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  1. Is it possible to show multiplayer callsigns in the tacview labels above each aircraft?
  2. How did you get the planes to appear so matte? I feel like planes are sometimes too shiny in il-2.
  3. He promised to raise the issue in priority, not to fix it immediately. Raising it in priority may have been what caused research to be done to realize that it was a very difficult issue to solve, as Jason said in an earlier post. Also, in a combat flight simulator, tons of other things are more important than clouds. Flight models, weapon modelling, ballistics, engine simulation, aerodynamic simulation, etc. Thirdly the clouds are not broken, they're arguably the best clouds in any combat flight simulator to date. And since they are synced to the server and all players experience the same visual artifacts, the current cloud system is not unfair.
  4. It's a server setting, the people shooting you down will have the same visibility settings as you. Just like the new G force stuff. calm down yall
  5. Is alternate the one similar to the original release of 3.201 where you could see really far, or is it similar to the hotfix where you couldn't see as far?
  6. Is it the short range visibility on for normal or difficult mode? I couldn't tell from the post. (Thanks for your hard work devs, yall are underappreciated)
  7. Jason, As a software developer, I'm impressed with what a couple of team members have been able to accomplish in so little time. Many other teams get less done with more resources. I really don't think people realize what resources a AAA studio has at their disposal. The Microsoft Flight Simulator example is ridiculous, that was a full team of over 30 developers working on just rendering and map stuff, and it still took them over 5 years to get to where it is right now (and it's not even released yet). I'd also like to remind everyone that even AAA titles often aren't as well optimized as IL-2. Silent Hunter 5 comes to mind. The fact that I'm able to play the game now with similar or better framerates to what I got 4 years ago, while the game continues to look more and more stunning visually is extremely impressive to me. You have a great team and they should be proud of themselves. FWIW I much prefer what we have in il-2 to this. This is mostly flat textures that look ok from high up but horrible at low altitude. I own FSX and I hate how cities look in it. Also with those graphics settings in FSX my rig gets around 40 FPS.
  8. Come on dude, rendering polys takes time, more time to render lowers framerates. You add stuff to a scene, framerates go down. You add a bunch of stuff to a scene, framerates go down a bunch. You don't need to be a prophet to realize that.
  9. With the stuff people are asking for your current 130fps will drop to 30.
  10. I was just pointing out why I fly red more now. When there's a large disparity in numbers between sides I usually choose the side with less players even if that means I'm forced to fly a plane I don't enjoy as much. At the end of the day though, who really cares. It's a game, fly what you want to fly, be nice, have fun. If you enjoy learning to fly every plane, do it. If you enjoy mastering one particular plane, that's fine as well. Or do anything in between.
  11. Probably because they used to be in LW squadrons but only because there weren't interesting planes on the red side for most americans. Now that there are interesting american planes on red, those players have switched. EDIT: For what it's worth, 4/5 times I used to fly German because the russian planes weren't interesting to me. Now I fly primarily red side planes.
  12. That's exactly why I've been playing red more lately. Before the only red planes I really enjoyed flying were the A-20, P-40, and occasionally the Yak-7.
  13. What settings should I use in GIMP to export the image?
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