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  1. Greg Van Wyngarden (the WW1 historian/publisher) has a skin in FC?
  2. US103_Baer

    Spad XIII photoscope

    These are superb photos, thank you so much for posting. SPADs don't seem to get the photo/video attention that other planes do. Never quite understood that. SPADs look awesome to me!
  3. US103_Baer

    [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Salute to all who came out. I certainly had a few lucky breaks this week. Could've died 4 times, should've died once. But will take the luck when it comes. Certainly won't be taking off into clouds or landing cross-wind again soon. Interesting to note we couldn't out-climb the J5 DIII's in SpadVII 180s at high alt. We got level fairly quick, but near 5k climb performance just disappeared. Yes, mixtures and temps were constantly optimized. Livestream replay from Thursday Fly-In 17-01-19 with timestamps here https://youtu.be/6C8UJLSUjAQ
  4. US103_Baer

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    Exactly. Main thinking for original post was to get the idea of parachutes as a loadout option out into the public sphere and for the Devs to notice. It may well be on the roadmap, i just don't know. So no harm raising the subject. It seems obvious to give mission makers the ability to restrict them for historic or strategic reasons (and all Loadout options for that matter) while giving pilots the potential choice to take parachutes depending on importance of pilot survival vs performance. Abuse of bailing out to avoid giving a shot-down credit is important but maybe off topic on this post. Btw in researching this I found that von Richthofen was apparently carrying a parachute when shot-down, and it was one of the first items 'looted' from his downed plane. This was new to me.
  5. US103_Baer

    [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Looking forward to getting back on Cuban and SteveF's Syndicate Server this week. I missed the action last week, which was a shame as i heard there were plenty of juicy 2-seaters roaming around All welcome to join the fun as usual. Our livestream should kickoff by 830pm EST here https://www.youtube.com/user/PaulLMF
  6. Had a few discussions with regular MP pilots and the idea of WW1 parachutes as a loadout option seemed to make sense. It may have come up before but we hadn't noticed. Benefits seem obvious. - A known weight penalty can be added and pilots can choose whether to take them or not. - Mission makers/server operators could have greater control whether parachutes are provided and, potentially, for which particular plane types. If a mission/map is set before they were historically available then obviously they wouldn't be a loadout option. - Jasta and seniority availability. Depending how much control is possible for mission makers, it may be possible to align with historical use by Jasta or pilot seniority. Of course if the Devs could add unreliability that would be great too! Thoughts?
  7. US103_Baer

    When to stop shooting?

    In the few DiD campaigns i participated in it was expected and encouraged to finish off downed pilots so they wouldn't be able to fly again or at least be out of commission for a penalty duration. No-one was a jerk for doing so. The parachutes provided in FC so far are WW2 parachutes. 100% success rate, available to all pilots (Central) and all planes. That was simply not the case in WW1, so IF anyone was to go all Dirty Harry and look to even things up a bit, i could totally understand. Not to mention it's HISTORICALLY accurate, which is more than you can say for the parachute implementation. "My habit of attacking Huns dangling from their parachutes led to many arguments in the mess. Some officers, of the Eton and Sandhurst type, thought I was 'unsportsmanlike' to do it. Never having been to a public school, I was unhampered by such considerations of form. I just pointed out that there was a bloody war on, and that I intended to avenge my pals." Ira Jones
  8. US103_Baer

    When to stop shooting?

    This. When keeping score i shoot until it's given and will pass all confirmation criteria. If enemy has switched his engine off and attempts to ditch safely he's going to get filled with lead till he's dead. Any sign of drifting off to his own territory, the same. Haven't decided about parachutes yet but it'll likely come down to scoring implementation and how much ammo I have left. Their implementation in the FC game seems flawed and when vlifes are at stake, I may take the Ira 'taffy' Jones approach.
  9. US103_Baer

    [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Good to be back up flying after a break. Spent much of the night searching high and low for enemy. High for JG1 and low for J30 Only bumped into JG1 once but we couldn't do much that high and had to dive out. Longdong and Rubber Ducky joined us on ts and we did battle with J30 and their escorted Gotha several times, (that Talbot frag will live long in the memory!), searched enemy territory again, and then ended the night with a sweet 'Larner dive' on a CL2 that Talbot dragged nicely. Salute to everyone who came out. Here's our stream, with timestamps. http://youtu.be/pEtMWEb2Vy4 As might be expected when action is slow, the banter ramps up - you've been warned
  10. US103_Baer

    [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Happy New Year indeed! Cuban's it is. Looking forward to getting back into the action again after 2 weeks away. Bit worried about rustiness though!
  11. US103_Baer

    [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Hilarious Talbot! Great turnout again, around 40 for 2nd week running. The sight of those large plane formations is just so impressive, thanks everyone who came out. I don't know how many JG1s were up but it felt like the whole damn Circus! Amazing to see. Not a good night for me but a fully crewed J30 Gotha is serious business and i made a careless final run on it, with predictable results. Salute to Hangman, Mein and Hammer. Earlier we got a good bounce on a formation of Pfalzs in our anemic SPAD 150s and both JG1 Loopy and Hotlead were in my sights when they got 'Break!' calls so it could have been a very different night Here's our stream of Lille -Early(!?) and Metz with timestamps in description. https://youtu.be/CKge82GLJwQ Missed some of the 2nd half Metz fights, but Hotleads stream should have them
  12. US103_Baer

    Flying Circus server??

    Airfield spacing on Kuban. Just going to throw this out here in case anyone actually running an FC server is reading. Opposing Airfields located either side of the sea on Kuban map are waaay too far apart for the sim in its current state. I find the spacing on Shooting Stars - Lapino works pretty well though.
  13. US103_Baer

    Easy Camel?

    Javier Arango's presentation was very revealing. Imho the FC Camel flight characteristics are closer to his description and data. We may have gotten used to the RoF Camel, but that doesn't make it right. FC is a new Sim and overall I'm really liking the smoother handling and lower energy retention I experience. Almost like the air is a slightly thicker, more fluid environment compared to RoF. Combined with ever improving damage models, graphics and drive for data-driven realism, I like where this is heading. I know there's a big thing about top speeds at sea level, but I'm much more interested in speed at various altitudes, climb and dive speeds and energy retention in practice and at the edge of flight envelope.
  14. US103_Baer

    [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Will be checking 6 extra carefully this week
  15. US103_Baer

    [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Cuban has set up a good sounding map for this week on the Cuban and SteveF Syndicate Server. Details here https://riseofflight...eres-june-1918/ It's set near Armentieres so do drop in and parlez avec Marie LeCoq at the Café de la Paix if you get a chance 😉 Our Live stream should be here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz2UdxXDgOZeiOj2ZDrTN6Q