-5 was cover for own ground forces, started with 80% fuel. We got in some fight close to the enemy artillery position with an probable air victory and went home at bingo fuel. Short before touch down we got visit from a friend from the other side. So full power gear and flaps up and hope the best. But as i turned my head around our friends from AAA got there kill. Landed with reserve light on after a nice long flight with some action. Any time again, need to see and learn the other maps, nice work. Cant wait for the day GPS is off and in 10 years ( game wise ) maby also techchat for this server. regards Little_D
  12. 1./JG2_Little_D


    Hi gents, i voted for turning GPS. I am now over 10 years with the sturmovik online universum. In good times as in bad times . And i see here more old names from online fighting on full real server here in the comunity than we needed to get this server full 24/7 to the "normal" gaming times. Also i dont understand why it is not possible to get a "full real" server without HuD, GPS and hopefully some day no techchat. The numbers are here in the comunity to get a 24/7 full real server, also the interest. So lets do it and dont fear "low" numbers. Each game should have a learning curve special a game called BoX that call itself a sim should be played as a sim. So all players out there that need or want GPS, Techchat, etc., find go and fly on a server like WoL or a different server. But let us other that have fun to fly "full real" at least one server where we can fly as we want, because most of the "full real" server player have the same thinking about how it should be ( Formation, Navigation, fighting, taxiing and all the other stuff ). Also most off of the "full real" server players started with HuD, GPS, techchat, etc., went from something like Beloga to WoL to Full real. Its a learning curve that makes the game, but with no Full real server because it is always bullied, there is no change. And sorry to say, but when you cant fly full real learn it or stay with WoL or something else. For me at least i would love when this server become the first full real server 24/7 in the sturmovik universum, even with some harder and clear rules. As this is my understanding from what the admins want for this server, off cause i could miss read it. regards Little_D
  13. 1./JG2_Little_D

    Question to Panzer IV G with 7,5-cm-KwK 40 L/43 und L/48

    Hi gents, thx for your answers. So it was a mistake from the docu or from me a mistake because of the language. regards Little_D
  14. Hi gents, I watched on youtube a very good docu in english about Panzer IV G with 7,5-cm-KwK 40 L/43 and L/48. In this docu there was a stament that should be a mistake. It was that one of the 7,5-cm-KwK 40 L/43 and L/48 had no ballistic curve up to 1000m with APHE, because it was so fast. Could this realy be possible? If yes should be a big advantage in a Tank battle. regards Little_D
  15. 1./JG2_Little_D

    The Missions Sharing Corner

    Hi Thad, thank you again for the new mission. Found out, that the new AP round for the PZIII is useless. Also a kinde of skip shooting at the front or side of the KV-1 and T-34 kill them with both with 2 shots. regards Little_D