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  1. Where to begin, that was a crazy one. Literally took hours for my heartrate to normalise Might attempt a write-up later, though don't know where to start. Meanwhile here's our stream with timestamps https://youtu.be/lPPeQ1m6Ys8 Big shout-out to J30, JG1 and everyone who came out to fly
  2. Quick reminder we're up on Cuban & SteveF's Syndicate Server this week. Usually kick-off by 8:30-9pm ET. See you there. For anyone not flying but interested to watch, the US103 livestream should be here https://www.youtube.com/user/PaulLMF
  3. Why? In game the SE5a is plenty fast enough even with the lewis, and 2 guns are better than 1 for BnZ. The Spad7 180 use case in RoF is instructional as obviously the Lewis is optional. Most people will take it with the lewis for the additional firepower and ammunition! (the 180 is cursed with only 350 rounds for it's single vickers), though remove it if going to fly very high against the uber-BMWs. Personally i prefer to take it for the attack versatility it brings, and let the uber craft come down if they want to fight. If SE5a lewis was optional it'd probably be the same deal.
  4. @Sgt_Joch interesting! Tony Williams does talk about the British being afraid of synchronizing incendiary ammunition through the airscrew, perhaps the Lewis installation you mention is related to that. As alluded to, the engine is a major factor. The very rearward and offset position of Se5 Vickers creates long travel for sync gear and is one reason that necessitates hydraulic synchronization thus the CC gear. Tony Williams also mentions that increased rof from muzzle boosting dictated a move towards hydraulic sync too. (for the British). As the last para in my post states, the British twin synchronizers till late 1917 were mechanical and of relatively short distance, for the reasons given. Rotaries obviously lending themselves to this arrangement. Though afaik Camels did change to use CC gear eventually - probably for rof and standardisation reasons. So when all added together, it seems that the best arrangement Folland could come up with, to get twin guns for an HS powered Se5 in its development period of late 1916-early 1917, would have been 1 Vickers with CC sync and 1 overhead Lewis.
  5. On Se5a gun layout. I did look into this a couple of years ago and posted links on RoF forum. Here's what i found. "The deciding factor is that when the SE5 was introduced, the CC Gear worked for only one gun. It was not until near the end of 1917 that the CC Gear was worked to synchronize two guns. So that's the answer. When the SE5 came out, the CC Gear worked for one gun, not two. When the Sopwith Dolphin came out, the CC Gear worked for two guns as well as for one. Given how far back the pilot sat from the nose of the SE5, mechanical gearing was not feasible (and that is another story)." "The RFC and RNAS used many different synchronizing gear before they became the RAF and standardized on the CC Gear. All used mechanical linkages, which on British planes at least tended to warp, bend, and fail. (The French Alkan-Hamy gear ran the push rod through an unused steam tube in the cooling jacket of the Vickers gun to mitigate warping.) The CC Gear was not adapted to twin-gun mounts until late 1917. In practical terms, that meant it did not see use in the field until 1918. " http://www.theaerodrome.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-64807.html
  6. Yeah i'm with you on this Aardvark. To me the first planes developed, the Dr1 and Spad are pretty plain compared to RoF. The Spad cockpit seems so much richer and more alive in RoF. Cockpits for later planes like the Dolphin and Se5a look good though, so perhaps we'll see a revamp at some point. That said, it isn't a show-stopper, just a disappointment.
  7. Today was a fun session for sure. We expected flights of high JG1 Pfalz D12s or D7fs but kept running in to J30 battle groups, a heavy or 2 seater with lots of stacked escorts. Very dangerous, and if that wasn't enough, J30 Reinamann was flying and J30Mein was back! We got a few but unfortunately lost Hobbs to that wing issue and, as usual, there were a lot of tough fights that ended inconclusively. Highlight for me was diving vertically thru their formation for the Gotha - seeing the D7fs float up towards me then disappear from view as i zoomed past, but knowing they were putting their noses down and chasing for all they were worth. A long burst at the Gotha, the Spad shaking as i pray i don't get a wing hit at this speed, then flashing thru and away. Spandau rounds now flying after me from the chasing D7s. But i knew their turn was coming as my wingmen came down on them. Salute to all who came out and helped make for a great session. Our stream is here, timestamps done. https://youtu.be/uQzGZm7uGyI
  8. Thursdays 9pm US ET is certainly NOT 1700gmt! Its more like 0100 GMT, which explains Larner's hungover state and tea drinking. But as Talbot says, Thursday evenings US time, are good on RoF, along with Sunday afternoon US time. If you're not seeing any servers, is likely because you are running mods on
  9. With the US holiday we didn't have high expectations for the session but we had 3-4 pilots up, and with over 20 pilots joining, the evening turned out to be a nice slow-burner. By the end we were going from fight to fight. Began for us with 3 engagements against a high J30 yellow D7f. Cagey maneuvering vs the D7's climb, followed by some intense attacks - each time our numbers told but he got away. Very slippery that one. Then they started flying a nasty combo of Gotha gunship with D7f escort. Fortunately that brought the D7 down so we did have some luck. Right near the map end with only minutes left, an epic scrap formed with 3 Spads, 2 D7s and a Gotha spiraling a down on each other. Although only one plane went down it was, unfortunately, our ace Larner. His wing, though only lightly damaged, chose to depart when he needed to turn. A sad end to an otherwise good night. Big Salute to everyone who was able to come out See you next week on Wargrounds. Stream with Timestamps https://youtu.be/0P250bGF4Jc
