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  1. Possible suggestion for both versions of EMG. Could we be allowed to choose the folder for the mission to be created in if possible please? Only got tank crew today and came straight here to get the tank version of your great utility but would like to be able to keep aircraft and tank missions in their own location without having to manually move things around each time a new mission is created.
  2. Don't forget Operation Varsity......I believe this was bigger than Arnhem and also the last major airborne operation of the war
  3. Possibly you are not using the Kuban Autumn map? That is the only map and season converted by the mod. Everything else will still look green and European.
  4. Reshade 4.6.1 works for me but I am pretty sure I read here somewhere that later versions had trouble. Blocking it is a server side setting I believe.
  5. There is setting about how badly a player character can be wounded. I think it defaults to major wound as worst case. You can change it to be death is really death if you like or no effect at the other end of the spectrum. If you are wounded you need to take leave in the campaign - during which the campaign clock advances without you taking part. It's under the campaign preferences for each individual campaign
  6. Perhaps flip the idea around and always display the latest page first and then allow you to page backwards into history? Just thinking it may be easier code wise to reverse the sorting than add a button.
  7. I don't believe you will from past experience. A suggestion would be to make a backup copy of your PWCG folder and if it goes wrong you can always revert.
  8. I guess that sounds like the A20 couldn't be set up like this as it doesn't have a 1 or 2 station large bomb load out for you to swap out for 1 or 2 torps.
  9. All good. Actually the allied aircraft we have which was used operationally as a torp bomber was the A20. Probably could use the He111 torp too
  10. Operation Varsity down in the Emmerich - Wesel area late March 1945 on the Rhineland map is another large airborne operation with lots of fighter and fighter bomber support. Actual drop was March 24 just outside Wesel to the N and NW of the town. I assume there was an increase in fighter bomber and recon activity leading up to the operation plus probably level bombing raids against transport junctions etc further into Germany to help disrupt and prevent reinforcements and supplies moving up to the area of the landing Shame (I think) there isn't any plans to add gliders as a loadout
  11. Thanks for the explanation, not that I'm likely to try something like Rowdy but especially as I had no idea it's good to get more detail
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