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  1. Okay, thanks everyone. I need the train to be moving, so it seems I won't be able to do this like I thought, or hoped, I could.
  2. Earlier today I was thinking about putting a "on Critical Damage" to a Counter from a train. Once I opened up the mission editor though, I realized that it is probably not that simple. So, is it even possible to do? What I'd like to do is, for example, have a train with 8 carriages trip a counter when at least 6 of the carriages are destroyed... but I don't see a way to do that. Is this possible?
  3. I recently built a multiplayer dogfight mission where there were quite a few Subtitle messages that were designed to pop up and alert the pilots to the location of a train they were assigned to protect was. The Subtitles worked as expected; however, in testing, I had determined that - should the pilot(s) be involved in a fight - it was possible that they could miss the pop ups. To deal with that, I thought about the possibility of adding a short, half-second burst of static (as an MP3 sound file) that would play roughly a second before the Subtitle message. I threw together a quick test mission to try this idea out and get the timing just right. Unfortunately, I ran into an issue I was never able to solve. Initially, I had the design like so: Check Zone -----> Timer (2s) -----> Media Translator (play MP3 Sound file) | Timer (2s) -----> Subtitle Msg That worked... but it only worked once. For all the rest of the Subtitles where this occurred (as the object triggering the Check Zones moved through each Zone), the sound would not play again. So I tried setting it up so that there was a Media Translator that stopped all media before each Media Translator that played sound: Check Zone -----> Timer (2s) -----> Media Translator (stop media) | Timer (2s) -----> Media Translator (play MP3 Sound file) | Timer (2s) -----> Subtitle Msg and then one that set it up so that a Media Translator stopped all media after the sound played: Check Zone -----> Timer (2s) -----> Media Translator (play MP3 Sound file) | Timer (2s) -----> Media Translator (stop media) | Timer (2s) -----> Subtitle Msg In all these situations, the MP3 sound would play once - the very first time it was called - but then never play again. I was never able to figure out why this was happening, so I eventually abandoned the idea of playing a sound file and hoped for the best. The question here is, basically, twofold - is there a method that has to be followed to allow sounds to play that is different than the method I used? And, in my case, I was using the same sound file (static.mp3)... could it be that calling the same sound file called by an earlier Media Translator is the problem?
  4. Thanks Habu - but I've found something really strange. When I unzip your mission, it works like I expect it to. So, just to check my own suspicions, I opened your Debug mission in the ME myself, didn't change anything, and then saved it as a different mission name (i.e., Debug_MSGTesta). When I ran that saved mission, the Subtitles didn't work anymore. Something's got to be screwy with my install of the ME or something.
  5. I've been working on a multiplayer mission that has several Subtitles in it to alert the players of some events. It's a Dogfight mission. When I test the mission in single player mode (as a saved Singleplayer mission), the Subtitles work perfectly. When I test it on my personal system in Dogfight mode, they work as well. However, when I upload the mission to my DServer and then run it, none of the Subtitles show up. At all. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out why this is happening. I've tried changing how the Subtitles are triggered, going so far as to make sure that every one has a separate Timer Trigger that targets it (i.e., the Timer being one that is fired from a Check Zone solely attached to the Subtitle), I've tried changing the coalitions, etc. Nothing so far has worked. Here is a mission I set up to test this outside of the main mission. The Subtitle is set up exactly like it is in my mission (I've provided images of the Check Zone Advanced Properties as well as the Subtitle Advanced Properties). The truck starts to move once I spawn in, moves through the Check Zone... and nothing happens. I've attached the mission to this just in case. What am I missing? Logic would seem to dictate that the issue is most likely related to running on the DServer... however, I have no clue what that could be. A huge thanks to anyone who can show me where I'm going wrong. Test.zip
  6. Good question... hehe. I have no idea how I missed that. Too much skimming I guess.
  7. Your suspicion was correct, JimTM. I was starting the test mission on my server and then switching to my gaming machine to start IL2. That short amount of time was creating the problem. By doing what you suggested - OnPlaneSpawned - it fixed the issue. It never dawned on me that this could be what was happening... for some reason I kept thinking that the mission wouldn't run until I joined it. Thanks.
