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  1. just read the stormbirds blog. great stuff about combat box and the team. great job, guys. stick with what you are doing.
  2. Alonzo, on the closing the Ruhr pocket map, mission briefing says red has 6 targets to destroy, blue has 5. last night, red destroyed 3 and blue destroyed 2 but map ended in stalemate. it ends in a stalemate every time red destroyes fewer than 6 targets, but more than blue. am I missing something. mission briefing says the side that destroys the majority of targets is the winner when time runs out.
  3. Think about what? Flying both sides? And please, you did single me out. Once again, I'm gonna exercise my freedom to fly only one side of that's what I want to do. Freedom. What a wonderful concept.
  4. Haza, was there anything you just said that was an intelligent duscussion? Or was it all just cheap and feebile insults? I think I will exercise my freedom to recognize you aren't worth it.
  5. I guess what I'm saying to the likes of you haza, is that even though you don't like my opinion, it's just as valid as yours. Or do you not have the freedom to disagree where you live?
  6. maybe haza and the rest of the luftaces would be happy if blue had only 262s, and red only had p40. im totally serious. after 20 years of luftwhining, this may be the only solution. love combat box. Alonzo and team, you are doing a great job. hi, thatguy. welcome aboard
  7. of course it doesn't help that for balance sake, the allied side has been restricted, and axis objectives have been made easier to destroy. youre right, its laughable that blue fliers whine until the planeset favors them.
  8. Alonzo and the Combat Box team, you have a wonderfun server, and I appreciate all your hard work. in my opinion, its the best server ive flown in the last 20 years. a lot of suggestions are being put forth about making combat box more like the old spits vs 109s, or change some things so its like TAW, or WOL. please do not do that. you have a unique mission concept and try to make things as immersive and historically significant as is possible. if people want taw, wol, or Hazas spits vs 109s, let them fly there. your late war planeset is unique. keep it. balance, for playability, is a different issue. german fliers are incorrect when they state that their aircraft cant compete with allied aircraft unless the allies are restricted (otto_bann, turban,others). this is simply not true. for the last 20 years developers have favored german aircraft with better flight models. they need to stop whining. if their 109k has trouble against a 150 octane p51, well, too bad. allied fliers have had to deal with inferior flight models for the last 20 years. german (blue) pilots only want to fly if their aircraft are vastly superior to their opponents. its time the luftwhiners suck it up and deal with it. and since its now obvious that if blue pilots want to win, they can, why not see if they can do it with a little more historical accuracy thrown in. bring back all the loadout options for allied aircraft. having said that, I just want to say again I really do believe you have a great server. keep the focus on late war missions. minor tweaks to missions are fine, but turning combat box into another taw, wol, spits vs 109s would just ruin the great thing you have going right now. youre doing a great job, thanks for a great server.
  9. be cool silky. just give them a dose of their own medicine. http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/270571/?tour=16 http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/256121/?tour=16 research, its a useful thing
  10. is over average another way of saying you have a big ego? im confused.
  11. http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/244113/?tour=16 my best sortie is only 5 in the p38 but the last one was a pilot kill of some egomaniac in a me262. someone named tomio. anyone ever heard of this guy?
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