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  1. Childish hey? Well I guess you become as you are treated. Like the actions they took after some enterprising player found a way around the locked down graphic settings. Once he was found to have his hand in the cookie jar what did they do? Same for the end run around the idiotic training flights that were our right to use since they included it in the game, I.E. 16x time compression. You can't do that, you must be punished as the wayward child you are. All gone, now do as we say.
  2. Field mods only lasted until factories started to implement the field mods specs into the production planes. So too, if a unit was authorized to do a refit in the field (as with the "headrest" removal ) it didn't matter your rank, it was a unit wide authorization. If the CO did not have the authorization to do his crate then no one could. If he had the authorization then it meant his unit had the same authorization. And as with the headrest all it would take is a wrench, which I'm sure the ground crews had, no need to go to a rear area echelon center, hence field mod. But the mods that became production specs would dwarf the field mods of the equipment type at a point in time, maybe sooner, maybe later. Certain bombs might have been delivered in dibs and drabs but every bomber pilot, regardless of rank, was expected to be able to carry them for the mission intended. If a unit was to use the special purpose bombs the unit as a whole, not the individuals, would be expected to fly with said bombs. Unless they were specially trained for special purpose bombs such as the dam busters. But then those who flew the dam busting missions were few and far between, of a strategic nature, and all of one unit. But on the frontline, as with the Russian front, the missions were more immediate and can't really be considered strategic. Ariel bombing in and around Stalingrad was purely tactical by it's very nature. Common bomber units bombing with common bombs, some bigger than others, but standard issue. And unlike what we usually have in multi-servers, the bombers would try to put up more than one or two planes at a time. How many stories are there of the sad fate of the new pilots who only saw a handful of missions, I guess they didn't get the word they weren't to fly the missions because they hadn't accrued the required XP for the mission. Equipment is designated to certain units for certain missions. I, as a rifleman, wasn't issued an M-60 machine gun, that was equipment for weapons plt., but we had a weapons plt. attached and were trained in its use. If a person decides he wants to fly a Stuka in this game as a person assigned to a unit that made it their business to attack tanks with a 37mm cannon, then as a person playing the role of a pilot of said unit should have the equipment the unit had. If they didn't want that possibly in this game because there weren't any such units at Stalingrad then they should've left it out. Otherwise the unit had the gear for all their pilots, field mods or production models.
  3. You who call these "things" field mods don't seem to be aware that units got the gear they needed for the completion of their mission. The Stuka tank buster units got the guns necessary for the job if supply was doing it's job. From a boot pilot to the unit commander. The equipment weren't issued out according to personal experience as these unlocks seem to allude. That's like saying I was issued a BB gun when I joined the Marine Corps until I proved worthy of carrying an M-16. Sure some of the planes in units that had a mission re-assignment, from a fighter unit to Jabo in relation to bomb rack fitment for example, might be missing a few pieces if supply was a bit slow in providing the necessities. But if the racks were available every plane was fitted out and every pilot expected, after some minor classroom time perhaps (if time permitted), to carry out the new mission regardless of personal XP. Unlocks based on pilot experience are arcade and has nothing to do with reality. You can call it whatever you like, in war there wouldn't have been any man given less equipment if it meant the unit's mission would have suffered. As a CG coxswain I used one boat to qualify as a coxswain but was expected to be able to use any of the station's boats as the mission dictated. Smear some more lipstick on the pig. The game's "field mods" are arcade and don't simulate real life at all. Who said a rose by any other name....
  4. Oh come on, games go to the bargain bin all the time.
  5. I wouldn't have bought into this "thing", whatever you want to call it. As was said by more than one, ambiguity is a great sales stratagem. Buyer beware, so shame on me for being lulled into buying into this thing by the memory of what the IL2 name meant. This is nothing like what I expected from the IL2 brand. My fault for looking at the façade and believing it to go deeper than it does. A continuation of IL2 this isn't, for there's nothing of the original in it.
  6. Yes we are dedicated to flying German A/C. I suppose you might say we approach the game in a more historical fashion. Not that there's anything wrong with mixing it up if it cranks your tractor. Personally I have my hands full learning just one plane.
  7. LOL, no I didn't mean it like that, a ten foot pole is an American euphemism to indicate a desire to stay at a goodly distance from something objectionable. The wait can be intolerable, if not necessary. At least we have it (BOS) as it progresses. And CLOD, to fill the need for objective based fun.
  8. You have to follow my train of thought. If the sim is created with ease of play in mind then any crack that makes it easier is just a patch to make it better within the parameters of ease of play. I wouldn't touch WT with your 10 foot pole.
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