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  1. Sorry, but to clarify, what I'm primarily concerned about is the current Spad doesn't even perform to Devs stated specs. That is non-negotiable. Descriptions of it as a non-French version come across as rationalisation after the fact. If other planes hit their spec speeds, so should the Spad. Updated engines are wishlist and I'm realistic about ever seeing them.
  2. Er, yes, quite extensively. See this test after the propeller-update from @J5_Hellbender Spad at 215kph, SE5a at 220kph, D7f at 194kph, and D7f with Alt Throttle 205kph! Which of course gets used judiciously. The FC spec for the Spad is 219kph(RoF was 220), so the Spad is slow without even talking about later engine variants, it's just under-modelled, and of course even 219 for a 1918 Spad is dubious. Bender sums up.." In other words, we have a 1918 SE5a and a 1917 SPAD XIII"
  3. Sorry dude, even as a Spad pilot, no, i wouldn't pay for a 12. Fokkers already flame nicely with Vickers. However I would pay for a Spad13 that actually goes as fast as it's supposed to (by devs own specs in RoF), and i'd shell out big bucks for an actual mid-1918 Spad with the higher revving 235hp HS8BeC engine. But you can probably tell that from my sig. The 7f (which is modelled at spec speeds btw) will always be the best plane out there, so there's no need for its competitors to be underpowered. Back on topic, given the latest DD on collector planes i wondered if FC would also get a couple. Would like to see high alt 2-seaters that can bomb and recon. So the DFW and DH4 or Breguet.
  4. Really fun session today with good numbers for a solid 2-3hrs. Salute to everyone who came out Great to see IGShot back up in a Camel, pity the poor Huns now. Also our regular foes from J30 transitioning from RoF, though at some point that means the challenge of dealing with J30Mein again! Our session began a bit slowly, but eventually we had 5 Spads up and started finding lone D7s and a Pfalz/Alb pair. A high also D7f kept bothering us but Parsons dragged him down and we managed to send him off in flames. Highlight of the night was a scrap with 6 D7s and 2 CL2s of JG1 i think. We spotted a couple of low CL2s sneaking across the mud and tracked them to Entente trenches. 1st flight went down on them while the others stayed up at about 2000m, and good job they did! Just as we knocked the first CL2 down two D7s showed up and Larner and Hobbs were fully occupied keeping them busy as Parsons, Talbot and i tried to climb back up. Suddenly 2 more D7s arrived and it wasn't a good place to be in a Spad. Larner shot one and smoked another, i got a long burst into one and he curled away streaming, but suddenly felt bullets ripping through my wings. Two MORE D7s! Fortunately a couple of Se5as turned up, God bless the RFC. So we returned, 1 plane missing and many sporting holes, but buzzing after the encounter. The evening ending with a number of scraps in the setting sun. Really pretty. I'm not sure which side 'won' the map. I did see a message saying Central Mission Stress was at 1, which sounded low and our side didn't seem to have any supply problems. Normal Vis was excellent for me (1440p). Could see planes at plenty of distance though it wasn't easy. Planes against the ground were tough to see, but no more so than RoF. Zoom worked normally. Flying Circus isn't perfect but with good maps and right settings it's providing an excellent platform already. Looking forward to next week. S! Stream replay is here. Will get action timestamps done shortly. https://youtu.be/6KIGc1PFYKI
  5. Or the DFW. This is exactly the problem that was discussed when planeset was announced. The cl2 can't climb and the Bristol can't bomb from alt. But with current recon scripts, massive altitude isn't critical, I think 7000ft optimal. So even recons aren't going to be very high. Overall though I'm with @SeaSerpent on this. Looking after vlife drives more realistic behaviour and tactics. Which quickly becomes 'altitude is life'.
  6. Saute all. Quick reminder for this Thursday night. We'll probably be on J5 Flugpark server this week as I know a lot of people are keen to try the mission stress idea with larger squads in action and AV off. Should be live streaming by around 8.30pm Eastern at https://www.youtube.com/user/PaulLMF
  7. Add my thanks to Dev team for continuing to push out optmisations while the main thrust is on content development. Speaks to a mature and confident production environment. Kudos.
  8. Great write up Shamrock. You caught the essence of ww1 engagements really well. Thursday night fly-ins have been running weekly on RoF since about mid 2017, so yeah, it will continue for sure. Here's a link to the RoF thread which gives an interesting history and tracks the development of tactics. https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/51030-join-us-103rd-and-jg1-flyin-thursday-evenings/page-21#entry705800 Originally an initiative of JG1 and US103rd it quickly attracted other organised squadrons and regular indies who wanted to run mission and squad operations. It also is the US103rds official squad ops night. JG1_Hotlead's 'One life to live' livestream inspired us to also stream our pov and develop a vlife/scoreboard using historic USAS rules for victory confirmation. Squad tactics and counter-tactics developed quickly, and by mid 2018 it was suicide to fly alone. @US103_Larner is a good person to talk to about it. He's our adjutant and has a great written record of the Thursday night history.
