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  1. Dex*GD*Dexter

    Condor Soaring 2

    Da wäre ich dabei...!!!
  2. Dex*GD*Dexter

    Condor Soaring 2

    It is real fun to fly with vr this simulator!! Try it ! I enjoy it very much with my oculus ..
  3. Dex*GD*Dexter

    Virtual Reality für IL-2

    Gerne! Schau mal im oculus forum nach ..da müsste es zu finden sein .
  4. Dex*GD*Dexter

    Virtual Reality für IL-2

    Moin, konnte noch nie per Tastatur das ASW ein oder ausschalten..das Problem hab ich aber nicht alleine ..hab bis jetzt auch keine Lösung gefunden. Ich muss dazu das Tray Tool nehmen und dort das ASW ausschalten.. nur so gehts bei mir .Aber dafür funktioniert das mit dem tool zum Glück echt gut .
  5. Dex*GD*Dexter

    Announcing Project VPC MongoosT-50

    Yep, read that also .. Thank you both !! Go now with 150 ...
  6. Dex*GD*Dexter

    Announcing Project VPC MongoosT-50

    Order for my Base was on Sunday in the Virpil EU store and on Friday everything was here !! Base, Desk mount and extension kit. I will try it first with the 225 extensions...
  7. Exactly! But why is the pd in the overlay at 0,8 ??
  8. Thx be sure that i checked this ..nothing helped and im not alone with that problem ...
  9. It is not what you ask for but maybe helpfull.... My Oculus Rift PD with steam VR is 1,01(values from overlay) @100 % @66% the PD is 0,82 Must use Oculus Tray Tool to switch ASW off.. Not possible for me to switch ASW to Off with keyboard. Profile supersample settings for IL2 in OTT = 0
  10. I got stutters and performance hit with the win 10 game mode . Game mode off in win 10 is a must for my system .. maybe ???
  11. https://forums.oculusvr.com/community/discussion/62715/oculus-runtime-services-current-status#latest it is a runtime problem
  12. Can only agree ..fly the huey in vr .. you can only smile ...
  13. I'm in and going to preorder . Thank you team.
  14. Dex*GD*Dexter

    Frozen (crashed)view in VR

    Have also the same problem on my rig . Fall creator update !? Driver issue !? I think it is not the oc cpu ! My i7 4790k is on stable 4.8 and the freezes starts with the fcu!
  15. ..but only if you checked that in steamVR settings It was also for me a surprise... but it works ! Give it a try and please report back ... For me it is working without steamVR and steam.