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  1. C-47 Dakota would be great as a player plane ( collector ? ). I mean how cool would it be to go out from London (?) and deliver the paratroopers to France, bracing for Flak, and what not and then coming back one piece.
  2. Wow...Yes, You'v heard that word before in the title, but Im seriously impress with the work on the AI. I was one to constantly complaint about how the AI would just turn in circle, so...When I read the update, I fired up my Virtual Headset, Plugged in my BF-109 replica joystick, because it both had been collecting dust for a while, and I tried the game. NO MORE CIRCLES from the AI. ( Difficulty Veteran to Ace). It was SUCH A BLAST to play, I felt like a pilot from ww2 trying to shoot down those pesky allied pilots ( that I admire in real life, but in the virtual world...down with their heads !! ) Anyway... Just writing this post here, in case the devs are reading, your work is not going unnoticed, not from me at least. This is all I was waiting before buying more titles and Im thinking of taking up Flying Circus now because...How awesome it must be now to fight with those against the AI. ( I dont usually play MP because you can only see dots in VR, although when I do play, its usually a bomber plane so I dont have to worry about gunning down the wrong team ). Well, there you go, thank you very much for your work ! The AI update has fired up my need to play this game!!
  3. Is that so ? I tried one on one against an Ace opponent and it did seem much better. Alright well, if the AI improved, then automatic buy from me. Getting Bodenplatte to test this out. Oh, and, since I have been complaining a lot about the AI, then yes. MUCH THANK YOU !! AI is everything in a combat sim, I do think.
  4. Ah I see. Alright thanks for the answer. Too bad though, cause I want my money to go towards the devs, but I also want my games on STEAM (write review). Its a tough choice, I think I'll wait for games to release on STEAM (thinking about getting BoBP) Thanks for the answer !
  5. Hi, Im trying to figure out how to link Battle of Kuban into my steam profile. Steam say I dont own it. My account are already linked, I have BoS and BoM on the platform ( available on Steam and IL-2 website). I can play all three by launching STEAM. I just want it to say I own it on Steam. Im starting to lose patience here, any help ? thanks.
  6. They do in Flying over Flanders field. Why cant they do it here ? FoFF simulate real life human pilots. Tiredness, situational awareness, the AI can get scared, moral effect, etc etc. Read again, we said its boring, not that it was difficult 🙄
  7. IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad. I have read they have corrected that, as I didn't play the game in 6 month, its a possibility that it has, indeed, been fixed Edit : I read your comment again, "in non-quick mission". So the problem is still there then ? Quick mission are still part of Il-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad , yes ? It seems we are playing the same game then.
  8. AI dogfighting in my single player battles is always circling. This has led me to put IL-2 aside for quite a long time. The only thing I play now are bombers and fighter-bombers. The AI is horrible, it doesn't stay in formation, and enemy bombers wont either, theyl separate and fly alone for the most part and go in circle. Is that what WW2 bombers did ?! I think not. Dev diary order 227 is bringing up hope but I don't have much faith in it. Maybe they should try to focus on fighter bomber or bombe campaign, planes where you dont have to dogfight. Oh what I would give to have a full fledged IL-2 Sturmovik campaign that last more than 11 missions. Where it is heavely scripted yes, but allowed for much better ground details. Anyway.. If the devs read this : I would gladly pay 300$ for a good AI. Yeah, that's right, 300$ if you can get me a DLC called " Human-like AI". I know it must be expensive to create good AI so Im willing to pay for. KEEP IN MIND : Haven't played the game in 6 months due to being away from home, so I don't know the last progress on AI development. Apparently planes are keeping in formation now ?! Due to the new programmer ? If that is so..can I buy him a beer somehow ? Let me know how to get this guy/gal a beer and I shall do so.
  9. " the more difficult is the task the more interesting is the result." well let's hope the AI does other thing than going in circle 24/7.
  10. I had completely forgot about that post. Thanks everyone for the answer, I appreciate
  11. Will we ever get a bomber focused title game ? Im thinking something a la Mighty 8th game (a very old sim game, cant remember the full name) I enjoy the scripted mission with the IL-2 the most and I would love to see either a title, but I would settle for a scripted mission, where you fly with dozens to hundreds of bombers, in formation, and survival is down to sheer luck (and a little bit of skill). I bought 1946 for this reason only and Im enjoying it but definitely... DEFINITELY, a modern, VR version would be best :) I tried to make one myself with the editor but quite frankly...Im no good. can anyone point me in the right direction if such thing exist around here ? And if the devs are reading, maybe a whole title dedicated to bomber missions or fighter-bomber (more IL-2 missions, or maybe pacific war ship attack or island bombing missions/ fighter-bomber support missions such as on Iwo Jima). Thanks for reading, Have a nice day.
  12. Hello. So I was looking at this footage of Capt. Walter L. Flagg strafing a German airfield and I noticed that some bullets would deviate a lot. It happens troughout the whole video but its very flagrant at the 40 sec mark. Why is this, and would it ever be represented in game ? Im just curious.
  13. If anyone care to do a scripted campaign. Here is a detailed flying log book, from 43-44 in a P-47. I was thinking since the P-47 is available in the game, maybe someone would want to work on that. http://www.americanairmuseum.com/sites/default/files/media/media-23856.pdf (I also posted this in Historical data as I was not sure wich thread to post it in)
  14. Hello ! Here you can find the flying log Book of Cpt. Ogden who flew during 43-44. I was thinking to put this here if anyone would care to make a scripted campaign about him. I think I made this thread in the right place but if not, please let me know and I will delete and re-post it at the right place. http://www.americanairmuseum.com/sites/default/files/media/media-23856.pdf
  15. Sea Dragons campaign IS THE BEST of all IL-2 BoS franchise. To be fair, I haven't played much of the others, but I just really hate playing as Fighter plane since the AI will simply go around in circles "ad vitam aeternam". I am throughout my first game right now, I think Im at mission 7 ? ( We just finished moving to Anapa airfield and Im at the next mission ). I am doing those as the pilot, next, I will do it as the rear gunner ! So yeah, what I love is that we are an attack airplane, hence we dont have to actually go around circles chasing other planes. Big Thanks to Blacksix for those, I wish I had the patience and skills to create such missions. I tried once and I know how hard it is. Playing as a IL-2 Sturmovik is so much fun. Flying trough Flak and trying to search for Artillery to destroy, while trying to keep my squad alive. I hope to see more from Blacksix, especially in the Bodenplatte that is coming, nothing like pursuing a retreating axis forces with IL-2s and recreating scenes that you read in "The Forgotten Soldier" ( German divisions being constantly assaulted by IL-2s with rarely any axis air forces present ) Anyway I could go on and on, but I believe the future of IL-2 Sturmovik single player experience lies in those missions where you dont have to attack a mindless AI plane. Im very excited for the future as well, maybe one day we can participate in huge B-17 formations en-route to Berlin ?! Edit : Worth taking note that I have been enjoying that campaign in full VR ( rift). And while I dont have the nice graphic card to support it ( GTX 980), its still working, Im having 30 FPS at the lowest settings, and the view is a bit blurry , but hell its still a blast !! I really feel Im in the action. Will definitly re-visit the other campaigns. Also as a side note, I wish those were co-op able. Would be awesome to have 1 to 4 players play as the same squadron.
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