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  1. I guess if we leave the door open you never know what will come in.. Btw our new guy Cpl Maxwell, claimed a yellowish d7 with last night. Reckons he knocked the engine out.
  2. THURSDAY FEB 18th, 2021 A night of 2 halves really. First half the livestream wasn't delivering video, which was kinda lucky as we spent most of it trying form up and fend off 3 D7s that were up there doing their astronaut impressions. Hardly any Centrals on at this point, which was weird. Later we chased a couple of D7s all the way from Allonville in the South to Le Herliere in the North and then across the mud up at 4800m, by which time i was on fumes having been up for the best part of 90mins. We never got close and were disappointed to let them go, though a 2nd 3PG
  3. After getting the snow map 2 weeks in a row on Thursday night i'd like to suggest snow/rain/100% overcast maps be limited to 90mins. 3 hrs is just too long to stooge around like blind men with little chance to do much in the way of tactical ops. Please, 3 hrs of that is a form of torture. It has it's place but only as a bit of a change up. Perhaps give it more limited targets to win the map and put them in accessible areas for attack and defense. With the map being very winnable it'll hopefully create more focused action. Personally I'd have all the maps down to 2
  4. THURSDAY 11th FEB, 2021 Got the damn snow map again..for the entire night's session. 3 hrs is way too long for that map. Anyway, whether it put people off or not i don't know but it was a pretty quiet night. We had a lot of 3PGs up, including new guys Maxwell and MacFadden, who both coped well with the extreme conditions and scored victories. Most of the fights were against flights of D7s hugging the cloudbase. Didn't really leave us with many options. Timestamps to highlights in the description
  5. Thursday Feb 4th 2021 Lots of action, even in the snow map. The RNG missions this week included Ground Attack, something no-one was looking forward to. We also seemed to run into J30 everywhere and never had an easy scrap with them. Another patrol had a tricky encounter with a flaring CL2 and a Manfred up north. Obviously never trust a plane flaring but still we managed to get surprised with more EA turning up every time we started to get on top. All good fun though and it was great to see a couple of our newer guys US213_Picard and US3PG_Maxwell getting stuck in an
  6. You could try Balloon Guns 😄
  7. Ah, I was pulling straight back, i guess rolling puts more load on a single wing. Was that 10G+? Your engine did look stuffed though..
  8. Durability? Has anyone actually managed to pull the wings off an undamaged Pfalz? Preferably while maintaining a healthy engine and keeping ailerons attached.
  9. Yeah, knew you'd say that. Not really going to change that much though is it. We have the planes now for late 17, early 18. Basically no D7s, Dolphins or Bristol FIIIs (iirc)
  10. THURSDAY 21st JAN, 2021. Another strong turnout including some veterans we haven't seen in FC for a while. We tried something different, running historical mission types selected by RNG. On the night that included 2 CAPs over frontline targets, an alert patrol and a sector patrol. The dreaded ground attack never came up fortunately! The first, a Tank CAP East of Brazieux was pretty intense. 5+ fokkers came down in 2 waves. They got a couple of us, we got a couple of them but had to retreat. After regrouping and arrival of RFC reinforcements we managed to for
  11. I guess that works both ways. So it'll be hard to find them over our side too
  12. Well known issue. What I don't get is why it's always D7s getting the anomalous assistance. It's the only plane that doesn't need it!
  13. Yeah, was a good night for action. We disturbed a nest of them near that Southern factory target. 1 turned into 2, then 4 of the fokkers all co-alt. Our flights got separated by that upper layer of the dual clouds and they started to get the upper hand so we disengaged. Hopefully bought you guys some time and space. Those clouds create some excellent immersion and challenges. A second escort of @Gardimus on the next map in clearer weather worked a lot better though there was a savage scrap over the target area. Then on the way home we ran into a returning J30 expeditio
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