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  1. Only really noticed this because I scrubbed a few missions looking for an intercept style one. If you have a large group of players having to reselect the same players before each mission is a bit clunky. I guess it will only strike you badly if you are scrubbing missions looking for a particular one at the moment but could be a pain even if just creating several missions in an evening for a largish group as it is easy to leave someone out by accident for instance and then force you have to regenerate a mission to include them possibly losing a mission that you really liked the look of. If possible perhaps for each campaign, keep track of the selected pilots from the prior mission flown and use them as defaults for the next? I think in an ideal world the right hand list would be already built for the next mission and the users in the right hand list to be also ticked. Then at worst I might have to add one or two new people or deselect someone in the right hand list. Unless I'm doing it wrong - at the moment you have to tick the users you want in the left list and then accept them to move them to the right and then either do a select all or tick each one. I think I recall someone already saying this but a go back to prior screen would be a handy addition to the mission user selection screen so you don't have to scrub the mission or create a new one just to navigate back. Anyway no bugs, just low priority quality of life stuff.
  2. Bit short of people in our group at present but have copied across a coop campaign for tempests and will give it a shot. May only get a few missions in a week though due to real life pressures
  3. My opinion only obviously but would make it an option rather than a default. The largest part of the charm of this generator is that you know your objective and everything else is a surprise. Just like real life...…..
  4. I think the main point in time was Stalingrad. I think the outcome of this series of battles was a major disaster for the Italian air force units and the survivors were withdrawn afterwards. So probably you are looking at around 1942-early 43 and the Stalingrad map. Searches for the two Gruppo and Stalingrad and Operation Saturn should bring up info for you. I don't have any specific info about air operations sorry. Perhaps there are Italian language references out there and people to translate for you but unfortunately that isn't me.
  5. Only thing close that comes to mind is I believe there were some USAAF shuttle raids that hit a target over on the Eastern side of Third Reich territory and overnighted on a Russian airbase and then did another raid the next day and landed back in England. I think I recall the Russian base was within our map set but can't be sure. I'll try to find the info when I have a sec or probably someone else can provide/confirm it quicker. As Frankyboy mentioned for the RAF/RAAF you'd need new maps. <edit> No I had misremembered. The airfields used were to the west of the Kuban map in Ukraine. However Allied command had planned to locate 3 full bomb groups in Soviet territory (but never did and discontinued the shuttle raids due to losses and attacks on the Ukrainian airfields) so I guess you could do hypothetical USAAF missions on Kuban without completely stretching the facts to breaking point.
  6. I think the taxiways and runways on concrete strips also got some treatment. Been looking around and some of the end results were pretty amazing (although probably beyond the scope of reskinning) https://twistedsifter.com/2012/01/camouflage-cali-hiding-air-bases-factories-plants-netting-wwii/ http://patrickbaty.co.uk/2011/10/05/wartime-camouflage-colours/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fmTT61hqYw
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macchi_C.202#Eastern_Front_operations Look up 21 & 22 Gruppo. For sure there are better references than Wikipedia out there. But you are right in thinking it was limited operations. Most of their service was in North Africa and the defence of Sicily and Italy.
  8. I don't have any pictures really but articles/documents I've read suggest that the main method was extensive camouflage netting. I don't how you will achieve that look with a skin for the building however. Also temporary airfields used converted farm buildings (see pic in blog link) eg's of references https://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2016/12/luftwaffe-hangars-shelters-and-airfield.html http://www.ww2.dk/Airfields - Netherlands.pdf http://www.ww2.dk/Airfields - Belgium and Luxembourg.pdf pic https://il2freemodding.createaforum.com/place-holder/httpsi-postimg-ccmzccqj30martlesham-1944-zpsa79fae38-jpg/?message=518;PHPSESSID=3272541e5817cb9966614ce700845971
  9. Use it all the time (at least for smoke and search lights. I turned off the units spawning as it was mucking up my PWCG coop missions) and it works fine here.
  10. Yes it does but I found you need to be careful that only the host uses the mod and also you need to look for and update a line network = false to be network = true. See a post by me on the first page of the thread circa Feb 5. I included an example in attachment. If all players use the mod you'll grind things to a halt quickly as everyone causes smoke etc to be spawned. If everyone uses the mod and you don't use network = true then each player will see a different instance of smoke etc. We discovered that quickly because someone saying something like the "tank to the north of the big smoke" was of no use as the smoke only appeared in the right spot to the person generating it. If network = true and only the host uses the mod (ie spawns the effects) then everyone in the mission sees the same thing and performance is not an issue unless you go silly with the density of the effects.
  11. No457_Stonehouse

    The Sun

    Sorry LizLemon, I understand how to use JSGME etc without problem but I don't know the correct directory structure to use to create the mod folder for what you've supplied. eg I'm guessing it will be data\graphics\something Could you please advise? Thanks
  12. I think perhaps competitive co-op is as close as you can get at present. It will run as per a co-op mission though so participants would need to be in mission at the start etc. ie you won't get the dogfight mission functionality of join in progress and respawn etc.
  13. Quick question. If I have a custom graphics setup (eg modified ultra) via the menu will this new preset file override any of my settings? Thanks
  14. Think you'll find that 77SQD was RAAF. They converted to Meteors eventually. https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C43751 http://www.adf-serials.com.au/2a68c.htm
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