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  1. WEATHER FORECAST STATION LFAQ (EPINOY) Dusk Wind: 03 KNTS (1.5 m/s) from 310 Clouds: Scattered at 1550m (~5100ft) Turbulence: Light Chop Temperature: 14C Pressure: 749mmHg NOTAM: The mission starts immediately! No warm-up period! WEATHER FORECAST STATION LFAQ (EPINOY) Dawn Wind: 01 KNTS (0.5 m/s) from 340 Clouds: Few at 300m (~1000ft) Turbulence: None Temperature: 6C Dewpoint: 4C Precipitation: Baby Rain (Light Fog) Pressure: 756mmHg NOTAM: The mission starts immediately! No warm-up period!
  2. MARCH 29th MISSION UPDATES - ALL MAPS Amiens St. Quentines Changelist: Changed: Upped the rearm and repair service area radius at all fields to 50m from 25m so they're much more usable. Too many reports of "doesn't work" and I realize that we're not all expert drivers when it comes to avoiding the flagpole. 😑 Changed: fuel replenishment and rearm speeds to be easily controllable for partial loadouts. Changed: Repair and reheal speeds were reduced slightly Doullens Cambrai Changelist: Changed: Recon script so that now you are able to land your recon plane at any friendly airfield that is active. Changed: Planes are now more historically distributed between the airfields. Updated: Mission descriptions Scenery: Cities and towns are now appropiratley destroyed to reflect their state of 1918 using @SYN_Vanders nifty tool. <-- freaking rocks! Fixed: Mission description for the "dawn" mission. Fixed: Repair logic of AAA guns. (due to a bug with MCU Damage AAA guns would not be recrewed after beeing repaired) Fixed: Balloons are a bit harder now. (due to a bug with MCU Damaga where the options "major" and "minor" are switched) Fixed: Ground MGs at trench attacks are more carefully placed so that they don't get stuck in the dougouts. They should be easier to strafe now. Other Notes: If you're trying to get in the server on Saturday afternoon/evenings and can't because it's locked, we're running the Bloody April campaign. See the other thread on tha campaign for mre details. Thanks for your patience. Sorry for the interruption to the normal program. We will ALWAYS get back on line with the regular maps asap once the event is complete.
  3. Hey guys, I already PM'd this to Sizzlorr but figured I would repost for all. A tool you can use for some great airfield info is an offline copy of a now defunct website. I'll link you a download package. https://github.com/dptww1/WW1AirMap2 1. Hit Clone or Download green button on that page. 2. Download zip file 3. Either open the zip file and double click index.html or extract the whole package to a folder and then execute index.html 4. Opens website in browser Enjoy!
  4. SUNDAY PATCH: DOULLENS CAMBRAI Fixed: Entente Recon C doesn't activate central icon for trench attack in sector C anymore. Fixed: Every recon subtitle has it's own space on the screen now to prevent them from overlapping. Recon A is bottom left, recon B is bottom center and recon C is bottom right. Changed: Recon mission script, so that if a recon gets shot down the next recon will spawn after 5 minuites. This is done to prevent recon exploit and long waits for recon planes. To not interfere with the other recon planes every recon has its own airfield now. Changed: When a side completes 1 recon it gets immidiately rewarded with limited better planes. Planes will get unlimited, when all 3 recon tasks are accomplished. Added: Airfields Allonville, Soncamp, Flaucourt and Lechelle. Switched Gonnelieu with Epinoy again. Unlimited fighter planes and 2 escort 2 seaters are available there.
  5. Ok you have a misunderstanding here - the F key views - Those views are called the "padlock" and if we allowed everyone on the server to access to the padlock it would kill the realism, in that right now everyone must look from their plane to spot things. If padlock were allowed bouncing another human player would be near impossible. It has absolutely nothing to do with catering to VR. Before VR was even a thing, many pilots bought a product called TrackIR which allows you to look around usng your head and a set of lasers tracking your direction of your face. But before that was available, pilots used either the mouse or keyboard hotkeys mapped to things like the num pad to look around from the cockpit. The difficulty you're experiencing in flying and spotting at the same time is highly realistic (I'm also a pilot irl), and it's a skill that takes frankly years to develop (I have been doing this for half a decade and I'm still pretty terrible at it), so I understand your frustration. Unfortunately we can't relax those settings because that highly realistic play style is what we're catering to. I would suggest that if you would be interested in joining us for the camraderie and large crowds of planes in combat, jump in and start out by spending some time learning to crew the rear gun position for two seaters who are flying around on missions. That way you only have to focus on spotting, and then when you get better at that, maybe you'd find it more comfortable to start trying to fly and spot at the same time.
