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  1. Repositories for the project were moved to github organisation page created for this project. Actual links are here: Organisation: https://github.com/FreeJoy-Team Firmware: https://github.com/FreeJoy-Team/FreeJoy/releases Configurator: https://github.com/FreeJoy-Team/FreeJoyConfigurator/releases Latest release of firmware is v.1.3.3b3. Firmware for this version must be flashed by ST-Link programmer
  2. Here is new release v1.3.3b2 Features: Migration to SPL to reduce program size and improve performance Splitting buttons to physical and logical Widely configurable shift modification for buttons (5 shifts maximum) Optimizing serial devices reading algorithms (like using DMA for SPI) New axes configuration logic Combined axes function Buttons/encoders to axes Encoders maximum number was decreased to 16 for optimization Improved encoders algorithm Radio buttons functionality Shift registers pull up and pull down selecting Fixes: Axes to buttons errors Magnet offset function added to all axes Optimization of HID Link to configurator: https://github.com/vostrenkov/FreeJoyConfigurator/releases/tag/1.3.3b2 Link to firmware: https://github.com/vostrenkov/FreeJoy/releases/tag/v1.3.3b2
  3. I released FreeJoy under GPL3.0 license, so you can use it in your commercial projects for free The only thing i want is to keep the code open even in commercial use
  4. Hello! I want to share my work on opensource joystick controller with flexible configuration. It is based on cheap BluePill board available for about 1$: This controller supports following features: Up to 8 analog axes (12 bit resolution) Up to 128 buttons Incremental encoders TLE5010/5011 sensors Shift registers 74HC165 and CD4021 Axes to buttons (12 buttons per axis) 4 POV hats Push buttons, toggle switches, inverted buttons, etc. All this options can be configured by user-friendly configurator tool: For flashing firmware to the device ST-LINK v2 programmer is required (or USB-UART converter). Instructions how to flash program to the device can be found on github wiki page. Instruction how to use configurator tool is available here. Source code can be found on github: FreeJoy FreeJoyConfigurator Links to the latest releases: https://github.com/vostrenkov/FreeJoy/releases https://github.com/vostrenkov/FreeJoyConfigurator/releases I hope this will be useful for your DIY or commercial projects. I will be glad if you guys test it and leave your feedback. Let's make this project better together :)
  5. I'd like to see what if blue team played with organization level of red team. I always see a lot of guys in red teamspeak channel and no one in blue channel. As a result allied are able to win map with less people online (they even have more lifes for this). Allies do a great job to cooperate each other, axis team should take some lessons of it
  6. TAW server script and in-game statistics have different logic. AK is counted only untill you finish your sortie. TAW air kills may be interpreted as "confirmed" wins if you feel this unfair
  7. 109 ditched after your teammate landed. In this way AK is not counted
  8. I mean 1 life per 2 hours, not relatively to map changing. This guarantee you will get back your life in the next mission (but not at its beginning), without stimulating suicide runs at mission endings.
  9. Due this changes it may be reasonable to make 1.0 life counter instead of 3.0. In other words make one life per misson if sides have the same number of players. It is just my thoughts, i'm sure everything that you guys do have reasons and you want to make TAW better more than any of us.
  10. So what do you suggest? Not to fly when you see your team has numeric advantage?
  11. As I understand if one side have less players for a long time their tanks spawn more often for balance. So outnumbering side may lose if they won’t try to capture airfields and destroy tanks.
  12. It works now. I was kicked from server after my 1st death
  13. If you want to go full realistic but not balance you should go further. Let Soviet AFs to be almost without AAA at first maps, limited number of lend lease aircrafts, one pilot’s life for the campaign and so on. I like TAW balanced and not fully historical (fully historical TAW should be always win by Allies). This semi historical setting still gives much more atmosphere than other servers with “fictional missions” due its more realistic gameplay, but not plane set.
  14. Please leave old visibility. All we want to see HvB’s video for the new TAW campaign.
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