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  1. I'm still pissed to lose the smooth, stutter-free Variable Refresh Rate performance that we used to get until an update a few months ago, so meanwhile have to stick to target a lower fixed fps (100). Gsync is pointless like this.
  2. Well, best laid plans and all that..hopefully can get the 2 sessions going next week. The 3rd PG had its best turnout yet, with most of the FNGs performing real well and the Major returning in good form. 9 of us in total. Great to see. We ran into a few solitary D7fs and a bunch of AI CL2s on our side, but there seemed plenty of Pfalz, Albs and D7Fs hun-side. The 103rd had high cover role today, so there was a lot of watching the others shoot stuff down(!) but at some point in a scrap there's usually a need to tear down and clear someone's tail of an uppety D7. Always a rush! Look forward to next week and hopefully that extended session with the Euro window. Stream replay with timestamps here https://youtu.be/EOsMM_EzkDU
  3. Sounds good. Will try wake earlier and stream some of the Euro SE5a action! With 9 hours covered by the 2 windows there's interesting potential for long maps like the old Syndicate Dawn - Dusk series.
  4. Not really. Try a Quick Mission using turbulence at 2m/s and wind at 2m/s, clouds at 2000m and start fighting at 3000m against enough ai's that you end up low to finish the last couple. Flying around is not bad, aiming is slightly affected above the clouds but as you get closer to the deck it becomes trickier especially at speed. It's not a workaround or fudge and doesn't require an FM change. So that, plus getting rid of most of the dust puffs would make 400m+ sniping a lot more difficult and allow for a reasonable disengagement if you'd achievement decent separation. Modeling tracer and non-tracer ballistics would be excellent, but FM changes and all that...
  5. I don't like the idea of shotgun dispersion. Air turbulence isn't used enough imho. I hate it too, but you soon see the difficulty it adds to gunnery, especially med-long range stuff. The above and fixing plane speeds of course. There are pilots who will chase you to the ends of the map, because its a game.
  6. Low on numbers tonight of course, but still got the heart rate up a couple of times. 3rd PG only had 3 or 4 flying, but it was great to get out with new guy US103_Cauffmann for the first time. Also brilliant to see JG1s Hotlead, Luftritter and Razwald able to fly, and along with SeaWolf's Dr1 and Hangmans D7f, it meant there was always organised, high threats throughout the night. In fact i never saw a CL2 or a low enemy once, everything was high or very high. We were on comms with the 71st guys who were running Recon and Ground Attack so our focus was trying to keep fighters away from them. First patrol at 5k got the jump on a D7f over the mud, but then were nearly jumped ourselves as JG1 dove in. Later at 4500m+ we tried to get a D7f to come down, flaring and everything, but he seemed happy with the view up at 6k. So yeah, just setting the record straight, we weren't down low complaining about high flyers. 😉 Meanwhile the recons got their job done. A Bristol in trouble over enemy lines saw Parsons and i dive in on 4 or 5 D7s and an Alb among the clouds, but they were aware and we quickly got stuck co-alt and had to exit. We had one more run in with 3 high D7fs but again had to withdraw. So not the greatest session action-wise but it was good to finally see plenty of enemy at altitude. Stream replay is here, with timestamps in the description. https://youtu.be/9Bd9-_hwakw
  7. Perhaps they're spacing out the releases for commercial reasons? They could've seen a large overlap in purchasers on BoBp and FC, so focusing on just BoN for early adopters now, and FC2 later, might prevent the 2 titles from competing for the same budget at this time, when people have plenty of other things they need to spend on. But Vol 2 as an add-on to existing vol1 seems very in-line with the efficient way they're developing the product line, so I'd still be amazed if there wasn't Vol2 announced in next 2-4 months.
  8. Think you're on to something there. GMT 8pm-12 Eastern 8pm-12 That should only have a 1hr gap in-between. The transition period could be populated by early US starters, more Eastern Europeans, vampiric euros, and us asia-pac/ antipodeans skipping breakfast on a Friday morning. Next Thursday?
  9. Thursday Fly-in will be on J5 Flugpark this week. With it being Thanksgiving in the States we may see less pilots, but this has happened before and still ended up with a good crowd. Maybe bouncing Huns is a good way to work off all that food or escape the family 😁 Depending on numbers we may experiment with some more 'aggressive' squadron tactics that we've been wanting to try for a while. So come along when you get the chance. Stats server is here http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/en/ Jasta5 also offering their Discord channels for comms. Flugpark Discord: https://discord.gg/h8MRmyN Our livestream should be up by 8:30pm Eastern https://www.youtube.com/user/PaulLMF S!
  10. Apparently that would be either caravans or flocks of Camels. But yeah, the way FC is at the moment, flying anything other than a D7f or Camel is for the mature brave pilot.
  11. Take a really big breath They've got a map done and many ground assets, plus Ugra have probably optimised their conversion of ROF models to FC by now, so adding another 10 planes should be a fairly efficient way to produce a new full price volume - FC2. Perhaps adding a draw card like SP Campaign mode later in its development cycle. Prediction: Launch FC2 Early Access before Christmas with 2 new planes. WW2 speculation I dunno. Logic would say a module that adds onto what's available, so Normandy invasion makes sense. But the Morse thing is interesting and I have the feeling the Devs are pretty confident these days and might want to swing big, so PTO not impossible, but probably after Normandy.
  12. Nah, invulnerable CL2 gunners was fixed a couple of updates ago. Laser-accurate-to-800m-gunners is still with us. Vertical works as they can't tilt guns up, but if your attack pass is going to go by within 50-100m of the EA, you better have destroyed the bugger. They don't miss often at that range.
  13. Good fun as usual this week, though the stress levels went through the roof at one point. Thought it was all over when 3 D7fs dived in from high as we hit a couple of CL2s on the deck. They ganged up on me and the Spad took hits from all 3 but fortunately dodged my way back to Larner and Talbot who rushed in and dealt to them - at no little risk to themselves it should be said. It was great to see all the new paint for the 103rd, 93rd and 213th. Plus we had Doolittle back and new recruit Bridgman, who is going to be very dangerous! We did some high-ish patrols mid-mud and did get into a long high drag with some of the WW guys, but as usual most of the action was lower down. This seems to be a function of the 2-seaters we have in the game. The CL2 can't climb and the Bristol has its hopeless bombsight, so can't bomb. Am already missing the Gothas, the high recons and patrols of Pfalz D12s in Rise of Flight. FC is great but the experience is pretty one dimensional if altitude is taken away. Anyway, here's our stream replay. Timestamps in the description.
  14. Greetings Gents! This Thursday we'll be flying on the FC JG1 Server. The US 3rd Pursuit Group should have a couple of new guys and a vet returning this week, so we'll be looking to get them their first victories with the group. All welcome as usual. Our livestream should be up by 8:30pm Eastern https://www.youtube.com/user/PaulLMF Stats Server is here http://stats.jg1.org:8000/en/
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