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  1. Thank you BAT team (and one extra java-wall-thank-you to Storebror) for one helluva effort once again.
  2. I feel this part runs under "if it's hard to simulate let's make it ultra hard and everyone will scream - WOW it so realistic" (and [edited] not they sure did). Ground Loop and mission editor is is top 2 what keeps me from trying this sim more than once every two months.
  3. Correct. At best, something getting close to a good SP mission would be multiplayer Coop with like-minded. Sadly the coop MP has been all forgotten and thrown in the bin by all current simgame producers. I guess bling-bling is easier and as such less expensive to produce compared to AI decisions. Would love to see the sales figuers between BoS and BoM, the difference in them between is most surely all SP and coop players.
  4. I would support a "First attempt" just getting Pacific out the door. If it is insanely hard to find info to backup data in the simgame I can't see any complainers being able to back their claims up anyhow. If lucky, a Pacific installment just might lure some experts here to point out some "best guess implementations" are wrong and even having the docs to back it up - all good next patch. Amazing how hard some guys have to keep on topic reading the posts above this.
  5. It's scanning the event.log and recreates the mission with new targets, reduce squadron available planes etc and recreates frontline once mission end is detected so you just fly the same mission again and again until victory targets have been captured and lots more but this is not the thread to hijack I guess
  6. This is not the case. I'm currently building dynmis for 1946 in a standalone app (my first in c-sharp! oh the holy mother of bugs)
  7. haha you old farts! I'm only 51. young, agile, smooth, strong.. erh wait..
  8. Sounds more like a mission design issue than AI issue to me. One common mistake is to add a landing waypoint after mission target. Better behaviour is often gained by adding a RTB waypoint close to the airfield with normal hunt/defend instructions and then make the last landing leg from there, maybe only 10 miles off landing strip or so. Depending on AI behaviour one can also play with altitude changes to make bombers hurry up a little running home
  9. FlightSim forum thread longer than 2 pages. Some things will never change. :)
  10. I can verify your theory is correct at 1 occation minimum. I am BoS only and stopped at that. Had a blast initially with the new Career but soon enough the AI behaviour degraded the experience. On the note about someone jumping right in writing magic AI code I'm not sure that's how it works. If the BOB2 guy came by he would write a design specification to how the AI should behave, not necessary do the code. Then, if necessary, someone with the specific coding skills in the very product would implement the new design. That's how programming has been done in my profession the last 20 years.
  11. After flying MiG-15 in DCS ending up with "why am I doing this" I would be very happy to buy all collector offers for a Korea installment from 1CGS to fly in correct environment with proper ground units. All the different ground ops from the amph. landing to the final struggle of the Marines up north should allow for some interesting situations.
  12. One solution could be that the guys that didnt buy 5.0 simply just goes off to buy 5.0?
  13. Your theory is based on that the majority of cutomers are in the MP crowd. I for one think that is not the case.
  14. Can you type down an example process for testing a specific feature? How would you proceed? Considering your type of writing text, feel free to give an example of how you would give feedback. You think betatesting is fun? If it is, you're doing it completely wrong.
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