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  1. Thursday 15th October, 2020 A very lucky escape...
  2. Loved reading this. Very cool that the Sim goes to this level of detail and continues to improve. I then look at the DM in Flying Circus and how something as basic as the Wing and Control Rod DM implementations have decimated the online player base in short order. Dev priorities are understood, but a message regarding possible fixes would be very timely.
  3. Thursday Oct 8th, 2020 Timestamps in Description BAER TALBOT
  4. Thursday Oct 1, 2020 If its not the DM it's friendly AAA! Poor Baker. Lots of J30s this week. S! BAER TALBOT
  5. You know what, they're right! There really aren't enough people flying the Alb. It's certainly a good looking plane and I love seeing them in the air.
  6. DM-dislike, and FC2 are different subjects that both relate to 'future of FC' discussion but the resources required by devs to address each is completely different. The recent drop off in MP player numbers is almost certainly due to the DM. A DM revision that works would have a good chance to get most of those guys back. Such a revision is a far cheaper, faster proposition than FC2. Developing a whole set of new planes, yeah, not cheap or fast. But if they sorted the DM at least there'd be a larger, more supportive user group that would wait. The early days of FC had plenty of positivity regarding VR, Graphics and the DM, which helped overcome the lack of content. Would seem worth the small investment to fix the DM as soon as possible.
  7. The current DM has reinterpreted 'durability'. If you're flying multiplayer you'd be crazy to get in an Albatros if you want to survive. The D7s, Pfalz, and Dr1 are tanks compared to anything else in the game. Just don't let a bullet hit a control cable. For SP, I'm not sure it matters.
  8. Hard to express how much i hate the current DM. Ruined FC MP for us. Can live without FC2 for a while longer, can even put up (temp) with a 1917 SPAD 200hp and nothing but late war match-ups against D7fs. But cannot live with this ridiculous DM. Edit: On a more positive note. It was great to see some of the Wing Walker guys on. They certainly fly well. J30 too, always proving dangerous and aggressive even inside Entente lines.
  9. Pretty unsatisfying session. DM has ruined this sim for MP and turned it into an SP only game. Lucky there's all that SP content.. Every engagement i witnessed had one or more of our guys suffer critical 'control rod' damage.
  10. Comments on new Viz in Flying Circus MP (Flugpark) 1. First impression was that the Arras map was a little darker and more contrasty. Sun seemed brighter but then there were darker ground areas. Tbh, not that nice. Will have to create a specific monitor profile or perhaps look at using Reshade. 2. Very long distance spotting is trickier, even against clear sky, with the tiniest of specks flicking in and out of sight even while being watched constantly. This may actually be more real and even a gameplay benefit, too early to tell, but a number of us had same experience. 3. Near- medium spotting against sky and ground seemed slightly more consistent. Nothing dramatic but it felt a bit easier to keep track of an enemy in these conditions. Overall a promising start, though judging distances, especially from long to medium ranges, felt different and will take getting used to. Now if Devs could please look at the unpopular and divisive DM for FC. It is driving people away from the sim.
  11. Thursday 17/09/20 Good scraps tonight, mostly with the J30 guys as we all tried to get used to the new visibility update. Started well but the last 2 engagements turned nasty very quickly. S! New viz seems ok for close-medium distances, but a few of us had problems at long range with specks popping in and out of view. That may not be the worst thing of course. BAER Stream
  12. Understand. What happens after this FiF, will you guys revert back to FC or will FiF stay on RoF until something changes with FC?
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