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  1. Would it be possible to add the option of creating a quick mission just like you do with single player, but instead of playing against AI, you would wait for players to fill the spots. once everyone ready, the quick mission would start. Basically the same thing as single player, but in multiplayer. I think that could really add to multiplayer as not everyone likes to roam around for 15 minutes, then getting shot by the pro's out there and having to take off again, etc etc. The multiplayer is not what it could be. The current mode is great, especially if you fly with friends or a squad, b
  2. Yeah but thats not going to matter when they die. Dont think, 25 years later, think 350 years later.
  3. Why do they take the chance to ruin such artifacts. Just leave it there in the museum for all to enjoy for generations to come.
  4. I think the puppy falling down the stairs is a tad too much...hilarious. But anyway I agree with the post (Keep in mind, it was 111$ CAD, and its now 58$ CAD), but I came here to see if anyone would speak about the campaign coming ? I didnt buy FC because it was barebones. I didnt buy FC on special, even though I was thinking about it, because it was barebones... Today I received an email saying they are putting the sale back on AND that a single player campaign is in for next update : Automatic buy from me . Yippee Yay ye, I think all these discussions were not for nothing after all.
  5. There's plenty of holes yes, its in the video I shared. Pause at 4:14 or 6:54. Anyway this is to your opinion, but I never said one or the other is the best , I said its debatable wheter FC is the best ww1 or not. Its just that it seems like you were saying this was our only option and so we should contend with it. But Iv always been one to try to push the boundaries. (Im also not one to care for MP, I dont often play MP in any of the IL-2 games). And the SP in IL-2 is seriously lacking. If 1C would try to push the boundaries in each of their new titles, we would have better. But as it
  6. That is debatable, there is a better ww1 flight sim out there. Its called Wings over Flanders Field. Cutting edge AI who will run away, who gets tired, who has moral drops, etc. The game has a campaign. 80 flyable planes, 450 squadrons in a single player campaign that will perform historical missions. Etc etc and a price of 30$ U.S +tax. The only thing FC has over WOFF is its graphic and VR capabilities.
  7. Yeah..and I'm not that hardcore about it haha. Anyway usually I don't even have time to play anymore, but... Quarantine is getting to me haha. For 40$ I think it's a good deal. I have a VR so at least I can enjoy the game like that.
  8. That doesn't solve the problem that they are charging a lot more (almost 100$ ) for a game that has tremendously less than their other games. I don't want to install a a mod to play a game I paid 100$ for. For 60-75$ in their other titles, you get a campaign. I don't want to be THAT guy, but it has to be said. Besides, Iv tried using PWCG in the past and it gave me a headache more than anything so It's a hard pass for me on that, but thanks for the suggestion nonetheless.
  9. I'm considering getting it because of the sale. Not because the original is out of my price range, in fact, I bought it previously but refunded it after seeing no single player content (other than the frail system we have in place now to pit a few aircraft against each other). Yes the missing campaign is all that's holding me back. If at least there was a better system in place for pitting yourself against the AI.. there should be multiple options : -Dogfight all the options we currently have _________ -Bombing run ( Bomber/Fighter Bomber) Choose be
  10. C-47 Dakota would be great as a player plane ( collector ? ). I mean how cool would it be to go out from London (?) and deliver the paratroopers to France, bracing for Flak, and what not and then coming back one piece.
  11. Wow...Yes, You'v heard that word before in the title, but Im seriously impress with the work on the AI. I was one to constantly complaint about how the AI would just turn in circle, so...When I read the update, I fired up my Virtual Headset, Plugged in my BF-109 replica joystick, because it both had been collecting dust for a while, and I tried the game. NO MORE CIRCLES from the AI. ( Difficulty Veteran to Ace). It was SUCH A BLAST to play, I felt like a pilot from ww2 trying to shoot down those pesky allied pilots ( that I admire in real life, but in the virtual world...down with their heads
  12. Is that so ? I tried one on one against an Ace opponent and it did seem much better. Alright well, if the AI improved, then automatic buy from me. Getting Bodenplatte to test this out. Oh, and, since I have been complaining a lot about the AI, then yes. MUCH THANK YOU !! AI is everything in a combat sim, I do think.
  13. Ah I see. Alright thanks for the answer. Too bad though, cause I want my money to go towards the devs, but I also want my games on STEAM (write review). Its a tough choice, I think I'll wait for games to release on STEAM (thinking about getting BoBP) Thanks for the answer !
  14. Hi, Im trying to figure out how to link Battle of Kuban into my steam profile. Steam say I dont own it. My account are already linked, I have BoS and BoM on the platform ( available on Steam and IL-2 website). I can play all three by launching STEAM. I just want it to say I own it on Steam. Im starting to lose patience here, any help ? thanks.
  15. They do in Flying over Flanders field. Why cant they do it here ? FoFF simulate real life human pilots. Tiredness, situational awareness, the AI can get scared, moral effect, etc etc. Read again, we said its boring, not that it was difficult 🙄
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