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  1. Not really a bug but more of a tweak request if it is possible. Created a coop air-start mission yesterday and we found that when we arrived in cockpit that the human aircraft were so close that mid airs took place before we could do anything. Even on the second try while we avoided immediate fatalities at least half of the human aircraft were damaged in some way. Is there any way to spawn in with a bit more space between aircraft for an air start? It's not urgent as recreating it as a runway start worked around the issue but would be a nice to have. Definitely a fantastic utility and a must have for anyone flying IL2, thanks.
  2. Yeah Patrick said that for now you needed to start on the runway. I'm finding I cannot access an existing campaign. A new one seems fine however.
  3. I'm trying to upgrade to 6.3.0 from the previous version and bring a Tempest campaign forward to the new version as part of the process. I'm getting an error trying to access the existing campaign: Error log attached. Perhaps it isn't handling the change in maps? Is there an edit I can try or is a restart required? Thanks PWCGErrorLog.7zip
  4. Thanks again Patrick! Just a suggestion (and correction) while I remember it - one of the main Tempest units around that period of time was 486 SQD RNZAF. Along with 3 and 56 SQD RAF they were 122 Tempest Wing 2TAF. The first 122 wing base for Tempests on the continent was 28/9/1944 at Grimbergen just north of Brussels. From there I believe 122 Wing moved to Vokel in Holland around October 1 1944 where I think they remained until early (?) April 1945 when they moved to Rheine-Hopsten in Germany and then as the war was ending to Fassberg in May with VE day being the 8th of May. I don't believe 122 Wing was based at Evere while flying Tempests where you place 56 squadron. 486 might be a good squadron to include in the final Bodenplatte line up for PWCG anyway. I don't really understand why the devs didn't include it as one of the official squadrons as it had a lot of well known pilots belong to it. It was one of the few squadrons that were air borne on Jan 1 1945 when Bodenplatte actually took place and was called back off their briefed mission to act as air defence shooting down 2 FW190s over Eindhoven. It was extremely busy for a time after that until the Allied aircraft destroyed by Bodenplatte were replaced as it was one of the few squadrons with it's aircraft intact. PS I think that Evere was 132 Wing from about 6/9/44 flying Spits until they too moved up further as the front moved.
  5. Thanks Patrick, so where do I control the % chance of a ground attack mission? or is it internally 80/20 for fighters? In particular for the campaign I am running the main human pilot squadron is a Tempest squadron and typically they tended more to air to air missions on the whole. So I would like to cut back on the ground attack missions. If they did do ground attack it was more targets of opportunity or airfield shoot ups than a briefed concentration of troops (that was the Typhoon's job) Additionally the ones I have been getting have Spit9s as escort whereas in real life it would have been the other way around is there any way to avoid such a situation? Thanks again!
  6. Quick question please for anyone able to answer. Can someone give me an idea of how the Fighter Mission Types under advance campaign config break down into actual missions? I know some are self explanatory like escort or CAP will result in an air to air mission but how do the others line up? Patrol seems to be similar to CAP except for altitude and will be an A2A mission as does intercept. Are Offensive mission types always A2G missions? Balloon missions are non WW2 so would always be 0%.
  7. Not sure if it is a Il2 or a PWCG issue but a Tempest Bodenplatte coop campaign for which I am hosting the missions I am told by people joining that they do not see the mission briefing text. See image for example from client viewpoint. Same mission I had a simple 3 or 4 line briefing specifying a strike on a troop concentration. Possibly since there seems to be a disconnect between the maps ( I see Dragonov and they seem to see Ophoven on the briefing map) it might be resolved when you release the campaign on the real Bodenplatte map. <SOLUTION> I discovered that converting the mission to msnbin solved the missing text issue for clients.
  8. May well be wrong but I thought the 9th TAC had 3 groups of P38s in a fighter bomber role and 1 in specialised recce post D-Day through to around the time of Bodenplatte? So I believe they were historically definitely there but also definitely not in the same numbers as P47 or P51 groups. Pretty sure the majority of US fighter bomber groups were P47s.
  9. Thank you! Question for you Patrick or anyone else who may know - if I want to simulate a busy set of months in the campaign, say the summer months, can I set the min number of days between missions to 0 with say a max additional of 1 without breaking things? Just don't want to muck up the campaign in progress. Also a request for a version of PWCG down the track if it is not already there - it would be nice to be able to set the average skill of the AAA gunners particularly thinking of late war Axis gunners who were very good at their job usually.
  10. I am at work so can't check at present but I understand a hotfix for the coop issue has been released. Also draw Muddyn's attention to this tool which is very useful for quick generation of one off missions. Different purpose to the excellent PWCG but sounds like what you may be after.
  11. Co-op currently appears to be broken and for most people the symptom is trying to join a aircraft slot on a server and then being stuck in "please wait loading". Workaround for most is to create dogfight missions and just fly one side. Hoping to see a fix soon. SP seems to work fine. sample of bug description
  12. Really enjoying this tool a great deal thank you for allowing us to use it. I did find one odd thing which may or may not be a bug. Because I had only chosen random so far for the scenario I had no idea you could customise the mission set up for things like starting on the ramp v's in the air until I saw a screen shot a few posts up. I tried clicking the red star and black cross without success but eventually found that the parameters only become available after you click on a scenario other than random. Once you have done that you can also set things as you want while still having a random scenario. Now the red star and black cross hide and unhide the parameters. When I restart EMG I get the same situation. The weather and plane buttons always work however. Thanks again!!
  13. Seems to be having a hiccup in the pictorial representation of the flight plan for a ground attack mission against a troop concentration. Generated but haven't flown this mission, as you can see the target final approach to target final egress seems to go via the landing approach if you believe the map. Probably doesn't in the mission. I was expecting to see a line joining target final approach to target final egress. If anything was in between I thought I would get perhaps an attack waypoint at the target location. P47D fighter coop campaign if that makes any difference. I did move the movable waypoints to make it easier to see. FYI the in game briefing map
  14. Pretty sure you are seeing a known "feature" which has been present for a long while. Can't really remember for sure and someone will no doubt fill in the details but I think it is something to do with how the game works with PWCG rather than a bug on Patrick's side. I believe he knows about it and hopes to workaround it sometime when he has a solution.
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