  6. And the tweaking continues! Thank you all for the continued feedback and support... Dialing some of this stuff in continues to be a real challenge. Mission updates deploying now. Change list Doullens Cambrai: - Photo recon target distances significantly reduced to reduce time required in air - Fixed: Recon icon in Sector C on the allied side will now deactivate properly - Fixed: Trench attack icon in Sector C on the central side will now activate properly after successful recon in that sector - Changed: Trench attack logic: to 4 targets out of 5 have to be destroyed to complete the objective - Changed: Trench attack units: there are now 4 aa MGs (only 1 out of the 4 is shooting at players) and 1 tank due to parser not registering anti infantry MGs - Changed: Trench attack layout: units are now in a dougout - Changed: Plane set: There are now 9 Spad slots with a respawn time of 12min There are now 6 Fokker D.VIIF slots with a respawn time of 12min After all 3 recons are successful there are now unlimited Spad 13, Bristol Fighter F.III, Fokker D.VIIF and Halberstadt Cl.IIau available at the rear airfields. - Changed: AAA at the rear recon airfields are indestructible - Changed: AAA at all airfields and ground targets are now at high AI skill level - Edit: Changed: Respawn time for recon planes has increased. Change list St.Quentin Arras: - Photo recon target distances significantly reduced to reduce time required in air to complete. - All AI ground units given unlimited ammo... because in IL2 "limited ammo" checkbox actually works, and definitely works too well. This should help prevent some ground units engaged in combat from running out of ammo during the fight. - Entire AAA system repeatedly beaten over the head with a swagger stick It turns out that AAA units on both sides were suffering from ammunition shortages as detailed above. Responsible logistics commanders have been sacked. Depots are now full of fresh shells straight from the factory. Some German AAA gunners had not recieved updated instructions from their COs for some time and were only looking for Soviet planes to shoot at. The responsible COs have been sacked. All AAA gunners have been reeducated appropriately for duty in Flying Circus. Vulching over airfields should be rendered kaput at this point - but if it's not then we're going to break out heavier WW2 defenses. - The number of targets to kill with your pistol for points as a reward for photo recon missions has been reduced to a third, but they're now worth 3x as much. We're saving the environment by reducing the required expenditure of toxic lead. Have fun and feel free to report any bugs or issues in this thread. Salute,
  7. FLUGPARK SERVER 20-02-02 UPDATE Arras St. Quentin maps Patrol Airstarts renamed to Dogfight Airstarts to reflect their purpose better. A "Dogfight Area" Icon is now present over the mud directly between the two Dogfight Airstarts. May help with priming server during low pop times. CHANGES to parser countable points for completing two seater missions (Photo Recons). The model being used to track the points has changed. It now will look like a large hubcap on the ground in the hangar when you taxi over. You can shoot at the hubcap or slightly above the hubcap into what looks like air and be rewarded after 5/6 shots of your PERSONAL WEAPON with an explosion, a scorched searchlight appearing out of thin air, and most importantly, a parser kill. Jumping in the back MG and shooting does not award YOU credit. Which is highly unfortunate, and is why we did this ^. Should have remembered that from ROF but did not. Recommended personal weapon for this is the ever popular Mauser Broomhandle 96C thanks to ammo capacity, unless you're a deadeye with the revolvers. Update Deploys at 8AM EST. Deployment completed - ops normal
  8. FLUGPARK SERVER 20-01-30 UPDATE Arras St. Quentin Map Air start spawns increased to 1000m height to support immediate dogfighting. British mud flak was indeed able to shoot over the Cappy airfield too accurately. Mud flak quality degraded. Just a further note I'm still not happy with the AAA situation. There will be further changes. No matter what solution we go with, we're just not going to be able to totally get away from the WW2 batteries in some places until things get fixed by the devs.
