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  1. Use it all the time (at least for smoke and search lights. I turned off the units spawning as it was mucking up my PWCG coop missions) and it works fine here.
  2. Yes it does but I found you need to be careful that only the host uses the mod and also you need to look for and update a line network = false to be network = true. See a post by me on the first page of the thread circa Feb 5. I included an example in attachment. If all players use the mod you'll grind things to a halt quickly as everyone causes smoke etc to be spawned. If everyone uses the mod and you don't use network = true then each player will see a different instance of smoke etc. We discovered that quickly because someone saying something like the "tank to the north of the big smoke" was of no use as the smoke only appeared in the right spot to the person generating it. If network = true and only the host uses the mod (ie spawns the effects) then everyone in the mission sees the same thing and performance is not an issue unless you go silly with the density of the effects.
  3. No457_Stonehouse

    The Sun

    Sorry LizLemon, I understand how to use JSGME etc without problem but I don't know the correct directory structure to use to create the mod folder for what you've supplied. eg I'm guessing it will be data\graphics\something Could you please advise? Thanks
  4. I think perhaps competitive co-op is as close as you can get at present. It will run as per a co-op mission though so participants would need to be in mission at the start etc. ie you won't get the dogfight mission functionality of join in progress and respawn etc.
  5. Quick question. If I have a custom graphics setup (eg modified ultra) via the menu will this new preset file override any of my settings? Thanks
  6. Think you'll find that 77SQD was RAAF. They converted to Meteors eventually. https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C43751 http://www.adf-serials.com.au/2a68c.htm
  7. Link not happy - at least from my end. Comes up as missing download.
  8. Sorry I see the same thing. I finally got a spare 10 mins this evening to double check and it's the same in vanilla and effects mod on and obviously I haven't noticed how long the trails from the rounds continue on for. Maybe something for you to tweak? Anyway thanks for the new effects, very nice
  9. Hi Patrick, Trying to continue a co-op campaign and have copied over the campaign folder but the campaign entry on the initial PWCG screen is greyed out. Do I need to bring over additional files from the BosData folder as well? eg contents of User folder perhaps? Do I need anything else? Thanks
  10. Looks great thank you, a nice discovery for my Sunday fun. Just out of curiosity, would this convert to co-op? Something like this would be fantastic with a small group of friends.
  11. The effects look good but I think the changes might have impacted smoke trails from aircraft rounds being fired as well. I did a test quick mission in a Tempest and in the outside view on firing the smoke trails from the individual rounds seem to be lasting way too long. I'll try to give it another go later on vanilla v's this mod and check to be sure.
  12. We currently have a modified mkII sight which was only used on early Tempests. The mkIII projector sight was fitted to Tempests from approx. Feb 1944 and is the correct sight for Bodenplatte era aircraft. It would be good if the MkIII sight could be added as a modification as was done for the K14 and the P-51. See here for brief discussion
  13. Thanks Bert - I believe you have posted the pages I was seeing quotes from. In particular the point that the MkIII had only a single control ring (where we have 2) and that we have a ring and range bars whereas the MkIII had a ring and dot with two modes - one for ground attack and one for air. Then on page 161 where the comment is made regarding it's use in the Tempest. Other articles I have seen floating about talk about the puzzling fact that even though the Tempest was the best low-med alt fighter in the RAF late war it used the MkIII right through the war only getting the gyro sight shortly after it was all over while Spitfires and other aircraft got the gyro sights before the war finished. The anti dazzle shield shown in your pic was removable by the way and judging by pics it seems like it was often left off. This left off leaves the projector lens that makes up the top of the sight exposed and looks somewhat like the top of the sight we have in game which is why I wasn't sure about what we had. It seems very probable that we have the wrong sight for the Bodenplatte era Tempest. Someone I was flying with last night actually reckons if you move your view in cockpit forward and sort of look back you actually see a plate on the sight saying MkII. Hopefully there is enough data available for the MkIII to be offered as a modification as well as the later version of the Sabre engine before leaving early release or at least as a later patch. Hopefully the devs see this thread and consider it.
  14. I've been doing some reading and while I am not sure I think we have the modified mkII sight which was only on the early Tempests rather than the mkIII projector sights (it isn't gyro a sight) that were fitted to the series 2 Tempests by the time they were deployed to the Continent. If correct perhaps there should be a mkIII as a modification similar to the P-51 and the K14 if that was possible for the dev team to add? Main source of info for me has been quotes apparently taken from a book British Aircraft Armament Vol.2: Guns and Gunsights", by R Wallace Clarke but unfortunately I don't have access to a copy to check the source. Does anyone have any info either way?
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