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  1. I don't know what to say, totally unexpected, thanks you , I still believe is way too much! I am not good at receiving gifts so I was deciding what to do & took to long to answer! Again, thanks so much, It was not necessary! ha ha, Happy Canada Day!
  2. I dont have a credit card to buy from here, I wish I had. That's why I am trying to take advantage of buy the game in steam (I don't need a credit card there) There is any chance that we can make this work?. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, I hope there is away, I already put money on my steam wallet & the offers are amazing
  4. Hello everyone, I am trying to buy Battle of Kuban from STEAM, but I don't own Battle of stalingrad STEAM version (I have the standalone version) How should I prodicide to buy Battle of Kuban from Steam? (I want to take the opportunities with the summer offers :D) Thanks for your time! PD: I am not sure If this is the right place to make this Topic, mods move It If is wrong! Thanks!
  5. Hello pilots! I want to change the soundtrack & background "battle" sounds from the main menu. I have a couple of questions, There is a way to do this? Where I can look for It? It will prevent me from connecting to multiplayer servers? Thanks a lot!
  6. This is a huge problem too, But I would say let's wait until the distance improvement comes up. Maybe most of this problem will be more less eaningful in comparson
  7. Still the same problem after reinstalling, any Ideas?
  8. Wow, I didn't knew this. Thanks a lot for sharing!. I can't wait to see It implemented
  9. I know this is an old topic, but can we talk again about It? I started to play the game once more. But Its frustating the low visibility range. Planes appear & desappear from nowhere, you can sometimes even see planes "freezed" in mid air before disappearing. As a bomber you can't predict any incoming attack because even If you pay attention to your sorroundings you can be engage at any time be a ghost fighters from nowhere. Sames goes as a defender. Is almost imposible to spot a bomber, you can't only see It when is already to late to defend ground units, you just can do a revenge manueaver.
  10. Hello, I Installed the game. When I launch It, the game loads but when I have to sign In, the game freezes. I can't do anything except killing the program with the task. There is something I can do to fix the problem?
  11. I did a couple of missions in the last hours. I have no problems since, so probably I dropped by accident or the menu trolled me, thanks for bother guys! v44n!
  12. No Sadly I didn't, but I will try with different payloads to see If I have the same problem
  13. Hello Guys, I got a problem maybe you guys knows what happend, I flew the He111 3 times with a payload of 2, 1.8 ton bomb. During the missions I ussualy check the Bomb sight to prepare everything for a level bombing for my suprise the 3 times for some reason I didnt have the bombs. My second mission I checked If I had the bombs before takeoff (I had them). In all missions I went to target & I tryed to bomb the target anyways, I though that maybe It was a bug on the bomb sight or something but no, no bombs dropped. Seems like they are bugged or I am missing something? (Of course I didn't drop them by accident) Thanks for your time! v44n!
  14. Funny how IL-2 devs never warned us to not buy from keystores... even they gived "tips" for people who bought the game outside their website or steam.
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