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  1. Very sad to hear this, remember him from 1946 Spitfire VS 109 server. Regards Little_D
  2. Hi gents, i also use HOTAS Warthog System with sensitive to 0%, on the stick i put the big spring out and use only the small springs, my Rudder is also on 0%. Works perfect. You need to get used to it, as you need to be gentle on the stick and rudder. Regards Little_D
  3. Hi Bubi, could you please set the start time for the mission Stalingrad 1943 Winter dawn 1 - 1.5 ours later? This map is at the beginning so dark, that it is impossible to play for me. I don`t want to play with my gamma settings only for one map, as on all other maps its fine. Also could you make some turbulence in the maps, also on high alt? regards Little_D
  4. Hi CountZero, yes it can, but why it is only with HE? In all videos ( live recording/streaming ), or flying in MP i see the normal explosions from HE shells in the cockpit / gunner cockpit multiple times dosen`t matters witch side. On the other side with AP you kill the pilot easy in MP, when you hit the cockpit. You don`t even need to hit the cockpit. You can do it right from the six through the plane body and the pilot is death. And after the last update i think it got even esyer with AP again, as the devs made them stronger again. I think it`s mostly a HE shell problem, when it comes to killing the human pilot, AI pilot or AI gunner. regards Little_D
  5. Hi Roblex, I know what you mean, and you are absolute right. Maybe it would be good, to only have the fire at the touchdown / "From here you start point!!!" and if you want to take off, watch out for landing planes, landing planes first!!!, to make it absolute clear. And for the round bases KOTA has, maybe for the touchdown a third fire, right hand from spawn points with enough space to land save. some other question, to the red side gents/squads here: witch one of you are planning to fly the P-38 as fighter and fighter bomber as main plane when it is possible? Because i can not wait to get my hands on the most beautiful aircraft of World War II, even if it's only on the computer. Since I like flying here like the German machines only cockpit and HOTAS, no techno chat or help, i needed professional help, so I get to know the other side of the power on KOTA . Since my 2 other guys want to fly the P-38 as well, it could be really funny and cool. regards Little_D
  6. Hi Roblex, you are right, but you still have your damn eyes to look around when you coming close to the airbase you want to land at. And the nice guys from KOTA, special Bubi as he is building the maps, when i am right, build so nice airbases where you can clearly see from above the spawn place and with this you know and can see where the runway starts and ends ( take off landing direction ). Problem is nobody of this ..... pilots has this 2 minutes to turn over the base and look to know in witch direction he needs to land. If they are as fast in bed with there girlfriends as they are on the server with take off and landing, oh boy poor girlfriends regards Little_D
  7. Hi JonRedcorn, exactly and you have your fu... compass in your plane. you know your take off direction and take off direction = landing direction, simple it is. When you have a damaged plane and need to land in the other direction, its ok. But use the green next to the runway, this way nothing can happen. I dont know if a Bomber can do it with the space between green and the buildings KOTA have build in, but a 110 can do it. @Bubi i will try my best. regards Little_D
  8. Dear blue pilots on the server KOTA, because lately pilots are constantly rolled without looking on the runway and it does not matter to these pilots if another pilot with a heavy bomber or hunter is in the approach and disturbs it with his landing , or that it sometimes comes to crash landings or deaths. In the future, I will shoot at any pilot who rolls on the runway without looking, hindering me from landing with a slow machine, or ending my landing on his plane. It is enough KOTA is not an acarde server, there are also rules on an airfield, even if they are not official. 1. Taxiing on the taxiways. 2. Waiting at the rollstop for the runway is clear. 3. Wait at the rollstop till the landing plan is landed and save. 4. Landing has the same direction as take off. 5. Dont do cross field start and ram others away. You can also ban me for a week for the action Bubi, but it is enough that I constantly see idiots or acarde pilots disturb the others pilots that try to start or land in formation, or just do cross field start and ram others away. I'm not a good pilot or something special, but it should be possible to stick to the simplest rules on an airfield. If people do not have 2 minutes to behave like everyone else on the airfield, sorry if I say that, but then they have the wrong hobby or should go to WoL but leave us alone. regards Little_D
  9. Hi gents, thx for all your answers. i will also use the cockpit diagram regards Little_D
  10. I try to learn to fly the P-40E-1 in MP mission servers, not at berloga. I found 3 different typs of engine settings and limits for the P-40E-1. Pilot manual ( Internet ) In game Data Cockpit info on the left side ( in Game ) Pilot manual: Take off max. 54 Hg 3000 rpm 1 Min. Take off Recommended 48 Hg 3000 rpm 5 Min. Climb max. 48 Hg 2650 rpm 5 Min. Climb Recommended 35 Hg 2500 rpm unlimit Cruise max 38 Hg 2650 rpm unlimit Cruse Recommended 30 Hg 2400 rpm unlimit In game Data: Take off 45 Hg 3000 rpm 2 Min. Cruise 37 Hg 2600 rpm unlimit Combat 42 Hg 3000 rpm 5 min. Cockpit info on left side ( in Game ) Take off 44 Hg 2800 rpm 3 Min. Climb 37 Hg 2600 rpm ½ hour limit Cruise max. 37 Hg 2600 rpm unlimit Cruise min. 30 Hg 2300 rpm unlimit Emergency 42 Hg 3000 rpm 5 min. Witch one I should use? Regards Little_D
  11. Hi Admins, could you activate the gyro sight for the FW190D-9, so we can also train to fly with the ace maker 🙂
  12. Hi gents, as far as i understand the working of the D-9 Cooling is automatic. You can manual overwrite the automatic and open or close them. To activate the automatic again you need to close the rads completly till the temps raise, than the automatic will go in again. Also the MW50 is to activate like the Notleistung in the A8. Some other tip on flying the FW D-9 or other FW typs: Set your powersettings ( cruise, combat, etc. ) over rpm. regards Little_D
  13. Hi Roblex, only for the spawn bases, to make vulching impossible. And you can cover your spawn bases with your fighters. regards Little_D
  14. Hi gents, vulching happens on both sides, yeaster day i had a spit over our spawn base and he killed 3 of us on the runway. The AAA where shooting everywhere but hit nothing. He could do 4 ore more runs on our airfield without getting harmed. So yes there is a need for better AAA and the where to put them. Also i would like to change the 88mm AAA to 20mm too and set them to ace. I have nothing against bomber`s that bomb spawn bases. So let them come in over 20mm AAA alt and bomb the base, but as soon they come down in low, let the 20mmm kill them. Same for the other side, change the big guns against the better smal ones, so voulching is as risky as in RL Also i can understand the other side, getting vulched when you are also out numbert is something that can destroy the fun to play. Vulching is something for idiots. And dont come with "it happens in RL so lets do it on the sever". Yes it happens in RL but than take a look at how many AAA a airfield had in RL. As we cant get the same numbers on AAA on a airfield like in RL because of the game and performance there should be no vulching, exept bombing. regards Little_D
  15. Hi Bubi, sorry name of the map is Moscow1941Autumn regards Little_D
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