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  1. Guys. My earlier post referred that FC is set in mid 18 and therefore the plane set could reasonably be expected to perform accordingly. RoF had to manage a much longer time frame so plane performance was supposedly aligned with the more common model of a type. The Dr1 wasnt really a poster boy for broad, long term use with lots of development. Although someone will no doubt challenge that statement, I think the gist can be agreed upon.
  2. US103_Baer

    The New Entente Pilot

    Was looking thru a gallery of French aces yesterday. With exception of a couple of famous baby faces, the rest were dead ringers for our chap. Surprised me a lot tbh.
  3. Yes! This upcoming Camel release goes much deeper than how it performs vs the Dr1. It should give us an insight into Devs approach to the entente rotaries that were altered in RoF and engine strategies for planes with longer active service in general. FC1 is absolutely set in mid 1918, so we could realistically expect later Camel engine/performance. If that eventuates, then it opens the door to 1918 performance comparisons of planes like the Spad13, DVa, and Mercedes powered DVIIs. Not making judgements yet, it's still wait and see stage. Simply pointing out what interests me about the Camel release.
  4. US103_Baer

    Dr1 Quick Mission.

    FC uses 'improved gunnery' does it not? That might account for the ease of taking out pilots at longer range too
  5. US103_Baer

    Fuel Mixtures: Dr. I and SPAD

    What hrafnkolbrandr and lukeFF said. Adjust while watching tacho. Can't speak for the Dr1 but the Spad will need close attention to get max performance. Helpful if you can adjust mixture with one hand or without moving hands too much. Only other thing i'd add is it helps to know roughly what mixture you'll need BEFORE diving a couple of thousand metres onto an enemy. Getting down there and then having only half power to zoom or extend is a sure way to die. Oh, and once engine is started on ground, adjust to optimal low level mixture before takeoff. Saves faffing about after takeoff. In the Spad that's around 80%, you can fine tune it once you start to climb out.
  6. US103_Baer

    [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Hostilities resume on Cuban and SteveF's Syndicate server this Thursday evening. All are welcome to join. We've had solid numbers the last few weeks so this should be a good one. US103rd will have a livestream from around 8:30pm (EDT) going here https://www.youtube....DrTN6Q/featured and JG1_R. Recon might be recording for JG1 as well. See you all up there!
  7. @pegg00 you shouldn't have any problem with that setup. Mine is same CPU, GPU and similar ram, but I run 1440p with gsync. Fps is usually 100/130 dropping to around 70/80 down low in action. As others suggest, try the various modes of vsync and do try setting your monitor to 60fps. IIRC some vsync settings will halve your frame rate if fps drops below monitor refresh rate, in your case when fps drops below 75, rendering could fall to 37ish. Perhaps your experiencing that? With a 60hz refresh your chance of going below is reduced.
  8. US103_Baer

    Today's Update. 26.9.18

    To me the Spad feels like it has more momentum in FC, everything happens a bit slower. I was so sure it was slower that I went and did a bunch (lots of reps) of RoF v FC Spad tests. Top speed at sea level: RoF 213kph, FC 211kph Level Accel 140-200: RoF 18.3s, FC 19.2s Climb was actually better in FC but as the test maps were different from above I won't bother writing it all out as they need a retest. So actually not much in it numbers wise, though it does feel like there's more inertia or more calmed response to maneuvers in FC. Having said all that. The store lists sea level speed at 220kph, so we're well down on that. Not to mention that 1918 Spads apparently had higher compression 220-235hp engines capable of 220kph at 2000m! (JM Bruce/ Memorial Flight)
  9. US103_Baer

    Today's Update. 26.9.18

    So after a quick 30mins. Some anecdotal findings. It does seem like the DR1s take a little more damage now and yes, pretty close to RoF. Apples to apples is tough as the narrower dispersion in FC increases the hit rate of a good burst and the new damage graphics in FC could be making it look like more damage is taking place. But it does seem tougher to knock them right out compared to previous FC version. Dispersion does widen a little with long bursts. I'm not sure if that is the result of 'gun heating' modelling that was implemented earlier or is something new. Either way it's not much change in dispersion. Fwiw 500-600m sniping is easy. Damage FX is better but like others mention, the 'dust hits' seem excessive. Maybe these DR1s were stored in a very dusty old hanger Oil fx on goggles is back. Parachutes. Really? - When did they enter service exactly and how prevalent was their use? - From what i've read they weren't the 'auto-escape' of WW2 and there were many failures. Will those be modelled? Are there any stats on failure rates? - Big questions around how the game handles parachutes. Their availability by date or plane type or pilot seniority, and especially server side/mission builder control. AI. Everyone seems to like FC ai, and the Spads do act more sensibly, but for me 4 ace Dr1s in RoF is more challenging than 4 ace Dr1s in FC. FC ai shoot better because of the narrow dispersion and seemed programmed to fire at anything under 550m 🙄 But they fly flat and gently and only do that curling 180deg RH turn. In RoF they seem more twisty, twitchy and unpredictable, and they prophang!
  10. US103_Baer

    Today's Update. 26.9.18

    I'm not able to try it out yet, anyone noticed changes as per below? 71. Fokker Dr.I and SPAD 13.C1 durability are back to RoF values 31. All guns fire dispersion differ while firing single shots and in bursts FC also?
  11. US103_Baer

    Developer Diary 204 - Discussion

    That P47 cockpit is looking fantastic. Great job! Question on gun dispersion, do any of the changes apply to Flying Circus too? Not wishing to open any worm cans, just politely asking ☺️
  12. US103_Baer

    Key bindings

    @ldm_huggar I used cheap Logitech car pedals as flight sim pedals for years. They were great. But as Jakob implies, you need to find a way to set them as a single axis. Last time I used the Logitech profile software, it was a simple check box option. Think s/w was called 'wingman'. I'd be surprised if your higher-end pedals didn't have a similar solution available.
  13. US103_Baer

    Fokker Dr.I Discussion

    Haha, I remember that well Hagar. Perhaps we need an Obedient Pilots Club OWC branch up in the far north there?
  14. US103_Baer

    Fokker DR1 forward stick to keep level..

    People who don't run short, spring centred joysticks shouldn't comment for those that do. Get a cheap Logitech 3d extreme and try it. Then comment. Or are we all supposed to get ffb or expensive extended sticks because 'Sim Realism'?
  15. US103_Baer

    Opentrack TrackIR Stuttering/Poor Performance?

    There's a long thread in Tech Issues section about ffb apparently creating microstutters in BoX. I'll try find the link. Edit: Btw I have microstuttering in FC also using homemade freetrack setup when I turn my head, and that's with 100-120fps g-sync on. In normal flight all is smooth, just head turn affected. RoF is much smoother in comparison with same setup although only 60-80fps. Go figure.