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  1. All, thank you for taking time out to answer my post and provide such helpful advice - much appreciated! I'll keep at it with some free time over the weekends and just like in real life will need to practice, practice, practice!
  2. Hi all, brand new to this sim and getting into it with the recent sales lately. What are some "newbie" tips for successfully landing the P-51 without nose overs, etc. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks guys, I was wondering the same thing! How can I link my Steam purchase of Battle of Stalingrad to the Il-2 account and activate it!!!!
  4. Finally - success... I would like to extend a public shout out and huge THANK YOU to Olga from the 1C Support Team for working with the vendor to get this corrected. She is the reason why I am now the proud owner of another premium series set and some campaigns. Painful buying experience, but glad this finally got resolved... and now the proceeds can go to the development AND Customer Support teams.
  5. Thanks all, nothing seems to work - the PayPal suggestion was a good one but no luck. So far I have not found a way to purchase directly from the Devs while they are using this awful Xsolla vendor. I'm going to try one more suggestion Jason provided - and then I'll have to resort to Steam purchases or other alternatives.
  6. So frustrating, trying to take advantage of the discount promo codes that have been offered and directly allow my proceeds to benefit the Developer. But I have just had the worst customer experience with your vendor, Xsolla. No matter what payment I try, I cannot complete a newly desired purchase (another Premium product and campaigns). I had just purchased the entire Premium BoBPlatte edition on 4/1, and then suddenly my account is blocked and labeled "fraudulent." When I reached out to Customer Support - they want me to send in my credit card statements to their email support. Are you kidding me? I am absolutely appalled by this - buyer beware. It looks like I will have to purchase from Steam unless there is another resolution someone can offer. I am still shocked by how bad this entire "buying experience" has been - what a huge waste of time and disappointment. 😞
  7. Thank you JimTM, I did that but that is for a BOS manual and the post is from 2015. I'm looking for the ""Battle of Bodenplatte" manual.
  8. Hi all, sorry for the basic question. Just purchased IL2 Great Battles "Battle of Bodenplatte" - can't for the life of me despite endless searching find the manual that is actually for this title. Seems there's other manuals out there, but where is the manual for this specific title? Also, also can't seem to find a key commands reference card as well. Thanks for any insight.
  9. Is there a sale still going on? I've been wanting to try out Battle of Kuban and Bottenplatte Premium editions forever. And with all the crisis and "stay at home" order I'm under now would be the perfect time to invest assuming the price was right.
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