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  1. I am also glad this is under consideration!
  2. A suggestion, which I have a hunch that might have come up before: Accessing the remote console client while flying. Maybe inside the map interface?
  3. Maybe about 6 months ago I noticed it too. I have not checked on current status since I replaced them all with what icon came close enough. I think I did report it.
  4. These are good questions but hopefully it is not a feature that you need to use constantly
  5. IckyAtlas, the fps counter is working on my end. Are you sure "backspace" did not get remapped? Also, check to see if your screen is cropped at the edges.
  6. These settings are available to anyone that operates a dedicated server. E.g, difficulty settings, Connection speed, ports, Max ping, Tackview setting, Mission timers, other limiting parameters like locking skins, weapons, penalties and so on. Some of these settings MAY be involved in the current issues. It is not a certainty that they are causing a problem.
  7. It could be in the mission design, server config file, location, connection type and speed, amount of traffic, what other variables could we have different? Obviously, there is something wrong in the code. We are just trying to narrow it down.
  8. I have still not had a crash and the server is running 24/7...just updating.
  9. Apologies, I mistakenly thought your were referring to my setting, because Drivable tanks are there in my missions too. But the later models are in only on 6 of the 18 mission rotation. Probably you logged on a mission that those tanks are not in.
  10. Mr_Pickles, you mean "NOT allow mouse joy", right? Sometimes "not"s escape during typing. It happens to me frequently I could post one my Missions if anyone wants to try that variable?
  11. Just so you know guys, I still do not have any crashes whatsoever! I am not sure where to attribute that. Maybe there is much less traffic on mine, maybe the missions are setup a certain way or even the customized server parameters have something to do with it. Heck, even my server location and type of connection could be at play...
  12. Thanks Therion, It was a power outage. I got it shorted out for now. The Server should be up again.
  13. Need a favor, Gentlemen. As I stated a few days back no crash has happened on my Dedicated Server so far. However as of today, I cannot check on the server status. I am no physically present at location of the server and cannot check on the PC status through "Teamviewer". Not sure if "TeamViewer" crashed or the whole PC. Is it possible for anyone to check if "Kadin Dedicated" is posted in the list of IL2 servers? If yes, could post the IP? Much appreciate any info.
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