  8. I'm not sure if it's something I'm suddenly doing wrong and just can't see it, or if something's changed in the logic. I'm trying to test something for a mission I'm building, and for some reason I simply can't figure out why any AI that I put on the map and then have a WP assigned to it will start the multiplayer mission on the last way point assigned to it. For example: In this simple test multiplayer mission (Dogfight), when the mission starts and I spawn into the MiG, the truck (Vehicle 6) doesn't appear where it shows in the editor - instead, it appears directly where the Trigger Waypoint is located. The truck is Enabled (i.e., Enabled is unchecked in its Advanced Properties). If I attempt to create multiple waypoints, the truck will appear at the very last waypoint in the sequence. What am I doing wrong, if anything? I've had my head buried so deep in some rather complex mission design for the last few days, so I completely accept that I'm probably missing something very simple.
  9. I'm at work and can't view your mission, but one question I can ask - how many carriages do you have on the train? You can add so many carriages that the train won't move. Try editing the train so that it only has 1 or 2 carriages and test it - see if that works.
  10. Well - once again that teaches me to read JimTM's manual more closely... I seem to have missed that info in there. Thanks Coconut!
  11. I'm working on a multiplayer mission, and have a situation that I'm trying to create where an AI group of planes flies through a zone and fires a Trigger that launches a flare. Fairly simple. The problem, however, is that being a multiplayer mission, if I use a Check Zone it's quite possible that players will fly through the Check Zone area and trigger it before it's supposed to be triggered. There's no way to be sure that the players can't trip the trigger and yet still keep it within easy visual range (so the players can see the flares). To make things even more complicated, the AI group of planes are the same plane type as the players (MiG3s in this case). The only way I've found around this is to use a Complex Trigger and set it up to fire only when the specific named AI plane flies through it (using the Complex Trigger's "Object Names List" option). I generally try to avoid using Complex Triggers whenever possible in multiplayer missions, but in this case I haven't been able to figure out how to get this to work without one. Does anyone else have an idea how to get this to work just using a Check Zone or Proximity Trigger by chance?
  12. I'm assuming that you don't have VR based on this question (and others you've asked so far). I don't have experience with other headsets - I have an Oculus Rift. The rift headset's nose area is slightly more open and doesn't sit flush with your face. So what I do is map all my important "must have" buttons to my HOTAS setup (I have a CH Pro setup - Pro Throttle, Pro Pedals, and the CH Combatstick) - guns, bombs, mixtures, prop control, trim, gear, flaps, even nav lights. I leave everything that isn't really "must have" to the keyboard, like track recording, pause, etc. When I need to hit a key on the keyboard, because of the slight gap in the nose part of the headset, I just tilt my head and glance under the headset - you can glimpse the keyboard, find the key you need, and hit it. Some of the newer headsets, like the HTC Vive Pro, actually have little cameras in the front of the headset that allow you to bring up a small window in VR and see in front of you also (and there are small hardware options now that can attach to earlier headsets, like the Oculus, that do it, but I can't recall at the moment the brands).
  13. If you follow the graphic immediately above your post, it will work, with the following setup in the Check Zone Triggers. Set the CHECK ZONE SIREN CLOSER's advanced property "Distance Type (Closer)" to checked, set the "Zone (1)" to whatever range you want (I usually set it at between 6000 and 9000 meters), then set the Plane Coalitions to "TRUE" for whichever coalition you want to trigger the siren - for example, if you want German planes to trigger it, set Axis to TRUE. For the CHECK ZONE SIREN FURTHER, all the settings are the same except set the "Zone (1)" to about 100 meters further than the CLOSER Check Zone, and UNCHECK the "Distance Type" so it reads "Distance Type (Further)." That should do it. The SIREN ON and SIREN OFF Subtitle MCUs are optional - I put those there when I was testing so I could see a pop up message when the siren fired, and when it shut off. You probably don't want those in an actual mission.
  14. Okay, thanks Schneemann. Out of all the information I've collected, and almost daily usage of JimTM's ME guide, somehow that's the one section in it that I missed. Too caught up in passing by that section to read the Configuration section I guess.
  15. I have a key for a DServer, and want to set one up for myself and some select others for missions and testing. I have the documentation for setting up and running the DServer itself and the SDS file, but I cannot find any information on exactly what I'm supposed to copy onto the server itself other than the mission files. This will be a separate machine I'm hosting on. Do I copy the entirety of my ILS BoX folder onto the server? Or just the DServer.exe and related files? Do I have to actually install BoX on the server (and if so, how do I do that with a Steam copy, since I have to be logged into my non-DServer account to install it)?
