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  1. 2.44 is released. Changes to the IL-2 profile: Added option to reverse orientation of China Hat as RPM/Pitch control (Warthog). Added selectable option to use TARGET-based progressive trim instead of in-game trim (useful for Flying Circus).
  2. Last night I updated the DNS address for CTS. Please run the CTS updater as a normal update. This should pull the new DNS into the config file before the old DNS address expires. You'll know you were successful if the first line reads "DNS Update" in the text once you finish the update. If you read this post after the old DNS is no longer valid, you can simply re-download the installer and install to the same folder.
  3. Hi Pat, I've been playing with your campaign generator and absolutely love the work you've put into it. The ability to fly a dynamic coop campaign is a new dimension to this sim, and one that has made a few converts (especially with the leap year sale right now). One request that I have is to permit PWCG to save the mission to a folder other than the root missions folder. Even better would be to assign the folder based on the selected campaign, so multiple ongoing campaigns could optionally each have their own folder. The big reason for this request is that I set up the writable PWCG folders on my dropbox and symlinked them to my gaming rig and server (also shared between anyone else who might administer a mission). I would like to be able to be on my gaming rig, talk about how to set up a coop mission with my participants, generate the mission, then have the mission pushed to my dropbox (again symlinked) so it would appear on my server or the pc of anyone else who wished to host. Doing this with the entire mission folder is unwieldy. Besides, this just adds an element of flexibility and organization for people who run multiple campaigns. Keep up the great work! -HF
  4. Everyone, When I put together the 2.43 build, apparently I zigged when I should have zagged, and some old files made it into the mix. Go ahead and run the CTS Updater to get the latest versions of all files.
  5. FYI, version 2.42 works just fine with IL-2 4.002. Version 2.43 adds the dive mode and contact altimeter setting; this is currently in beta testing.
  6. Version 2.42 is released. It is compatible with IL-2 4.001b with no required changes to keymappings. Change Log (IL-2 related items): Switched RPM and Mixture axis mapping on Pinky Switch (Warthog). Applied Mixture axis curve when Combat Throttle is selected and Pinky Switch is Forward (Warthog). Added option to map Flaps to Boat Switch when APPATH enabled (Warthog).
  7. I actually use mouse emulation in my TARGET profile, but I'm putting forth the suggestion anyway.
  8. This suggestion is twofold, but can be implemented as a single improvement Rather than replacing the existing custom_photo.dds with our own photo, I would like the option to select from multiple custom photos. This way we could select photos without having to replace an existing stock file. Have the custom photos available in shared folders common to the aircraft (e.g. folders for axis, allied, and common). Allow us to select photos from those folders based on our selected aircraft, with common applying to both axis and allied. Not only does this allow us to create our own photos and have multiple options for selection, but it also means that we don't have to manually change every photo on every aircraft we fly.
  9. 2.41 Hotfix 1 is up. It fixes some incorrect database entries and the Cougar throttle curve for IL-2 Tank Crew.
  10. The 2.41 release is now available, and includes both IL-2 Great Battles as well as a Tank Crew specific profile. Links to the installer are available in the original post.
  11. Two big things for me: Allow joystick control of the turret Make the TC sight and visor bindings independent of the aircraft sight and visor bindings. This way we could use analog axes for the sight range and horizontal offset without having it affect our flying. To clarify: right now if I set the tank sight range to a throttle axis, then adjusting my throttle in an aircraft will also cause my sight range on a gyro sight to adjust as well. At least the TC sight and visor bindings should be separated from the aircraft bindings.
  12. Hi Jollyjack, Thanks for your interest in the profile. When I built it, I assigned separate axes for RPM, Mixture, common throttle, and engines 1 and 2. These axes are selectable using the fuel flow switches and the pinky switch on the throttle. I left the friction lever for FOV zoom. Doing the math, that means that every throttle axis is spoken for, and you will need to use a separate controller for rudders. You could manually substitute the friction lever to rudder from FOV zoom, but you won't be able to use the microstick as you do now. To answer your question, the profile supports the Cougar MFDs, which also allows me to add functionality without having to shoehorn every single keystroke onto the HOTAS.
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