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  1. Just perfect thanks !!
  2. Hi there, is there some ressource on the web to have a tutorial for the FME ? Cheers,
  3. I think it's a clear resume, this is all I want, I do not understand why, in 2015, this game has not a great campaign...
  4. Zak, many thanks for this message, it is really clear, keep up up the good work !
  5. It's getting long, especially considering the amount of work needed in the game. The game is clearly out with a year in advance.
  6. From the homepage of BOS : Robust Single-Player Campaign that features a challenging and innovative AI system and includes an extensive in-game achievement system It's so a pity, because I am a fan of sp campaign and I've bought the game to play great campaign first, multiplayers on dedicated servers with my friends in second...
  7. Thanks for the dev diary, it's fair, and thx for the missions @veteran !! Keep up the good works !
  8. Keep up the good work devs qnd HB for BOS !!!
  9. Hi, the french (and great) magazine Canard PC has write his test. Just two pages. Final note is 6/10 with this conclusion : "l2 battle of Stalingrad has everything to become the new and undisputed reference for the simulation of air combat. This rough diamond may become the successor to the venerable il2 Sturmovik 2001, but first you'll have to prune: eliminating aberrations modeling and integrate basic features, such as the editor, private servers and modding who have specifically allowed to keep his ancestor so long form. That day, we'll talk. Meanwhile, it takes more of a demonstration of potential flanked by a forgettable solo content and a system of farming xp whose presence is about as relevant as a sex toy in a confessional." Cheers
  10. You are totally right Hawker, that's why I've created this thread, and I thank you for all your comments. Bos has a great core, I have no doubt it will become a reference as IL2, we just need to have more communication. More communication = more customers = more reviews. Cheers PS: Sorry for my awful english guys.
  11. Yeah, a roadmap should dispassionate the debates here, I think it is the only thing which is missing there. I hope they'll provide it later in December. Communication is the nerve of war.
  12. I read threads full of noise and disorder, I think, in fact, we all agree to say that BOS would be a great game if ... I think the devs should provide a little more to not cause much confusion, and tell us how they see the future, the subjects on which they are leaning, etc ... A sort of specification as it . Devs, do you think it is possible to communicate over there with several scales (short term, long term, etc.)? You and the community of BOS, do not you think all this noise and it displease him would disappear even if the devs communicate more? Thank you to all PS: Please excuse my poor english. Long Life For Bos !
  13. I quite agree. The current campaign is a shame, I wonder where did my $ 99 when I see the result of SP. I prefer not to talk about the MP which is so laughable...
  14. Thanks all for your help, it's very clear now. Cheers
  15. Hello, Is there a way to take some nice video in game ? With which softwares ? Thanks for your advices
  16. Ok, donc pas avant deux bons mois un vrai mode multiplayer pour faire du vrai coop quoi, je suis déçu je n'ose même pas imaginer les vraies escadrilles (elles font quoi du coup) ? Par fonctions sociales j'entendais chatter et inviter dans une partie un de nos amis qui est aussi sur Il2 par exemple, sans parler d'une page dédiée à son "clan/escadrille", bref, j'ai l'impression que c'est pas sec encore tout ça. merci pour la réponse rapide Obélix en tout cas !
  17. Bonjour à tous, Désolé si la question a déjà été posée, mais je ne trouve pas l'info avec le moteur de recherche du forum. Quand est-ce qu'il y aura un vrai mode multi ? - Serveurs dédiés (?) - Du vrai coop - Des fonctions "sociales" pour retrouver ses amis J'ai testé rapidement hier soir sur un serveur avec un pote, mais à part faire du dogfight il n'y a pas grand chose d'autre à faire. On a une idée de quand ce genre de features sort ou voire même si c'est prévu ? Bonne journée à tous !
  18. For you guys ! http://tof.canardpc.com/preview2/66026670-e5b4-4e09-8fda-bd031217fd68.jpg
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