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  1. I wonder if hosting the campaign related elements client side would boost the reliability of the campaigns so that we don't see those missions that refuse to finish.
  2. Single-player quick missions - I don't think there is a career mode for tanks yet. I wasn't using the editor, so I don't think that is the only issue.
  3. Have you had problems with tank missions not ending when you click finish? This appears to be similar to the campaign missions not ending. I seem to be using Ctrl-Alt-Delete more than "Finish Mission" when tanking. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/36602-career-missions/
  4. After trapping a convoy on a bridge, I decided to ram the last surviving truck with my KV-1 to communicate my utter disdain for the Nazi invaders. Oops. The truck was forced up onto my front slope when I hit it, and shoved forward into the next (burning) truck in line. Then it blew up killing the patriotic and buttoned-up crew of my heavy tank, but doing little damage to the vehicle itself. Perhaps if the truck were filled with artillery shells or something similar that somehow all detonated on impact? Otherwise that seems like an unlikely outcome.
  5. OT, but where is this wonderful museum stocked full of locomotives, cars, motorcycles and aircraft? Nevermind - I see it is in Prague. Looks like an amazing museum.
  6. Glad to hear! I have no idea how that logic works on the backend.
  7. It sounds like the dispersal airfields were often just fields. I bet that could make implementation tough, because the game would tend to score landing there as a forced landing.
  8. Blech - it happened again today on the first mission of a new career in BOS. I did manage to get 2 missions done in a HS 129 though and that career actually ended because I died! Gotta watch my altitude on strafing runs a bit more closely but killing heavy tanks with that 30mm is very satisfying. 😀
  9. I knew there were night missions... Do you encounter enemy fighters? I hope not! My main point was that I was surprised that the predictability of consistent 3 minute intervals worked for them for years, although it sounds like they prioritized searchlights so maybe that helped. I might have expected them to mkae it 3 minutes for a whil, then 5 minutes, maybe 2 minutes, etc so that the AD folks would have a less precise idea when to expect the next plane to come by.
  10. I was reading Nadia Valinsky's biography recently and her discussion of their tactics was... surprising. Apparently if they were going to strike a target overnight they would pre-position at a dispersal airfield prior to sundown. Once it got dark they would depart singly at 3 minute intervals to arrive over the target at 3 minute intervals then fly back to the overnight airstrip and land at 3 minute intervals. They crews would cycle the planes as fast as possible and they would be re-inserted into the rotation and continue striking at 3 minute intervals. Valinsky said she sometimes flew as many as 18 strike missions in a single night, and it was a strategy the Night Witches apparently followed for literally years. It seemed surprisingly predictable to me - once the U-2s started hitting a target they would keep at it all night long and it would have been easy to predict when the next plane would be over the target. Apparently the Germans jelled to that fact as well, and had fighters overhead on some of her missions. The next day they U-2s would make a ferry flight back to their base. Will our career U-2 missions be flown like that and will -109 drivers have the chance of a counter U-2 pop-up mission in the middle of the night? It seems like a U-2 pilot might have a tough time surviving a night let alone the war!
  11. Yep - landing successful message and everything.
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