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  1. A few points to consider: - The C.200 was produced in large numbers. - Number of missions during the previous phase. - Used on the Eastern Front. I believe that with the existence of MC.202 in the game and the introduction of Re.2001 and Re.2002, the addition of two older aircraft (G.50 and C.200) is important to bring a balance to the aircraft list. If the idea is to focus only on the most capable aircraft, I agree with you the MC.205 and Fiat G.55 become more important.
  2. The Mediterranean Front in 1943, allows the introduction of new aircraft, and the use of many that are already in the game, such as: BF-109G FW-190A HE-111H JU-87D JU-88A MC.202 A-20B Havoc P-39L-1 Airacobra P-40E1 Kittyhawk (Mk IA) Spitfire Mk.VB Spitfire Mk.IX Hurricane Mk.II It was then a package intended for Italian aircraft, the first naval aircraft and a twin-engine and trimotor bomber. Focused on aircraft that had a considerable number of operations in 1943. Allied Air: Plane Set Apache A-36A Beaufighters MK1C Kittyhawk Mk III (P40K) Martlet IV (F4F-4) Collector Plane B-25D Mitchell Axis Air: Plane Set Fiat G.50 Macchi C.200 Reggiane Re.2001 Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 Collector Plane Reggiane Re.2002 Ships: A standard ship of each class is the key to development, no complications with variations. The Normandy scenario introduces landing ships. Kuban introduced basic German ships. Allied Illustrious-class aircraft carrier (HMS Formidable) Nelson-class battleship Benham class Destroyer Auk-class Minesweeper Axis Spica-class torpedo boat Soldati-class destroyer New Weapons and Mechanics: The battle focused on the Mediterranean and Operation Husky requires the introduction of torpedoes launched by aircraft. List of torpedoes below: LT I A1 - Luftwaffe 18 inch Mark XII - British 45 cm (17.7") Si 200/450 x 5.36 - Italian A new mechanic that needs to be added is the operation of the aircraft carrier, during Operation Husky, the HMS Formidable, held east of the island, in a position to intercept any attempt by the Italian fleet to attack landings. HMS Formidable: July 1943 * Total of 45 for Operation Husky 885 Squadron: 5 Seafire IIC 888 Squadron: 14 Martlet IV 893 Squadron: 14 Martlet IV 820 Squadron: 12 Albacore In the game the ideal is to limit the operation to 14 aircrafts a Squadron (Players), adding animations of the crew and all the effects of the operation on board. Landing and takeoff communication and management system. Map: The Map can provide scenarios for strategic operations preparatory to invasion, amphibious landings and occupation. It could be worked on after the launch of the battle of Normandy between the years 2021 and 2022.
  3. Some images from the TAW campaign. From Moscow to the Caucasus.
  4. BSOC-Edu_br10 + BoN Thanks for the opportunity, good luck everyone.
  5. It was my first campaign, I played focused on ground strike. In my view the blue side had difficulty advancing on the Stalingrad map. About the number of players on the server in only a few hours the red side was bigger than the blue. The addition of 1944 and 1945 maps on the western front would be good. Next time my group will be on the red side.
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