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  1. He's just trying to keep the white knights from jumping down his throat. EDIT : Don't get me wrong, I think the dev team is great, but some people in this thread need to calm down about reports of bugs and stuff.
  2. I'm always surprised by how nice il-2 1946 looks, especially for a game engine made in 2007.
  3. FWIW I like unweathered factory fresh skins. Not saying I don't like weathered skins, but I certainly don't mind having some fresh looking ones to fly with from time to time. After all, all planes looked like that at some point in time even if it did wear off later. Mumbles something about CloD having dynamic weathering effects. Also mumbles something about both CloD and 1946 having the option for dynamically generated numbers and squadron insignia. Ah well, this is a great game too
  4. I'm from the US, are there openings in that sector or only EU? Thanks
  5. I'd be interested in flying, what time would the event take place? I'm in UTC-0400 (EDT), 6PM - 8PM EDT on weekdays and 12PM - 8PM on weekends would be when I'm most likely available to fly.
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