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  1. Bump - really impacts PWCG as well. You either end up with generic skins for all or while you can manually set a skin for each of your own squadrons pilots you can't control the other squadrons so get complete mixtures on every other group of aircraft. This results in things like 16 identical B25s for you to escort or an enemy squadron with a different skin and colour scheme for each aircraft. Trying to get anything realistic is either extremely labour intensive or impossible.
  2. No problems at all. Like I said it was a passing thought. Cheers, Stonehouse
  3. Passing thought, it would be good to have some generic skins if possible as well as specific aircraft skins. eg a 2/JG27 skin which was for the guys other than Rodel. Wish there was something like the old auto populate side numbers thing we had in IL2 46 or something like the DCS bort number system.
  4. Thanks again Patrick for the effort. I think the change to using the ground war to drive the air war plus this last set which allows true escort missions has been a real game changer. Looking forward to seeing things like formations etc now things allow you to do it. For me personally that's about the last main missing thing as the big line astern bomber formations break immersion. In single player I'm running with really quite high density settings and there are times when all the air activity is quite amazing and without labels on you feel quite nervous when each sighting is made and ditto when you are coming into a large dogfight.
  5. Definitely found a fight with this version. Patrol over Antwerp at dawn flying with 486 in a 6 ship of Tempests at about 16000ft. Skipper spotted a flight of FW190s mixed A5s and 8s sneaking in from the sea at low level. Our flight broke and went down and engaged with a very hairy fight at low level in the not quite light making it really hard to see and identify targets. I managed to get one as did one of the other guys but we also lost one who went down on fire and was too low to bail out. I must say I am really looking forward to the next patch where you have a little more time at high Gs before loc occurs and not quite so prone to losing it on instantaneous G onset. Tiny bit of overcontrol in the Tempest at high speed and you are left with a black screen hoping to wake up before you lawn dart.
  6. We don't all live in the desert 😁 but you are very much right that there are a lot of very good beaches in constant use lol
  7. Not sure if this is of any use re colour. Noticed it while looking for aircraft types around the 1942-43 period of the DAF. Know nothing about geology but perhaps hilly areas have different mineral deposits to flats like this pic so there are colour changes. Although photo processing also has a big impact on colour as well. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205188529
  8. Ok odd. I would have expected something else. I checked the zip contents and you're right it has picked up the wrong mission for some reason. I had just assumed it would get the right one but somehow I must have done something which has screwed with the logic. Below is the mission which I believe matches the tac view video. PWCG.zip <edit> Not sure how it relates the error report grabbing the wrong mission but I have had several attempts at flying some of the campaign missions because of things interrupting and me deciding I might as well just exit the mission and shutdown because it'll be several hours or day later before I get a chance to try again. ie several goes at the same mission before doing the combat report. Maybe that has got PWCG confused? Campaign date seems ok when I just checked so not sure what is happening.
  9. Same issue Patrick. Error zip below including small vid of tacview playback of the critical moment. From tacview's point of view it appears that the disappearing FW190s are destroyed. Could it be your code for cleaning up distant aircraft causing grief? If I get time later today after work I will try reflying the mission/rebuild another with Advanced Config\MissionLimits\Use Plane deletion set to 0 instead of the default 1 and see if it makes a difference. Note that the attached is using custom sqd jsons I posted about a week ago and that I'm flying for 486 sqd. SP campaign. 202010131410219.zip
  10. Possibly you are still uploading the new files but just in case things are snafued fyi that the website still points at 11.2.0 not 11.3.0 Thank you once again for a new version
  11. Just an fyi for people - the mods at and perhaps don't seem to be part of effects v4 so I assume you can add them after effects v4 in JSGME if you like them. Not sure if meplanes felt they were superseded by v4 or not.
  12. Only SD sorry, also demonstrates some of meplane1969's effects mods
  13. Not sure if it helps you since it is black and white. Google Katyusha rocket truck or launcher.
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