  9. Well all our guys are in the x% that have no problem with normal vis in both SP and Online training sessions. Will test SeaWolf's file when I get home tomorrow and IF it's reproducible within predictable parameters then its a bug that needs fixing and I'm sure they will. But still doesn't justify using a gamey alternative which definitely creates disappearing planes.
  10. Last Thursday's fly-in was run with Alt-Vis on so it was a good chance to experience it in squad flying scenarios for a decent period of time. A good experiment but our opinion hasn't changed and I didn't hear anyone express a positive view. In fact is say opinions were reinforced. Firstly it was so easy to see planes at extreme distance that they might as well have had icons on. You could turn away and search/track any number of other targets then turn back and see the first flight without difficulty. Naturally they had the same ability so any sort of stealthy stalk was out of the question. It felt like a whole skillset was being negated. Second, the implementation where positive zoom results in a smaller or disappearing object is just counter-intuitive. A total immersion breaker. Could you get used to it? Yes, but why? The normal Viz is harder to see planes at long distance, but versus planes being EASIER to see at great distance? I don't think so. Third, the large dot/blob at max zoom out gave a false impression of height (and range of course). So it became an unreliable source anyway. I could go on. Let's just leave it with alt-vis feels really gamey and difficult to justify with our slow ww1 aircraft operating in relatively small map areas.
  11. Had a fun session this week as we start to come to grips with FC and it's foibles. JG1 were out in force running their bombing and scout flights. We saw a bunch of J5 and lone wolves, most of whom were familiar but was also great to see new names too. The 103rd were down a few aces but still managed 5 flying most of the time. The first map was from BoBp's Rhineland and had airfields close to the front and to the rear. The frontline was essentially a river ( the Rhine?) which meant the 2 close fields were very 'accessible'. I didn't see much tactical flying in this map however there were some interesting scraps. A well-flown red Dr1 proved that the Triplane can climb dangerously well in FC and I had to revert to what Spads do well to get out of the mess I found myself in. Things went better when we started to fly together properly and we got a few, though not without loss. The map roll brought an Arras mission but with no Spads or D7s. I guess this was to create a 1917 scenerio which is fine, though i'd like to point out that the Spad 13 we have in FC is actually a bunch slower than the SE5a and more like the 1917 version. But I would say that So Se5as and Camels it was. We tracked a flight of 4 Halberstadts across the mud and intercepted South of Arras. Think we got 2 or 3 before a Pfalz interfered and got on my tail. Fortunately Capt Hunter was there in his Camel, unfortunately he seemed unable to hit the barn door being flown by a very determined Klugermann. Cue more cursing and threats of 1months gunnery practice for Cpl Hunter from his training officer! The rest of the session reverted to the high altitude chess matches we're more familiar with on Thursdays. Talbot, Parsons and I stalking flights of 3-4 Albatros and Pfalz, or was it the other way around? Each flight clawing for height, trying to use the sun, running feints and trying to drag. Really enjoyed this. Eventually we streamed a couple and sent a green tail Pfalz diving steeply away before disaster struck. Giving the green tail chase Talbot discovered Se5a wings still break, and, though I did level out ok, I was immediately bounced hard. Rather lucky to get away from that. Every bullet hole seemed to have something spewing from it. The session was run with Alt-Vis on so it was a good chance to experience it in squad flying scenarios for a decent period of time. There are other threads for that discussion so will post our thoughts there. Hint: not a fan. Thanks to everyone who came out to fly. Some of the mission advancements in this game engine are so promising for squad based sessions. Looking forward to next week S! Here's a link to our live stream. Timestamps to action are in the video description. https://youtu.be/iwQItduytNs
  12. @SeaWolf I haven't experienced that with normal vis, but your video is troubling. Still strongly dislike Alt-Vis though, its very gamey
  13. Most of our Squad started getting stutters after release of Arras map for FC. Even guys with fast Intel systems using high refresh GSync/FreeSync monitors. Prior to 3.201 and Arras map i could get 110-140fps in FC and almost stutter-free, now with same settings its 80-100fps and bad stutters on cloudy maps with more than 5 planes nearby. Found a solution that worked, however it does neuter higher refresh variable fps. (Thanks @1PL_Husar) 1. Fullscreen on 2. Target FPS = 80 3. Dynamic Res Factor = 0.7 Eliminated all stuttering but 80 fps is a bit meh when you're used to 100+. Thats with Ultra settings, plus 4k textures and max clouds. But Horizon at 100km and other distance settings moderate. Next step to start pushing higher FPS/DRF to find quality vs stutter balance point. Ended up with: 1. Fullscreen On 2. Target FPS = 100 3. DRF = 0.8 Can strongly suggest trying the above approach but ymmv. I don't like that the game doesn't allow me to make best use of vari-rate FPS (no probs in RoF btw), but trust devs will optimize over time. System: CPU: Ryzen R5 2600 GPU: GTX 1080 RAM: 16GB @3200mhz Cas14 Monitor: LG32GK850-G
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