  10. Yellow, with a red nose I presume?
  11. Hey all. This week is on Cuban and SteveF's Syndicate server.I notice that it will be the late evening of 4th July. I'm not sure if that means we'll get less folks flying or possibly more Anyway the US103rd will still be there and there's talk of finding the most patriotically-skinned Spads we can and trying to down a Hun with flare guns Of course that may change if he shoots back with bullets! But come and join. It should be a lot of fun.For anyone not flying but interested to watch, the US103 livestream should kickoff by 830pm EST herehttps://www.youtube.com/user/PaulLMF
  12. Fatigue i don't know, but if they can limit pilot activity based on G forces it sounds promising for gunners Post is near the bottom of page 3
  13. Right but server ops can turn them off for 'expert' servers. Proved a good solution didn't it?
  14. @J5_Hellbender Latest Dev Dairy quote " In addition to the models, we're working on the important features like more detailed pilot's physiology effects. Fatigue caused by a high G stress, (in)ability to bail out and other such things." I asked whether that would impact 2 seater gunners in FC, but no reply as yet.
  15. Can technochat be turned off by server operators? It's so arcadey
  16. The Flying Circus 2-seaters are looking great and are much needed. @AnPetrovich Given the statement above re G force stress, will G forces impact/limit the FC rear gunner's ability to shoot? It's something that has been requested for a while.
  17. Exactly. Furballing's fine for those who like doing that, but i doubt it'll make for a highly engaged user base. IMO it's not only a good looking Map we need, but great mission sets that raise the bar from RoF. Next-level artillery spotting and photographic recon would go a long way towards that. Running the same planeset will get repetitive for sure. But i do think the initial volume, plus a great map and mission capability, has the potential to draw a solid base of regular users and create enough excitement about the Sim to encourage the server owners and mission developers to put in the resources. Then, yeah, we'll need a lot more planes. Meantime, RoF still gives me a tense, heart-pounding immersion i don't find in FC.
  18. Great fun this week. Was worried when I saw Carpathian map roll around but actually it was fine. Its a good looking map and adds a nice nav challenge. Again we clashed squad v squad with JG1, although we were a little light this week so it was great to have Cuban join us. He was even in uniform! It's a superb experience when everyone's concerned about vlifes, but also wants to achieve mission success or air superiority. 13-15 planes in 3 or 4 flights jockeying for advantage before engaging. Dragging, climbing and maneuvering for position or surprise. One mistake and you're dead, or worse, your whole flight is dead. Personally, I find this aspect the most rewarding in the game, so a big Salute out to JG1 and J30 for putting up those massed formations and making for such a unique experience. I felt we flew pretty well all night but the highlight was seeing Parsons swoop down on an Albie that had just recovered from a spin, and brutally remove it's wings in one pass. The prize for unluckiest pilot must go to JG1_Dudley, as Larner has related elsewhere. We weren't lost exactly, just not where we wanted to be - 2 grids outside the map area! Unfortunately it's exactly where Dudleys DFW was, returning from a recon. Salute to all who came out. Carpathian holds no fears now. Here's our stream. Timestamps done. https://youtu.be/NpC4XOLEWbw
  19. Always great to see the Central view of things. Cheers Hotlead!As mentioned, we'll be flying Wargrounds this week. Hopefully I can stay a bit longer and join the FC fly out this week too. Still haven't got a streaming config for it... Maybe can sort that before tomorrow.See you all up there. S!
  20. Woah, hang on. I think there's good evidence to show that more and more AAA games are taking better advantage of multicore CPUs with hyperthreading/SMT, and Productivity programs that make use of multicores/threads are the norm. It is clearly a great way to make more CPU resources available/dollar. AMDs new Ryzen 3000 series looks set to underline that point further. Here is a recent video from Hardware Unboxed that shows how the 2017 Ryzen R5 1600 has improved or overtaken the i5 7600k in AAA gaming performance against over the last 2 years since they both launched - principally because major game developers are optimising for higher core counts now. These games include very popular titles such as Battlefield 5, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Assassins Creed: Odyssey. https://youtu.be/97sDKvMHd8c Of course BoX is what it is, single core heavy and not well optimised, but i feel it's something we could keep pressure on the Devs about. The gaming world is going that way, CPUs are going that way and 6-8 core CPUS are out there at very good prices. The game just doesn't appear to use them properly. It seems to me a wasted opportunity to have the game perform much better, for VR users and everyone else. Hell, in Flight Sim land it would be a USP vs the competitors. Imagine if BoX was decently optimised for multicores/threads and DCS wasn't, it would make quite a difference.
  21. Just shoot him down as quickly and efficiently as you can. Preferably in the back of the head before he realises.
  22. Or laser until the range set in convergence, then gravity? Idk, in all my testing I couldn't find usable upward arc. Talbot's method is pretty good. Do tons of repeatable bounces, try different settings to find the one that works for you best. Then practise more with that.
  23. Exactly. Anyway, in mock fights against Spads, we found the DVII(non-f) to be a step above the Alb, having good climbing scissors and prop-hang ability. But that's a Spad pilot's view.
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    Right, so what's the trim wheel for then, if full down trim is level at 115k? So you can trim it back a tiny bit to fly level at 100kph?
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