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  1. Ouch, my bad I guess, could make that check a little more elegant. Alter your line to have space on each side of =. Still, this should just be a heads-up and I'd take a guess that the mission files are created but Tobruk is required (or you will not see the mission in Single menu).
  2. I've actually noticed the same flying from offmap base in France, one 109 after the other did a RTB for not apparent reason. Not sure if it relates to patch 13 but I do not think I've seen this before. Maybe I've done something bad calculating starting fuel level for offbase but I've done that before and they dropped like bricks before I adjusted my little mistake.
  3. I'll try to recreate the error flying 4./JG53 and see what I might find. I see it is the CreateAirgroup which is very much more complicated in Dover compared to 1946. Thanks for reporting. Btw, airstart will occur, no matter selection, for all airbases having a km-notice in their name since they are off map (you will also have less fuel). Edit: Ok, found the bug. The latest addition for "what-if" squadrons opened for not yet active squadrons to be selected (RAF 145 Sqn switching to SpitIIa in 1941 etc.). While testing 4./JG53 over Britain I also noted that escort missions weren't really stellar so I've updated that code too. First post updated with latest. (and I'll try to remove the interim verision a few posts earlier) Keep flying dear betatesters
  4. Beaufighter F and C added for player selection only (not used by mission engine as AI flights to keep historical setup for those who prefer such) First post is still original - unable to update that one due to file size limit.
  5. Hi MuiMui, I can't see why it should behave like this since you seem to have all the needed files in place. Can you open the ".briefing" file and check it's readable similar like below? Maybe it's a localisation issue (I'm pretty new to this c-sharping stuff still). [Info] Info <Slide> DynMisCompassmain.jpg <Caption> DynMis Operation Compass <Slide> DynMisCompassthin.jpg <Caption> Operation Compass 14.January 1941 [Mission] <Name> Mission <Description> Operation Compass 14.January 1941 Halfaya, RAF 73 Sqn Situation Babini Group I Medium Tank Battalion attacks 6th Australian Division at Tobruk Fortress West RAF 274 Sqn attacks Italian 10th Army armor column at Tobruk Fortress West RAF 33 Sqn attacks Italian 10th Army armor column at Tobruk Fortress West
  6. Hi Stromboli, That seems to be the when both mission JPEG files are written to disk so possibly a permission issue. You get the same error no matter selected template I guess? I could try and compile a picture-less build for you but I suspect we will see a similar error when the actual mission files are to be written when you press "Start". Win10 or Win7? Edit: Try the attached binary. I've added a filepath line in dynmislog right before trying to export the picture, should work despite you getting an error on the lines after. Look in "Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover" for dynmislog.txt and check if my pathfinder might not work on your system. You should see something like below: Starting DynMis Main Picture: C:\Users\LG\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\single\DynMisFrancemain.jpg Thin Picture: C:\Users\LG\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\single\DynMisFrancethin.jpg dynmisDover.zip
  7. I had the intention once but can't get my head around that mission editor (and to be honest I have lots of work redoing the 1946 version leaving vanilla switching to B.A.T. along with another title not to be mentioned that are even further behind in features compared to Tobruk)
  8. Ground attack on enemy columns get their GATTACK_TARG wp right between the column starting spot and arrival at town with a reference to the column unit - maybe these are the missions they drop bombs in the middle of nowhere? I noticed a handful of such events in early development but I noticed a missing space in the mis-file waypoint line and had it work ok since. The AI is supposed to find the moving ground units but if they fail they usually bring the loadout back and drop all prior landing. Other occasions I've seen bombs dropped in nowhere is just when they've got bumped by enemy fighters and when entering landing area. If possible, next time you notice random bomb drops, alt-tab back to dynmis GUI and press stop-button to not have the missionfile overwritten when exiting the mission then have a look at it in the editor and check that the attack waypoint has the green line to enemy ground unit - or just PM me the mis-file and I'll have a look.
  9. Should be me that's done something wrong in that case I guess you didn't get any errors from the GUI but try to exit and press "Stop", "Rebuild Mission" and maybe that will show an error - if not press "Start" and fly the mission again and see if it gives you a new one after that mission. What scenario is it?
