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  1. server and stats page are down. have been down two or three hours.
  2. server and stats page are down. have been down for two or three hours.
  3. would you mind sharing your graphic settings? your video looks incredibly beautiful.
  4. there is a gauge in the cockpit that tells you what your propellor pitch is. whether you are in auto prop pitch, or manual, it works the same. it looks like a clock, but with hash marks instead of numbers. a big hand, and a little hand, just like an analog watch face. look around for chucks aircraft guide, it will explain what all the cockpit instruments are. the 109 doesnt have a cockpit indicator for pitch trim. the fw 190 does, however. but they both work the same. you are actually moving the entire horizontal stabilizer, instead of a small trim tab.
  5. Wulf, you might want to listen to what the Elf has to say. id bet money he knows what hes talking about, and has real world experience to back it up with, too.
  6. LODDS silhouettes agaings the clouds? im not sure i totally understand what you mean. have these settings improved the distance at which you can spot aircraft?
  7. Elf, you forgot to tell him one thing. he should do what i do. always, always fly with a wingman. in my case, one who is a better pilot and shot than i am. then he can clear your six while you play bait.
  8. Pepper, send me a pm, or reply here. i might be able to help you with a few of your problems. CIA_Luth
  9. I still use the reliable hat-switch. don't leave home without it
  10. hey Heinz, how are you. I look forward to seeing JV44 in the air again. Luth
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