  9. FLUGPARK SERVER 20-01-22 UPDATE ALL MISSIONS Arras St. Quentin maps Albatross D5 Patrol Airstart fixed to spawn D5s as opposed to Fokker D.VIIs All Entente armored cars switched to Mk 5 male tanks In additional, all ground attack targets have 2 such tanks and 2 infantry. All Central ground attack targets now have 2 infantry guns and 2 infantry as opposd to 1 gun and 3 infantry.. Added parser countable points for completing two seater missions (Photo Recons). After completing the mission and landing successfully you will be prompted by subtitles to taxi over to the hangar closest to the windsock to "make your claims". Hangar will have spawned three searchlight trailer chassis which you may kill with no FF penalty. Each completed Photo Recon is worth 3 ground kills. Doullens Cambrai maps Flak Zones got removed and AA guns from the zones got incorporated into the defensive flak line along the front Recon targets got moved closer to the frontline Recon altitutde changed to 2000m - 3400m Central recon field got moved to Sector B Additional AA guns near frontline ground targets now fire at enemy planes Update deploying approximately 7AM EST. Shout out to Oorpii - Sorry if you get booted temporarily! I thanked you over discord but will do so again here. I'm honored. Just which I could move faster for you guys. Everything takes longer to get done than I want it to.
  10. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and NewYears break. Sorry for the lack of new content, but family took priority through most of December. Anyway... here we go into another year and we're getting the train back on the rails so to speak SERVER UPDATE 2020-01-07 Amiens St. Quentin maps rearming, repair, refueling on all airfields now work per the rules laid out on the War Stress meters (forward airfields can lose access to services). "Repair" trucks offering these "FBO" services are located next to airfield flags and have a 25 meter service radius. Repair trucks cannot currently be destroyed. Note for other mission designers, despite the option in the mission editor to make the airfield itself a repair/arm/refuel point, it does not work - must be a vehicle. Hence this update. Doullens Cambrai maps Balance change - Limited Spad and Fokker D.VIIF inventories. Next on the plate - testing a system of parser rewards for pilots completing trench mapping, photo recon, and arty spotting two seater missions
  11. On Wednesday December 4th, Our server experienced a sudden issue with regards to people being unable to enter and crashing back to the main multiplayer screen when attempting to connect in. We'd like to know if any other multiplayer servers are experiencing this issue (because it may take some time to dectect if you're not monitoring traffic), and we believe the issue is linked to a "quick hotfix" potenitally deployed incorrectly by C1. Facts: The server is running Flying Circus Missions The server SUCCESSFULLY updated to 4.002 and ran with no issues for multiple days. On Wednesday the 4th, suddenly the existing missions and server config and all that were running fine suddenly just failed. Troubleshooting Process (all without success) 1. We attempted to update the server - no update found 2. We forced it to analyze the install and update by clearing the update files - analysis complete, a couple files redownloaded 3. We then went back to the missions that were running and resaved / recompiled them - NDid not work 4. We started deleting mission components believing there was a bug in the mission that the editor or some sort of file was out of sync between the missions and the current build of the game - COMPLICATIONS AROSE TRYING TO DETERMINE REASON FOR ISSUE We found that modifying the server mission files resulted in almost nonsensical results for players attempting to enter the server. We started by slowly removing mission components one at a time to attempt to find the source of the "bug" in the mission. This went well at first and we thought the issue was with AAA units. Then we found that while removing some mission components allowed a player to enter once, then that same player was afflicted by the original issue after that when attempting to reenter. One player was able to enter and then sit in multiple missions rotating while another remained completely unable to enter. 4. Attempted to revert to "Pre Flying Circus" mission using no WW1 mission elements except planes. - failed, same problem as #3 5. Attempted to blow away server files that could be responsible for issue via some sort of data corruption and force another partial reinstall - Failed, same issue after reinstallation was complete Further Evidence of poential wider impact: We found at least one other WW1 server experiencing the same issue as us by checking them manually. What we're asking for 1. Assistance in understanding what is going on 2. We need C1 to please reverify that if a hotfix was stealth released on the 4th that it be rolled back or fixed to address this issue.
