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  1. Yeah, good interview and great to hear both Jason and Daniel express a passion for their work and enthusiasm for future products, including of course, the much desired FC2. RoF experience tells us that Recon and Arty Spotting is actually quite popular and satisfying to do. Historically the highest priority for the warring air powers and it translates well to the Sim environment for both SP and MP. With one more set of well-chosen planes, some engine options and a moderate DM review, FC could provide a very rich late 1916 - late 1918 experience that would last for many years.
  2. Thursday, July 2nd, 2020. Good action for whole squad with moments of both hilarity and terror.
  3. @J5_Adam Yup, I got lucky for sure! When I saw the green tail I knew it had to be you. Caught me day-dreaming a bit and not reformed properly with Patterson or Talbot's flight. Just moments earlier I'd been thinking you must be up there somewhere and to watch out cos we were low and split up. Your first burst peppered my wings, so hard maneuvers were out, but fortunately the others weren't far away. Can see my view on stream here at 2:47:30 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/60700-thursday-night-fly-in-video/?do=findComment&comment=967422
  4. Good to see new players for sure. Best for them to fly D7fs and Pfalzs, as these planes are competitive, easy to fly and don't fall apart. All are welcome for this Thursday evening's fly-in on Flugpark of course. See you there!
  5. I just don't see this DM working for anyone, with the possible exception of SP users fighting ai. Will post thoughts in a more appropriate forum
  6. Thursday June 25th, 2020 Timestamps done The DM strikes again. Several Spads lost wings after getting hit and we had a few control jams.
  7. Quick Reminder for Thursday 25th There's the possibility of new maps and the server settings are fixed of course. However the DM isn't, so look out for wing breaks and blacking out in the more 'susceptible' planes. Our lot should be in the air by 8:45 Eastern EU time: 8PM - 12AM GMT US time: 8PM - 12AM Eastern Stats server is here http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/en/ Jasta5 have kindly provided some comms channels on their discord, free for use by all. Flugpark Discord: https://discord.gg/h8MRmyN The 3rd PG probably have 2 livestreams. Baer's here (hopefully not just audio this week!) https://www.youtube.com/user/PaulLMF Talbot's here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Sgb-R3hAMsigr6-Ik9cow/featured
  8. Looks interesting. Map variations most welcome. What are the plane-sets?
  9. Hey @J2_Bidu Not sure how long, but about a month ago I recall having a session that felt 'syrupy'. Have noticed it a few times since, but put it down to my ping. D7 seems to be among the least affected in our tests, but we haven't done all the planes yet.
  10. Odd. Will it run on YouTube site? Anyone else unable to play it?
  11. Thanks. Yeah, not the sort of thing you'd look for, can imagine it being missed easily It might be helpful if we can get a confirmation once turned off.
  12. No suggestion of anything deliberate, but no way should expert servers run this. Discussion here
  13. Let me state clearly here, no-one is suggesting server operators are deliberately creating unfair advantage. While we might differ in opinions on some map matters, FC is a niche within a niche and we're all grateful for the hard work and resources committed to maintain a dedicated server. There is likely a simple explanation. However, something has felt 'off' on Flugpark for a little while, and last Thursday a couple of experienced pilots started noticing too. Time to run some 3rd PG tests (see video below). Short answer, Flugpark is likely running with 'Simplified Physics ON'. I believe this was designed to allow mouse users to fly on the same server as joystick users. Here's a quote from the Devs about it... "The answer to this dilemma is a special 'advanced helper' that receives 'I want to do this but I don't know how to' commands from a player and translates them to real plane controls input, not touching physics level at all. This comes with a price however, as everything in life - the helper chooses optimal 'right' trajectories, which simultaneously prevents a player from critical errors and limits the extreme maneuvers the plane can perform like Barrel roll, Snap roll, Hummerhead, Sideslip and others. This enables players who use a mouse and players who use a joystick to fly together and don't have a clear advantage caused by their control device. Winning a fight requires tactical positioning and understanding the composition of air fight, what, we feel, is the goal in this situation." "Limits extreme maneuvers like rolls.." Not really suitable for an expert server I'd suggest. If that was the end of it though it wouldn't be so bad, however it clearly limits some planes more than others, and that is more than just bad. On top of the ongoing DM debacle it really is just what we needed
  14. If Drookasi hit your elevator cable it's because he was aiming at it But seriously, the DM is causing deep issues for FC and no-one is the winner here.
  15. From memory for Hispano Suiza Type 35s. 2000/1500 for scouts 2000/1333 for twin-engined aircraft
  16. It certainly doesn't line up with our recent experiences of shooting down Fokkers online
  17. Right! And then add redundant cables so even if one is damaged another remains. My understanding is that there were a few points where both cables would come together so if this place was hit you'd lose both, but the chances of that would be extremely tiny. Unfortunately gameplay is showing that it is happening very frequently.
  18. Yes that was me cursing. Apologies. That random long range bullet jammed the elevator in down position and cost me my biggest ever squadron vlife that was the result of many, many months of hard graft. No way can I accept the DM as it is.
  19. In 1v1 testing, 25-30% of PvP fights resulted in initial control jams/loss that would lead to a shootdown. Often coming from random long range spray-n-prays. Does that strike everyone as a reasonable number? Seems extremely high to me. Just like spar hits...
  20. I can't prove that wrong, but @ZachariasX certainly made a very strong case. "Flying wrong for years" - ok that's quite possible. But the game NOW insists that only some pilots have to modify behaviour. Pilots of D7s, Dr1s, Pfalzs and Bristols DO NOT. So are you saying that those pilots are flying 'right' or would you agree that they're still flying 'wrong' but the game doesn't penalise them for it? A 200hp Spad XIII vs a D7f would have been even rarer.
  21. Rather different ammunition being used. How does a single small steel jacket bullet jam the elevator of a Spad 600m away. The msg read "Elevator control broken". Well, no. It was jammed in down position actually. What could that magic bullet possibly hit to do that? And even if such a non-redundant component exists, what is the chance of hitting it?
  22. Of course, but what's the right part for 1 bullet fired at 600m+ range that then brings down the whole plane? Pilot head, yes. Elevator...I seriously doubt it. Come on. It's nonsense. Did you see the Dr1 damage report?
  23. Rudder/elevator is the new meat/metal. Would be funny if not so sad.
  24. Sorry but this is not about flying behaviour AT ALL. Its is purely the differences in the planes post-4.006 which forces pilots of wing-shedders to change behaviour, but not the pilots of D7s, Dr1, Pfalzs and Bristols. Therefore it is about the differences in the planes re bullet damage resistance.
  25. Control rod jamming seems way over-modeled in Flying Circus and just another way to die for Entente pilots on top of heavily skewed wing-shedding post-4.006 which massively favours the Fokker D7, Dr1 Pfalz and Bristol. Control jams are occurring in around 20-30% of online engagements we tested. Another squadron had control jams in their Bristols every sortie! It can only take a single bullet fired from very long range (see below) to jam an elevator full down, meaning certain death for Entente pilots who don't have the luxury of parachutes. This is ONE 7.92mm round being fired from probably 600-700m at a diving Spad. How does that knock out the Spad? Seriously. (I'm assuming the minor 0.2 damage round is not related, but even if it is, the question remains)
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