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  1. THURSDAY 30th JULY Baer Livestream Most timestamps done. Scraps against J5 and J30 Fokkers plus the turbulence of course. Not sure what level it was at but feels a little too much. Like the idea but 1 notch lower perhaps?
  2. Yeah, every week, and against good pilots too. Very familiar with the differing experiences
  3. @J5_Mueller Interesting thought but have you seen how many hits it takes to bring down Fokkers now? Some fights tonight incl, I think with yourself, are cases in point. There is a huge disparity between planes in how much damage they can take. Look on the parser at the amount of damage rounds Fokkers are taking vs Spads for example. The former can take huge numbers of hits and still fight on with hard turns or diving away hard. The latter taking a few hits and then suffering catastrophic secondary damage. Lessening the .30cal round impact isn't going to address that difference.
  4. Same controls crap, plus the armour-plated Fokker's and Pfalz's Which is kind of the point! If you add the DM controls issue and the huge, unfathomable difference in damage resistance between planes, it feels like FC is getting shafted.
  5. Hence the recommendation 😁 Nah, I meant in terms of stability. In SP is probably fine.
  6. Set the alarm clock and finally made it to a Sunday fly-in. Madness over the mud with more Camels than Egypt at times. Lots of fun though and i got to fly with Rummell at last. Even stole one of his kills to top it off! Timestamps coming..
  7. Pick a number, any number, between...300m works for me with Vickers .303 I guess we all want this to work as expected but it just doesn't seem to. Time probably better spent learning effective sight pictures and muscle memory - where the bullets are going at different deflection angles and G loads. QMB with time slowed down is good for this.
  8. What plane are you flying? As mentioned some of them are real bouncy buggers, incl all the Fokkers, Pfalz and Camel. Probably the most stable is the Spad. The Albatros isn't too bad if you have to fly Central. Having a gunsight view mapped to a handy button on the stick helps too
  9. Really? My experience so different. DM has created a farce online. It is the very core of the problem. All but 3 planes consistently lose wings after receiving minimal damage and control rod failure is both over-modelled and badly executed with control surfaces jammed in a fixed position Planeset's limitations we all knew and talked about before launch. However the current planeset could provide a variety of mid-17 to end-18 experiences, but almost no maps provide that. The Laser guns are deadly, or were deadly until 4.006 DM with its PanzerFokkers. Now balloon guns are popular again with Entente fliers, while Central planes still have their lasers to down paper-mache planes. Based on RoF experience, more dispersion is asking for trouble and would probably only create a long-range shotgun effect. With current DM that would be disastrous. More turbulence effect and planes that don't fall apart when they see a bullet would be better solutions imho. Remember when FC damage modelling was the one thing we could ALL agree on?
  10. Silence doesn't equal consent. More to do with closing of other DM threads I suspect.
  11. This. Exactly. The root of all this is a DM that causes unexpected and scarcely believable wing-shedding with some planes. Everything else being discussed is a workaround. The core issue needs to be fixed.
  12. Enemy were certainly around. JG1 flew a big formation deep into Entente airspace. Three at about 2500m, another covering at 3000m+ and then 2 (or 3?) very high cover about 4000m. Can see some of it here https://youtu.be/cty9ma4CGo4?t=7128 But personally i find it difficult to spot when flying alone. Lots of eyes really helps. The locations Talbot mentioned can usually be relied upon, but of course there will be hunters in those areas. If you're very brave, over the German trenches North of Cappy will definitely provide action. Two full streams here with timestamps on mine.
  13. Thursday 9th July Two streams from the 3rd Pursuit Group BAER TALBOT
  14. That video says it all. Add in the control jamming which happens at least 30% of times you're damaged, with as little as 2 bullets, and its obvious the current DM is not working for FC. Meanwhile, some planes are a little harder to put away
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