  12. Unfortunately C1 pushed an update hotfix that has caused a serious bug. The J5 server is up with the old Kuban Flugpark mission running I can't offer more details because I'm still troubleshooting and because I'm liable to say some very unkind things to the game devs... suffice to say that every one of the six missions in our current roation was rendered unrunnable. It has already taken 3 people and approximately 16+ total hours of work to realize it was a map issue as opposed to a server issue. Once I have more facts and find the true source of the issue, I will report back further... UPDATE 3 Please give it a try and see if you can get in like this... and let me know. Sorry this borked up the Thursday Night fly-in.... UPDATE 4 I just took a baseball bat to the Server's BOS Install because I don't know what else to do. We'll see if it learns to behave,
  13. I asked similar questions a few weeks back and was told that C1 will not provide any assistance in the use of those tools. But I wish you luck!
  14. I can't believe you forgot these timeless classics: Zeppelin's 11 Zeppelin's 12 Zeppelin's 13 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Zeppelins The Zeppelin Awakens The Last Zeppelin Captain Zeppelin The Girl Who Played with Zeppelins The Girl Who Kicked the Zeppelin's Nest The Zeppelin Identity Along Came A Zeppelin The Man in the High Zeppelin (but to be fair it IS a TV series) Mad Zeppelin - Beyond Zeppelindome.
  15. SERVER UPDATE 2019-11-21 Amiens St. Quentin maps have had invincible aircraft at airstarts reverted to mortal status. There are now three Doullens Cambrai maps with varying mission times and weather to add some more variety Doullens Cambrai maps have been reverted back to incorporating WW2 flak for a better gameplay experience Doullens Cambrai maps have had performance improvements made. The server mission roatation sequence is now: Amiens St Quentin DAWN Doullens Cambrain DUSK Amiens St Quentin NOON Doullens Cambrain DAWN Amiens St Quentin DUSK Doullens Cambrain NOON Thanks for everyone's patience as we continue to explore the goods and the not so goods of this brave new Flying Circus. I am working on another mission to keep increasing the variety we offer, but with the offical release kind of gumming things up and the holiday week coming up in the USA I don't anticipate deployment until sometime in the first week of December. My understanding is that one of those recons opens the Arty Spotting as a followup. Sizzlorr will know which one.
  16. This is why kill messages were disabled - because having them on allows other messages that are annoying and giving info away about oher players on missions that should not be given. Very weird how this happened, but I found the issue. Apparently the airfield settings can now contradict and override sds server settings... Implementing fix now. Deploying shortly.
  17. No don't joke. I think it's quite frankly rediculous that a game from the 1990s could so easily pull it off and here in 2019 we're waiting to get them back. Do they not realize how many new avenues zeppelins would open up for single and multiplayer scenarios? ZEPPELIN PLEASE - AFTER YOU FIX EVERYTHING ELSE THAT'S BROKEN IN THE OFFICIAL RELEASE AND ADD EVERYTHING ELSE I ALREADY ASKED FOR ON PAGE 1!
  18. SERVER UPDATE 2019-11-17 All maps now at version 191117 Some maps now have low altitude "Patrol Airstarts" added with limited planes added as a way to promote dogfight activity during low server population conditions. Until we get full custom aerodrome placement in FC, this type of custom start is about the limit of what can be done. Many AAA flak units were reverted to WW2 units to promote better sim/gameplay conditions. The Douai-Cambrai map was reintegrated into the map rotation as a full time addition now that it has WW1 unit updates. Note: May require further tweaking for flak down the road as well as possible Patrol Airstart additions. Parser was updated to hopefully fix what is being reported as sporadic semi random stat dropping? Will continue to monitor. Mission descriptions updated as applicable with information on the War Stress System for newcomers. (Amiens-St.Quentin maps)
  19. Checked: Thursday Night Fly-In would have been #467 would it not? It was yesterday night 11/14. Subsequent mission appears to have processed as well.