  16. Does anyone know of a reference online where I can find data on Russian fighter and bomber units during the Moscow campaign - specifically airfield locations and dates? I'm actually looking for specific information on the 503rd ShAP, as well as the 27th IAP, but a general reference for most air units would still be extremely beneficial.
  17. One thing I can say is that, as long as scheduling permits your participation, where you live is largely not an issue - as my above posts suggest I'm U.S., but being able to make the Tuesday flights and the Sunday campaign flights allowed me to get into TP... and it's been great. Awesome bunch of fellows, and combined with a lot of real talent in the mission design department it makes for some interesting and fun flying. Our last Operation Typhoon mission had us flying 110's deep into enemy territory to attack two bridges and a Russian airfield. Our initial strike nearly destroyed everything in just a couple minutes, after which we were jumped by incoming I16s which developed into a furball low over the airfield. The action was furious enough that 2 of us collided attacking an enemy plane. Some of us scattered as a result of the combat... half heading east to land at a German field near Kalinin, one ditching in enemy territory, one landing at a German field out of gas (me - my engines sputtered and stopped pretty much just as I came to rest at the edge of the runway), and two others chased by MiGs which they managed to evade, landing safely soon after. Great fun - if this interests you, then by all means check us out!
  18. Thanks Silk - for the general 1C/777 scenery I usually tend to remove everything that is roughly 20 kilometers outside the mission area already as a general practice. I've always felt that any scenery that the players won't see doesn't need to be there, which comes from earlier IL2 mission design (and other sims) practices. I was curious if going further (with proximity triggers) was just wasteful... sounds like it probably is. Okay, so AI... JimTM's manual points that out as well. I can imagine that the resources would skyrocket with the example you mention. I tend to populate airfields / towns / target areas with static objects as much as possible unless I need them to actually be doing something (or be targets) - and then, as in that mission I sent to you guys, the actual objects that do something are invisible until triggered by a complex / proximity trigger. Having said that though - even if an object with AI is deactivated, does it still take resources? Or does it only take resources once it activates? As far as "flavor" items - i.e., smoke, frontline weapons fire, etc. - how much of a draw are those things? Within reason of course - not much, or are they similar to AI resource hogging?
  19. I've been thinking about how much, as far as objects, I should consider deactivating outside the players view in a multiplayer mission to save resources and am curious what the general consensus is for those of you who've developed a lot of multiplayer missions. Aside from the obvious things - such as AA, mission targets, and anything else I want to not have automatically activated for mission aesthetics - generally how far should one go? I tend to have map objects, like villages and such, visible at all times, but does this eat resources? Would it be better to have all villages within the mission area have a proximity trigger set at, say, 10 kilometers, so that only those villages that show up within that radius are visible... or would that in itself eat up resources with all the proximity triggers? And, if that is a good idea, should I do the same for the players home airfield(s)? When I've developed single player missions I also tend to have a heavy focus on environmental objects to provide a sense of "being a small part of a greater conflict," such as front line weapons fire, smoke and flames, other AI planes in the general area doing their own missions, etc. How much of that sort of thing should I consider reducing for multiplayer missions? I want to try to reduce as many resources as possible while the mission is running, but I also don't want to go overboard and am not sure where the middle ground is, as I'm still somewhat new to multiplayer mission design considerations.
  20. Prangster's guide is essential as a starting point, absolutely. Also, don't forget JimTM's much more detailed manual that goes into the specifics of each object and command: JimTM's Mission Editor Manual As Sketch responds, yes - you WILL spend a lot more time working in the ME than you do flying. And again it depends upon how much you enjoy doing it. My response here is based upon that aspect. I have yet to actually finish a completed mission (working on one I hope to post here in a week or two finally), and I started messing around with the ME several months ago. Start small - create simple missions with simple setups, using Prangster's guide and the examples in JimTM's manual, and work up from there. It can be extremely rewarding to finally get something to work correctly after fumbling with it a bit. As a newer mission designer, another thing I can recommend is to use the MCU Subtitle function - a LOT. Use it to create pop up messages on the screen when certain events happen, so you know when that event triggered and can expect it. This helps immensely in troubleshooting issues.
