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  1. Hey, first of all, are you sure that you have configured everything right? Sharing your config file could help
  2. Hi there! Here is release of FreeJoy v1.7.0: Firmware: https://github.com/FreeJoy-Team/FreeJoy/releases/ Configurator: https://github.com/FreeJoy-Team/FreeJoyConfiguratorQt/releases As you noticed there is a link to the Qt version of configurator developed by Reksotiv. This means that starting from this version the WPF configurator is no longer supported and FreeJoyConfiguratorQt becomes the main one. If you have not use it yet, here is a short list of its features: Russian/English language support Backwards compatibility of configs between versions
  3. Do you see marking on the second IC? It may be a clock generator
  4. TLE5010 cannot use any secret protocols except of one described in datasheet
  5. Hi! Maybe this thread will be helpful for you: https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/11603-diyсамодельщина-электроника-usb-контроллер-сенсор-платы-расширения/?tab=comments#comment-701131
  6. Hi! Thanks for such detailed issue description. I have tried several encoders processing algorithms and looks like it is still not optimal now. I will take this into account and try to improve encoders performance in the next versions of the software.
  7. Both of tools can be used. QT version is a bit faster and flexible
  8. Please pin your config file. I hope I will be able to take a look tomorrow
  9. 1) FreeJoy support up to 16 encoders, 15 of them can output as buttons/axis and one only in axis mode but more precise. 2) I usually buy my bluepills on AliExpress and here is some information about fake chips. I also have developed my own controller board for freejoy and it is also opensource. I gonna make a small batch for selling a bit later. For more information about project please visit our wiki page and join #freejoy channel on HOTAS/HOSAS/SIMPIT discord server
  10. Did you set buttons in logical buttons block? You will gey all 8 axes and 128 buttons visible while HID dynamic config option is not set. We have some explanations how to set up buttons in our wiki
  11. Hi, did you use same USB cable before the issue appeared? Have you cleaned your board after soldering? It may make sense to load some photo of your soldering results
  12. MCP3201, 02, 04, 08 should work with FreeJoy right now in single ended mode. Axis setup section has "channel" selection box for multi-channel sensors like MCP3202, 04, 08, ADS1115. I have not tried them with 1.6.2 but if you can confirm troubles with these sensors I have all of them in stock to check and fix communication Unfortunately this is not possible for non-composite USB device because of Windows limitations. For now you can only get 8 axes (no matter internal adc or external sensor) from one stm32 in freejoy
  13. @nflaum 1) I will check this out soon, thanks 2) Not really a problem, you still can select any of 8 channels. I will add this to low priority fixes list 3) GEN is 4MHz output for TLE system clicking (TLE CLK pin)
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