  20. Thanks Butzzell, I will review the flare to balloon ties and make sure it's not an issue on my end. I would not be surprised if they simply left that functionality out of the balloons based on my research into the next item of my post. Which is... I regret to inform the community that it appears the mainstay WW1 AAA flak guns are for all intents and purposes broken. Unintentionally bugged or radically altered from ROF for reasons I don't understand... I don't know. How this could have made it out of testing without being caught... *sigh* Anyway, both the flak77mm and the quick firing 13pdr which were provided as part of the official release are completely incapable of shooting beyond 1500 meters - unlike all other flak artillery and completely unlike ROF, which means that we as mission builders are completely unable to provide even basic marking flak coverage let alone an effective defense at altitude using the proper WW1 guns... So even flying around at 1000 meters - because the coverage is spherical aorund the gun - pilots become almost completely invulnerable to flak even at normal AI difficulty due to the miniscule "time on target" the gun has to hit the plane before it moves out of range. I will leave the updated maps as is for a few days so that you all can see and experience it yourself, and provide your thoughts, but right now I see no way around - at least for the front line - having to reimplement the WW2 weapons to provide marking coverage over the lines and in high concentration flak zones which are much larger than 1500 meter circles... If we ever get real level bombers or want to mark enemy activity over photo recon points, with AAA fire it will force the reimplementation of ww2 AAA in the rear areas as well. Also regarding balloon heights, yes 1500m appears to be as high as they'll go - but I know in ROF you can adjust temperature and pressure settings on the map to allow the balloons to float somewhat higher. Haven't tried that in IL2 yet. I'll look at the AA on the barges too - they used to fire at planes but maybe not anymore?
  21. The balloon shouldn't go down from a direct overhead flight at that alittude unless you start to dive on it. I will recheck the mud flak batteries. There are coverag gaps. It's not supposed to be an impenetrable wall. Balloon flares I will also recheck. The distant red flares may be too far to see?
  22. SERVER UPDATE 2019-11-13 All maps now at version 191113 to take full advantage of the "Official Release" of Flying Circus All equivalent WW1 Objects added to replace WW2 objects. Known Issues noted below: Armored cars were not swapped out because we weren't given a WW1 armored car. Train MG defenses removed completely because we were not provided a set of appropriately toned down and equivalent WW1 AA Mg Flatcars and I know two seaters are tired of getting hosed by those Mg34s. Trenches are still limited to singular MG emplacements representing infantry because we didn't get any actual infantry. Balloons added to both sides. They flare Red for approaching enemies within 8km. They flare White for enemies within 2km and then begin to descend towards the ground. When enemies go away for a long enough period of time they begin reaccending and eventually regain their ability to provide distant detection via flares. When at their maximum height of 1500m ONLY they also provide friendly observation support on the map within 7.5KM - extra incentive to kill them. Balloons don't respawn. Dead is dead Shell shocked "Mud Flak" AAA units have been rotated off the lines for some much needed R&R, and has been replaced by "medium accuracy" units that can also tell friend from foe. All pilots are advised to juke when actively shot at. We'll see how long they last.
  23. Server updated today 11/8 with latest hotfix. Revamped missions and at least one new mission with ww1 objects coming "soon".
  24. You both make good points. The use in ROF of elite level "AAA Walls" over the front during campaign gameplay, which were designed specifically to keep traffic over the front above minimum appropriate heights was a fairly effective solution. If IL2 can handle it, more WW1 MGs is the correct option (the ww2 are just too dang good), and if we get flaming onions, there's actually an even better way to way to do it using those.
  25. FLUGPARK SERVER UPDATE - 10/27/2019 - TAKES EFFECT 0000 EASTERN STANDARD US All maps have had their alternate language files updates so people should be able to see the correct mission description, icon names/tooltips, etc. no matter what language you play in natively. NEW MISSION contributed by J99Sizzlorr - TESTING ALL DAY SUNDAY! Basic Premise: Action centers between Doullens & Cambrai - complete initial two-seater recons to progressively open up a total of 9 additional objectives for your side. Complele all these objectives to win the map! New Mission Objective Type: Artillery Spotting COMPLETION INSTRUCTIONS: You have to fly over your battery first to establish contact. The battery will flare to signal readiness. Then you have to fly over the target area and fire a flare from within that area to signal your battery that you are ready to observe their barrage, then the artillery is shooting at the target. After the barrage there is a brief period where your observer transmitts the corrections to the artillery battery. All while you need to stay over the target area. Then you have to shoot another flare to signal your battery that you are ready to observe the next barrage. After the fourth barrage, the target gets destroyed. If the Artillery Spotter gets shot down while on the task, the next spotter can continue the task where the first spotter left it. Have fun and please report any bugs or comments in this thread. Salute, Matthias
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