  10. Regarding the no-land-let's-circle-instead, is it only fighters and never bombers from what you guys seen so far? Maybe it is my bad if so since fighters are given intercept WP updates during flight - their last landing WP should still remain but it could be that AI gets messed up by the "reload" of WP's. No showstopper I guess but I'll have a look at possible workarounds someday. Difficulty setting isn't really there but all squadrons have a general idea behind skill in the templates, Battle of France for instance see LW as veterans and A'dAir and RAF on average. In the desert I think I put Italians as average and others as veteran - you can edit this in the campaign ini-file if you feel it's wrong/unfair looking for SQN lines like this: SQN,BoB_LW_JG3_I.31,Merville_Calonne,Aircraft.Bf-109E-3,Veteran,,,11,1 (actually a good way to cheat in general and maybe set asset ratio in BoB below 1) Great to see you notice small things like layers
  11. That's a carry over from the other two sims I have under this and is mereley startup params for the sim if using "start IL" checked. Any particular fun squadron? naaa not sure - maybe the fighterbombers in general, should see both groundattack and intercepts in due time. Yeah, sorry about that - if you ask for airfield still within 8 km he will just mock you and not tell info. Landing sequence in Dover could see some improvements yes, nothing much I can adress as mission maker - can only give flight a landing WP and not individuals.
  12. Dynamic Singleplayer Mission This is the previously released DynMis pack reworked into a standalone exe-file. In this new format there are some pros and cons. The obvious downside is having to download and run an executable file from a stranger, which to many out there is a big no-no (me included). Built in C# and on a Windows 10 there might be issues for Win7 users - if so, it's way outside my knowledge span and there's probably nothing I can do to help. Good things compared to the previous pack is all the options. You will now have each scenario's all included squadrons/staffelns with flyable machines available and you can also switch mid-campaign. Also, there are options to takoff on runway, airstart, cold- or hot-parking (spawn in parked may put you over target a little late sometimes but options are good, right?) Performance wise you can set the number of strike flights between 1 and 5 (3 being default) but keep in mind each strike can trigger escorts and intercept flights so there will be more flights out there - see what suits your computer better. Unique for the IL2 Dover installment is to have your "user.ini" updated with serial, weathering and (rarely) skin. Checking this option will create a backup_user.ini, if not already there. When starting the engine (see below) the current settings will be written to your registry. Please be aware there are also a number of files created in your 1C Softclub folder. In this very folder there will be the dynmis log file and one ini-file for each campaign (such as DynMisCompass.ini) you've started - manually deleting the ini-files results in resetting the campaign in question (same as the button described below). The dynmis log file was needed since IL Dover isn't updating the log.txt fully until you exit the game. Down the folder structure under missions/Single the actual mission files will be created and recreated - all with "DynMis" prefix - you will have 5 for each running campaign (pictures, csharp, briefing and the mis file). The somewhat cramped GUI will read your registry on start looking for your install path ("SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 754530") but if needed you can write it manually or even have the GUI to scan your drives for "Launcher64.exe" - note that this is very optional and is only used if you start the engine having "Start IL2" checked. Reset Campaign: This will remove ini-files and reload the template and clear player squadron selection. Good for rage-quits and needed when campaign's been completed. Rebuild mission: Rebuilds the current mission - not for normal use but I thought I should leave it available if a mission created went all tits-up. Start: This is where you actually start the whole thing and it will create your mission first time (or after campaign reset) and start to scan the dynmis log file. How to play Press "Start" in the GUI and if not checked, start IL2 Dover manually. No need to exit back to desktop between missions. Once ingame go to "Single" and select the DynMis mission you have active in the GUI and fly it like any other mission. When done with the mission and you exit back to "Single Select", count to 2½ and press "Fly" again - note that in "Single Select" you still see the old info from when you started the mission first time but the briefing after you press "Fly" will give you the new situation. Be aware that built-in "Mission Success" etc. is not relevant to DynMis, please ignore. The ingame mission menu (TAB 4) is a bit different from R10 (last publicly available version). 