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  1. Could it be, that you're a multiplayer airquaker?
  2. How hard is it to see that being a mission-maker thing, not the sim itself?
  3. I feel sad for Scotland but so impressed by Japan at the same time - well worth victory to be honest. Used to play 14 before I moved back to fullback but my God, I could never run half that fast as the Japanese Wing, a typhoon as Swing just said.
  4. Good good, if I ever find out that someone is doing a typhoon "what-if" scenario in his house 4500 miles away from me my whole sim-experience will be ruined and I will probably uninstall the product.
  5. theOden

    DCS news

    And looking at ED website is heavily censored content, go read reddit/hoggit for the full picture.
  6. theOden


    Quite doable in 1946 using BAT. Flying both Korean and Six-Day War missions currently.
  7. You do realize you will get hunted down by the realism-sandanistaz here since she didn't exist in 1944?
  8. I saw 15 threads below this one where you haven't posted this yet, you might wanna hurry up.
  9. Scotland going like steamrollers! https://www.bbc.com/sport/live/rugby-union/49516041
  10. I'll cheer for Scotland (pls surprise me this year) and Springboks (yes, they will win 2019, I can see into the future - trust me, I'm not from Wall Street).
  11. If you find one with PVO in its name I'd suggest you go with that one. Still getting fighter-bomber missions you should drop your expectation of such a campaign experience.
  12. That one looked fun in a weird way Tomcat. Noticed it seems active in US timezone only so i'd better fire up my Swedish Karoliner in Empire and wait for 1776 to happen.
  13. theOden

    DCS news

    Yeah bzc3lk, but that one says Fighting Falcon, we're getting the Viper. So I've been told 😄 Oh, and it's year 2007 too, very importanter (it seems). Don't anyone dare trying to fly any What-if's scenarios in a dark room at home with closed door, so many very important "been working all my life on F-16C" will get a cardiac arrest if you do. I'd assume there will only be 1 livery for this one too, the one used in 2007 - or the whole module will become fake, covfefe style (see what I did there?). Flight simmer community goes more weird by the frigging week I tell you. Thank frigging God and the rambling Israelites for singleplayer. <insert numerous words not allowed here to get the complete picture of this post>
  14. IIRC you need to choose either WaW or JetAge etc. before starting IL2 using the "IL Selector".
  15. Great News, will fly his Gladiators in North Africa again if/when it shows up.
  16. You seem very confident they haven't, Hunger.
  17. Reading the pro-MP posters here clearly shows MP is about kicking butts being crap-hot e-pilot. As a singleplayer dude I'm more mission oriented and really don't care if I down another player or AI as long as my flight completes the mission assigned. Such missions is only to be found in coop-MP and that is not available in BoX in practise from what I've seen/read. What you all describe above it what goes under the term "AirQuake". Coop is dependent on the private team's mission builder guy (one or two usually) and with only a select few able to handle the mission editor that era died fast with BoX.
  18. Thank you BAT team (and one extra java-wall-thank-you to Storebror) for one helluva effort once again.
  19. I feel this part runs under "if it's hard to simulate let's make it ultra hard and everyone will scream - WOW it so realistic" (and [edited] not they sure did). Ground Loop and mission editor is is top 2 what keeps me from trying this sim more than once every two months.
  20. Correct. At best, something getting close to a good SP mission would be multiplayer Coop with like-minded. Sadly the coop MP has been all forgotten and thrown in the bin by all current simgame producers. I guess bling-bling is easier and as such less expensive to produce compared to AI decisions. Would love to see the sales figuers between BoS and BoM, the difference in them between is most surely all SP and coop players.
  21. I would support a "First attempt" just getting Pacific out the door. If it is insanely hard to find info to backup data in the simgame I can't see any complainers being able to back their claims up anyhow. If lucky, a Pacific installment just might lure some experts here to point out some "best guess implementations" are wrong and even having the docs to back it up - all good next patch. Amazing how hard some guys have to keep on topic reading the posts above this.
  22. It's scanning the event.log and recreates the mission with new targets, reduce squadron available planes etc and recreates frontline once mission end is detected so you just fly the same mission again and again until victory targets have been captured and lots more but this is not the thread to hijack I guess
  23. This is not the case. I'm currently building dynmis for 1946 in a standalone app (my first in c-sharp! oh the holy mother of bugs)
  24. haha you old farts! I'm only 51. young, agile, smooth, strong.. erh wait..
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