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  1. As you've surely now noticed the british lads here is of the firm believe all of france was also abiding No. 10 Downing Street requests.
  2. Danger Low is now a thing :) Referencing picture #2. I always had problem with the 111's dropping bombs so slow the last bomb was dropped when the group initiated the turn passing over target - do you have a trick to make them drop more eagerly or has this been fixed in one of the last few patches?
  3. I've been in the same situation but I failed. My impression is that this title was initially built for competitive multiplayer (by LOFT) and only much later Jason managed to add Career Mode but the AI and editor is still lacking. Give it a few years and I'm sure it will mature into a very good singleplayer title too.
  4. Sverige Sve - ree - yeah! Kanada, like in ice hockey: Sverige 7 : 2 Kanada (yeah, come at me)
  5. Could it be, that you're a multiplayer airquaker?
  6. How hard is it to see that being a mission-maker thing, not the sim itself?
  7. I feel sad for Scotland but so impressed by Japan at the same time - well worth victory to be honest. Used to play 14 before I moved back to fullback but my God, I could never run half that fast as the Japanese Wing, a typhoon as Swing just said.
  8. Good good, if I ever find out that someone is doing a typhoon "what-if" scenario in his house 4500 miles away from me my whole sim-experience will be ruined and I will probably uninstall the product.
  9. theOden


    Quite doable in 1946 using BAT. Flying both Korean and Six-Day War missions currently.
  10. You do realize you will get hunted down by the realism-sandanistaz here since she didn't exist in 1944?
  11. I saw 15 threads below this one where you haven't posted this yet, you might wanna hurry up.
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