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  1. More details on the motion rig and setup please!
  2. Thanks for the download on your post. Works for but the mirror in the P-40 is not displayed correctly and floats with head movement.
  3. Request: Desert Skin for Faux Hurricane (Any will do!!)
  4. Wishful thinking on my part. Thank you for all of the mods so far.
  5. Very nice work If you are planning on doing more tree mods, please consider doing a Pacific Palm tree mod for Kuban Spring. Something that looks like this.
  6. Very nice in VR! Thank you Any plans to add the Ju52 and Spit IX?
  7. I agree with the sentiment about wanting to do justice, but lets not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. The "Spirit of 46" is the right balance IMHO and that is why I bought BOK and continue to purchase the pre-order projects to support the teams effort towards that vision and the pacific is a big part of it.
  8. Here are two additional codes: Flying Circus - Volume One - V0LMJ98N 25% OFF any previously released product in the IL-2 webstore (excludes Early Access titles) - NK04496N
  9. Lots of nice compliments on the state of the game. Let's encourage him to continue covering IL-2.
  10. I am feeling very impulsive but I am definitely going to pre-order
  11. With IL-2 VR many of my flightsim dreams and longings have come to fruition
  12. Check out this thread You can also use PWCG to generate COOP missions.
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