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  1. Did you set buttons in logical buttons block? You will gey all 8 axes and 128 buttons visible while HID dynamic config option is not set. We have some explanations how to set up buttons in our wiki
  2. Hi, did you use same USB cable before the issue appeared? Have you cleaned your board after soldering? It may make sense to load some photo of your soldering results
  3. MCP3201, 02, 04, 08 should work with FreeJoy right now in single ended mode. Axis setup section has "channel" selection box for multi-channel sensors like MCP3202, 04, 08, ADS1115. I have not tried them with 1.6.2 but if you can confirm troubles with these sensors I have all of them in stock to check and fix communication Unfortunately this is not possible for non-composite USB device because of Windows limitations. For now you can only get 8 axes (no matter internal adc or external sensor) from one stm32 in freejoy
  4. @nflaum 1) I will check this out soon, thanks 2) Not really a problem, you still can select any of 8 channels. I will add this to low priority fixes list 3) GEN is 4MHz output for TLE system clicking (TLE CLK pin)
  5. Hey, of course i'm going to do this, but i have to polish current functionality first since a lot of bugs and enhacements reported. Also it is quite possible I will start FFB suppoting project on another board, stm32f4 blackpill
  6. A bit before i've posted reference schematic for shift registers connection: Since you want to use all 128 input it can make sence to not daisy chain all 128/8=16 shift register but split them to 2 or 4 independent chains. In theory everything should be ok even with 16 registers in chain but i saw some people reporting about problems. Shift regs use 3 signals for communication: SCK, DATA and LATCH. SCK is B3 pin common for all regs chains LATCH can be set to any bluepill's pin and may be common for all chains or not DATA can be set to any bluepill's pin and must be individual for each chain You can use configurator tool to make it more obvious: Common LATCH Individual LATCH One chain for all 128 inputs
  7. You can wire all 128 buttons by shift registers. 4 different chains possible
  8. These numbers does not make any sense till there is no comparison with allied/axis attackers missions ratio. But i should say i feel much safer flying attackers against allies then soviets. Half-track AA not so deadly but also as hard to be destroyed just as a tank or even harder
  9. Why do you spawn or land on an attacked airfield?
  10. Release v1.6.2: Changes: Fixed TLE501x sensors range mapping Fixed some errors in SPI sensors reading Fixed non-atomic access to buttons reading function Axis centering now stored in config Axis centering now affects on plus/minus functions for axes Added debounce for axes to buttons Axes from buttons (trimmers) operation extended to axis fullscale POV center function for buttons for supports of RKJXT1F series POVs Bluepill image in configurator changed to render Fixed multiboard operation in configurator Configurator does not require installation anymore References: Firmware Configurator Wiki
  11. Devs say it is problem on server side
  12. Release v1.6.0 Changes: HID bootloader (improved software updating algorithm) Buttons logic completely reworked Timer functionality for buttons (delay before pressing and press duration) Sequential non-latching buttons Logic buttons inversion option Button output disabling option Axis trimming by buttons Axis centering by buttons (helicopter-style trimming) Axis prescaler Combined axes activation by button Prescaler activation by button "Equal" function for combined axes Encoders as axes sources Encoders reading resolution settings High-resolution (fast) encoder support Improved ADC performance Improved shift registers stability Configurator GUI improvements USB-communication improvement Migrating from v1.5.x without a programmer device Run old configurator v1.5.x and connect your device Using Firmware Flasher upload Bootloader.bin file from the archive to the device. It should reboot and connect as FreeJoy Flasher Delete old configurator and install the new one (v1.6.0) Upload new firmware FreeJoy_v1_6_0bx.bin via FreeJoy Configurator v1.6.0 as described in wiki If you have a programmer device you can flash .hex file as usual (bootloader is already included in .hex file) Firmware - https://github.com/FreeJoy-Team/FreeJoy/releasesConfigurator - https://github.com/FreeJoy-Team/FreeJoyConfigurator/releases
  13. So there are at least one server where migoto and reshade users can fight with each other. IMHO no need to have this mods enabled on taw
  14. Dimming LED indicates problem with incompatible version of saved configuration (configuration stored in other memory section than application). Make sure to do full chip erase to wipe both old application and its configuration. UPD. Added this to guide on github. You surely can flash your controller via UART converter, i just have done it successfully.
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