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  1. FWIW, I think cockpit mousewheel zoom did change slightly in that it now animates FOV change between scrollwheel clicks, which to me at least makes it feel like I'm zooming slightly slower. Not a big deal but I think there was a very slight change.
  2. the game feels like it has way fewer microstutters than before, which I didn't realize even existed until I tested the new update and it feels so smoooooooth. Thanks devs!
  3. @DN308 Got one more for you OA - C "Ville de Cherbourg" Download link in original post
  4. White 06 has been corrected.
  5. oof you're right, they're rotated wrong. I'll try to fix that soon.
  6. @DN308 waiting for my wife to get home from work so we can leave, knocked this one out for you: OA - A "Ville de Caen" Download link in original post
  7. have any improvements been made to the stuka's cockpit, by any chance?
  8. and you still failed to be first lol
  9. I'm out of town this weekend but I'll see what I can do next week. If anyone else wants to do a couple before then feel free.
  10. Download links in original post OP - 2 PL - 02
  11. OA - B. Download link in original post.
  12. OA - G with invasion stripes. Download link in original post.
  13. Download: OA - G Download: OA - G (with invasion stripes) Download: OA - B Download: OA - A "Ville de Caen" Download: OA - C "Ville de Cherbourg"
  14. You're welcome, I'm glad people like them so much. The variety of the hand painted tails, noses, and camo makes them so fun to skin.
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