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  1. Retnek -- thanks so much. Apologies I've been offline the last couple days; but glad the server has stayed up. My only Windoze box lost it's graphics card so I cannot even open the editor right now. New card is on it's way though. I think you are correct about them maybe needing to be real airfields. I did leave it as "Undamaged" because the other options were too permissive. What would you think of a trigger that didn't actually check that you landed safely but instead just checked that you entered the zone ( < 1K radius ) of the airfield and didn't leave that zone at all for about a minute? Think that would be very hard to trigger w/o landing but wouldn't require me peppering the world w/ multiplayer airfields. The downside of that is that it would trigger almost regardless of the damage on landing ( anything that didn't destroy the plane )
  2. Thanks! -- must have shifted them a bit on accident. Restarted w/ nicer placement.
  3. Hey there Dakpilot -- thanks for checking it out. A beta* map of July 23rd 1942 ( NE of Kalach ) is up on the server now. This map is the first stage of the summer offensive campaign. Has no AI aircraft and a very large and meaningful ground war. I did some clean-up to the dynamic map icons. I suspect ( don't know for sure ) that some or all of the client errors seen are from those. This system makes extensive use of that map capability and crashes for me commonly occur at the moment the map is undergoing a change. I think client crashes will still occur but hopefully less frequently. *unit positions and specific varieties are likely to change slightly but all features are fundamentally there.
  4. I too am getting memory access errors on the client. Although mine is different than above; Buffer overrun style:
  5. Hi Retnek; thanks both for the feedback and the time on the server. To your much appreciated comments: -- Set-ups w/ less AI aircraft ( as most missions coming out from me will be ) can actually run 4x the ground war shown on this example mission. For that; unit density is about the same but it can spread out across 20-30 Km of front. -- Targets are up to the mission builder; no target type is excluded. -- expert coming super soon -- yah; lapino is tiny. -- The recon mission here makes an example of "Have a multiplayer craft fly a course" more than represents reconnaissance proper. For example the same underlying system is also used for Artillery spotting. In non-example missions the mission builder can set-up reconnaissance to their specs: As you described above, can mandate an elevation, etc. That said; I did change this example mission so that the waypoints are ~ 3 - 5 K towards the friendly side. Not entirely saving your flight from sudden demise but significantly increasing the odds.
  6. Interesting -- Some others have mentioned that issue as well; I made a change to the .list file that may help. It works for me so I cannot test if it is fixed for you. Please let me know if you still cannot connect. Thanks!
  7. Hey All -- New Video Here: Explains the current example mission that is running on the server. I'll try to be on chat as often as possible for people with questions. Summer Offensive ( Starting late July 1942 ) Campaign to be released shortly!
  8. Hi. New video below. Continues from previous; although previous not required. The video demonstrates the preliminary set-up steps to building a mission.
  9. Hey All -- Been building stuff out -- Here is a video introducing new components. They are built up from the groups in the previous videos. Essentially the aim is to allow building of missions from references; books, maps, ideas, etc. Introduction to the Automata system: Automata group referenced in the above video: Introductory gameplay video here: ^ that mission ( slightly bugfixed ) is running currently on the server
  10. Hey All -- New stuff -- Historic campaign battle. General instructions here, but you can get by with just the briefing. General Play Instructions @golgoth -- Different configurations allow different amount of AI aircraft. With the system here I can get 14 aircraft if I have only a few ( around 20 ground units ). But I can run up to 5 aircraft even with ~200 ground units active. The battle shown in the video linked here only has 5 AI aircraft at a time; but the ground war is quite filled out.
  11. I am at work and cannot check -- But I suspect JimTM/Coconut's group does all you need. Just in case, though, here is the random group that is re-triggerable that I use: http://www.mediafire.com/download/i9hzaxt63rd413k/rando.zip It has 4 outputs only one of which gets hit randomly for each trigger ( prolly set to slightly weight towards the 3rd output in this group ) There is a 700ms ( I generally just use a full second to be safe ) window between safe triggers of the random tool.
  12. I've seen this too -- with some of the double airfields ( like east of Kalach ). I found putting the Command:Land MCU at the end of the airfields where the two airfields do not almost meet allows AI to land w/o just circling as you describe. Cross winds do also seem to cause this behavior -- so when building a windy mission; your number of available landing airfields is reduced.
  13. yo! So sorry i was unclear; This is air units that are ground attack on low priority WP's. In 1.04 and before air units that were not fighters, and were on low priority WP's would bomb/rocket/cannon nearby enemy ground units. That seems to no longer be the case. Here is super simple example MP mission that shows a single stuka on Low Priority WayPoints flying over russian targets like they are not there. Ground attack air units on low prio wp's certainly did attack ground units in 1.04. http://www.mediafire.com/download/4gyvx4xgyr3ds6e/bomb_fail.zip *edit I accidentally a word
  14. Hey all, It was, before the 1.05 release, such that AI flights with bombs ( pe2, il2, stuka, he111 etc ) would bomb any nearby enemy targets when flying to waypoints with their priorities set to "low". I'm no longer seeing this behavior -- any one else notice the issue, or have a work-around? Thanks!
  15. They somewhat copy over -- units ( plans, tanks, and bears; oh my), including ground statics, do not copy over. However, any group files that are primarily logic or waypoints copy over. I've had some trouble with waypoints when there were quite a few of them ( > ~ 100 ) in a single group.
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