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  1. Hi all, tnx for the replies. I've sorted it .. had 2 Russian flights .. 1 flight of bombers take off and then 3 minutes later a flight of fighters take off from a different airfield. Used command cover, so the fighters provide cover the whole journey to the German airfield, which worked OK. PE2's level bombed and RTB without with no problems as the Russian fighters engaged ... bombers used the AI RTB. I used the command Attack Area for the German fighters, which took off and patrolled the airfield. OK ... this all seemed to work:). I'm going to continue to expand the mission and have some questions. Should I ask on this thread or create another?? I am trying to add another flight of bombers, IL2's to attack the German airfield from low level using rockets, but without adding fighter cover. My original fighters flight will be at the airfield protecting the PE's when the IL2's arrive. So, to do this I am intending for the IL's to spawn in at a specific location once the PE2's have reached their first waypoint. They will then follow their own waypoints to the airfield and attack from a different direction. So, I've been using the manuals and advice on the internet, but again am stuck''. I use the Trigger Spawner to spawn in the IL2's which have a target link from Mission Begin MCU but they arrive too early. So, how do I spawn in the Il2s when the PE2's hit their first waypoint??? Many thanks:)
  2. Ok - tnx for the replies👍 I'll try it out over the weekend. Tnx
  3. Hi All, Iv'e been dipping my toes into mission building BOS... been doin OK using various guides and tutorials, which have been really helpful, but I'm now stuck. I've managed to have an aircraft parked, start up, taxi to runway, (I'm using Stalingrad map, so no fake airfield template for taxiways, I have to build my own from the charts), take off follow a few waypoints and land. Weyhey!!! Now I would like to build a fighter patrol over the airfield ... follow waypoints in a loop until aircraft goes bingo fuel and lands. I cant find any tutorials that will help. Any ides will be much appreciated😊
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