1. Request Assistance 2. Leader, where are you? 3. Closest Friendly Aircraft 4. View Current Score 5. Request Vector to.. (or - offmap - if flying from airstart airfield off the map) 6. Closest Enemy Aircraft 7. Reallocate to airport 8. Toggle Score Notifications "Request Assistance" will show in yellow if available squadrons is out there, otherwise it's red and of no use. This option will call for help and the squadron will divert to your position - might take a while but hang in there. Please keep in mind the flight you request in can be someones escort (but yeah, they're AI so who cares). "Leader, where are you?" will give you grid and altitude for your flightleader. "Closest Friendly Aircraft" will give you grid and altitude of nearest friendly aircraft not in your group. "View Current Score" will show you current score in "Blue X:Z Red" format - check #8 below "Request Vector to.." will be something like "Request Vector to Manston" if you started from that airfield and will give you direction and distance to homeplate. N/A if you started in air from offmap airfield. "Closest Enemy Aircraft" is pretty much same as friendly version above. "Reallocate to airport" will list the nearby 8 and one farthest away airfields for manual reallocation of your squadron for the next mission. Groundwar missions will automatically reallocate squadrons but for Battle of Britain (pre-groundwar) and a general "I don't like this place" situations this might come in handy. "Toggle Score Notifications" will turn on/off the automated "View Current Score", that default is on, if you find the notifications annoying. Included Scenarios Battle of France Battle of Britain Operation Compass Operation Sonnenblume Operation Crusader Operation Venice El Alamein Pursuit "Battle of France" May 1940 Blue side needs to capture NW France (not west of Amiens/Abbeville) - groundwar only and 1 day each "turn". Lacking planes and french squadrons I made this one with some extra artistic freedom and you'll see two french 40-plane squadrons, one with D.520 and one with Martlets. German and British side should be pretty accurate. "Battle of Britain" This one is the most complicated of the scenarios and not as straight forward. First goal is to reach 15.sept 1940 (4 days per "turn") with asset ratio > 2 for luftwaffe to launch Sea Lion and less than 2 for RAF to prevent this. With a 2:1 ratio and having the initiative (won previous mission) the germans will make an amphibious landing (simple one that doesn't kill performance) in a random coastal location and if successful "normal" groundwar will begin on british soil. British success reducing asset ratio below 2 will result in operation Circus flights over northern France and if highly unlikely RAF manage to reduce ratio below 1 there will be a "early" Normandy and from there on groundwar gridning. Starting in june 1940 there will be german single recon flights and strikes on convoys and possibly ports. From 8.aug targets will expand to ports and nearby airfields. On 12.jun you should see a major raid on Chain Home stations and from the 13th airfields will be under pressure. Come 7.sept airstrikes can/should include industrial areas around London up until 15th. "Operation Compass" Jan 1941 British Army tries to push Italian 10.Army off the map at Derna - groundwar only and 1 day per "turn". "Operation Sonnenblume" Apr 1941 Rommel's "Sperrverband" pushed the remaining british forces, that not sailed for Greece, from Libya and is now at Gazala - groundwar only and 1 day per "turn". "Operation Crusader" Nov 1941 British 8.Army plans to relieve Tobruk starts at Halfaya Pass - groundwar only and 1 day per "turn". "Operation Venice" May 1942 having DAK back at the Gazala Line going for El Alamein - groundwar only and 1 day per "turn". "El Alamein Pursuit" Nov 1942 DAK in full retreat from El Alamein this scenario is a bit of "late war stuff fun" as the Tobruk map was swept in a matter of days - reduced number of battle areas. Download, unzip and put the exe where it suits you though I recommend in "1C Softclub" folder structure and a shortcut to your desktop. As always, use at your own risk Thanks to theOden for all his work on this! Buzzsaw dynmisDover.zip
  13. [Edited] Keep politics off these boards.
  14. Oh I see, so this was you BM? Yeah, I'll show myself the door - no worries.
  15. Think I shall stay away from any Italian squadron.
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