  21. So, I figured out what the issue was with the 2 Kettes breaking off. I'm sure this is probably well known to most mission designers, but it boiled down to altitude. The bombers were coming in at 1500 meters - I had them staggered at about 50 meters altitude (1400, 1450, 1500, 1550, respectively). The lower two would come straight in, while the higher two Kettes would go around, apparently trying to lose altitude. By dropping their altitude lower, it resolved it - now the entire group flies straight in and bombs, and as a result they don't get strung out much at all, thus solving the initial issue as well.
  22. I tried setting up another Formation waypoint immediately after the egress waypoint and lowering the cruise speed to about 170, but that didn't really change much... the lead bomber in each Kette was still strung out from the other lead bombers and while they'd try to form up, the Kettes themselves would be scattered. What's strange is that this mission is basically a reworked one I'd been messing with earlier. The bomber formation, targets, and waypoint / area attack setup is exactly the same. With that older one all the bombers would fly in pretty much still in rough formation and drop bombs, then circle around in a scattered group and drop their second bomb, and then fly off. The group would be spread out, but it would be in a rough 1km circle - which was workable. With this new version though, for some reason 2 of the 4 Kettes break off right before the attack and come in from a completely different angle - and I can't figure out why they're doing that. This is the primary reason why they get so spread out after the area attack is complete. I haven't had a chance to try anything yet, but I'll see what I can find out tonight now that I have some time to work with this.
  23. I'm working on what I hope to be my first released mission, and have a question about planes reforming after an Area Attack is complete. Currently I have a rather large group of attack planes (12 planes, separated into 4 Kettes, each as a separate group). Friendly fighters - 2 groups of 4 - escort the bombers into the target area, where the bombers then attack for approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Once that's complete, the bombers egress the area to the next waypoint. The problem is that the bombers are so strung out after the attack that when the fighters receive their Force Complete command for the escort and fly off to head home, half the bombers are still over enemy territory. How I'm working this at the moment is via a Complex Trigger command - so when the bombers enter the Complex Trigger the Force Complete command is triggered for the fighters and they head home. I'm not sure this is the best option however. I thought about using a Counter for the bombers, and only after X number of them fly through the Complex Trigger then the Force Complete is tripped; the problem with that though is that there's no way of knowing how many bombers will survive to that point, and if enough of them are shot down the Counter might never fire. The only other option I've thought might work is to set up a "reformation waypoint" - in other words, the waypoint after the Area Attack would have the bombers fly to it, but then the next waypoint wouldn't trigger for about 30 seconds, forcing the bombers to orbit, which should allow the stragglers to catch up. I don't know if that option would work well though (particularly with enemy fighters still in the area... I haven't tried testing this option yet). Does anyone have a better option by chance? The goal is to have all the bombers cross into friendly territory before the Force Complete command is triggered for the fighters to end their escort duties and fly home.
  24. I've hunted high and low on Google - and the only images I've been able to find of a Bf109E (any version) that shows the entire aircraft from Jagdfliegerschule 2 is this one I've attached the post (original image here: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ab/2e/ce/ab2ecef293c8026f3213d6560bcd05ca.jpg ). I could work from that image if I could figure out if the tail stripe and the rudder paint is white or yellow... the image is too washed out to determine. Does anyone know of anyplace that has additional images of Jagdfliegerschule 2 109E aircraft... and even better, color plates, by chance? I'm specifically hunting for planes in the 1940 / 1941 time frame. As these are training aircraft, and not combat aircraft, I suspect images of them will be scarce unfortunately.
  25. Sure - and I totally get that. I wasn't being touchy, just trying to bring up the point that with the waypoints in question, they really don't have anything to do with the mission itself at all - they are just eye candy on the airfield to make it look like it's an active field with other activities going on while the player(s) are preparing to take off. These waypoints just keep the truck on a winding side road on the airfield and don't do anything other than that. For waypoints that actually have a mission related reason - such as your example above - yes, absolutely. The main reason I hesitate to add so many superfluous waypoints is in the interest of resource management while the mission is running. It is my understanding that the system will consider a waypoint as an additional object that requires resources, so I didn't want to add a bunch that really didn't do anything beyond making things "look nice" if that makes sense. If I am incorrect in that assumption, by all means let me know - I'll go waypoint happy then.
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