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  1. [Edited] Keep politics off these boards.
  2. Oh I see, so this was you BM? Yeah, I'll show myself the door - no worries.
  3. Think I shall stay away from any Italian squadron.
  4. For "old" users you might need to delete \1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\cache folder. I had some seriously bad textures on the planes until I did. Anyone able to drop bombs from Martlet/Trop or have I found a minor bug? Edit: Oh btw, whomever made the Tomahawk cockpit - you are a star. Sweet office, might make me prefer this over the Martlet (impossible)
  5. Love the map already, even the defensive positions around Bardia is there. Sweet! Will be many fun hours singeplayer style. Great Job TFS!
  6. Landscape is really nice. That sound when the 109 hit the ground at 5:05, is that new or is it just that I never down enemy aircrafts?
  7. Been watching his IL2GB, Tank Crew and Cold Waters finding the P51 campaign was a great one with superb intro's with his very pleasant voice/style. I highly recommend his channel.
  8. Reset those "Free Hunt" WP's to normal flight and he should have a go at you. I've stopped using "Free Hunt" as I've started to suspect it's Russian-English thing and maybe the "Hunt" part isn't really what it does.
  9. 25. Livery system with very small jpg's only and the game adds all other layers (even my 5 year old kid style skins looks faitly good). 26. ME save a group to file such as an AAA site with multiple different units to easily add saved site template in other places. 27. Has the Hawker Hurricane 28. Spawn in sub-missions into already running mission (or just spawn in new flights on the go as needed) 29. Simple but genious mission file easily edited in notepad etc. 30. Memorized GUI so for mission makers starting the same mission 60 times an evening (maybe that's just me) one can just press Enter, Enter, Enter all over and the same SP mission fires up. 31. Oleg.
  10. VR users really has become the vegans of flightsims. Sweet frigging Moses how annoying it starts to become.
  11. First one is He-115 torpedo bomber (also used by Norway and Sweden among others). Second one is Supermarine Walrus, great to spawn in for pilots ejecting over water. Both are AI only.
  12. Using Visual C# (2010 in my case) you can reference the various DLL's and see all available objects. (unless I totally missed the essence of your question)
  13. Thanks for that Martlet link Buzzaw. I got a bit surprised by this note: Gotta love that stubby little thing 😄 If you all don't mind I will no go hide from BM.
  14. My most probable order of tries: Martlet Tomahawk Dewiotine C.202 CR.42 Bf-108 Wellington (torpedo run)
  15. Only problem with the Defiant was that by WW2 the battlefield was infront of the pilot, not behind (but I have been slapped in the face by one while flying Bf110 in Dover, but I am generally an utterly useless pilot)
  16. The devteam sure likes their job. Those sweet reflections and the metal finish on the Jug sure would look perfect on a MiG-15 and the F-86. Just saying
  17. DynMis R6 is pretty old Arthur. The last non-exe version I found on my drive is this attached R10. I tried a G.50 sqn and flew to Manston TARCAP'ing Ju88's coming in from Belgium and it seems to work pretty ok. Mind you this was originally built for a RAF Spitfire squadron flying from Rochford (Hornchurch satellite) and all other sub-versions has been slapped on during a pretty long process, blue side in particular (and my God the code isnt pretty today). DynMis R10.zip
  18. Planning to start a IL-2 career on Moscow and read somewhere you can fiddle with settings to have more friendly fighters at frontline area that possibly can reduce how often one gets chased all way home, some density or whatnot. Could be useful to experiment with and try a few 5 missions to see if helps before going for the "real" career.
  19. I'm sure my grandchildren will be excited.
  20. Slightly offtopic but please tell me it's a Chance Hardman Adventure series mission? (Sorry, can't help with your actual question)
  21. Enjoyed that brief American humor, keep it coming Stay safe in your bunker while I start to learn the P-47 for future use. (if you're a lousy shooter, I have no name for my marksmanship - I'm still convinced the exe has hardcoded "if shooterIsOden then miss")
  22. Fantastic effort by all involved. I tip my hat in your general direction and say "Tack så mycket".
  23. or temporary due to DCS 2.5.6 major flustercluck.
  24. Really nice one SARFlytitus. Depending on how much effort you want to put into this Swedish Divisions (Squadrons) were color coded in Red, Blue and Yellow. First batch went to F 16 (Upplands flygflottilj) 161.div Petter Röd, 1945-1952: in red 162.div Petter Blå, 1945-1952: in blue 163.div Petter Gul, 1945-1952: in yellow. Second batch armed F 4 (Jämtlands flygflottilj) 41.div David Röd, 1947-1953: in red 42.div David Blå, 1947-1953: in blue 43.div David Gul, 1947-1953: in yellow Later on some were modified for PR and flew up north for F 21 (Norrbottens flygflottilj) 211.div Urban Röd, 1949-1954: in red (had both S 26 x12 and the twin-engined S 18 x10) As SwAF switched to jet fighters a handful Mustangs were placed at SFA (Stabens flygavdelning) in 1953/54 located at F 8 Barkarby sporting a green color code (the color of a wings 4th division) on usual spinner/tail-letter but also, against regulations, the wing number (8)
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