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  1. That is the primary goal behind opening the FC Flugpark server to the public and doing all this work. If FC is to be successful, it needs an active MP element as close to 24/7 as possible. If that's something we can provide to the community, then we wish to do so. I will investigate the double Barge 1 labels. The friendly fire ... complete mystery unless you bombed yourself.. The active fields in the front and rear and their planesets randomize as the start of the mission between multiple preset configurations. Two of four fields can be closed at the start, it's just highly unlikely. You may have just got lucky against the bridge defenses. It happens. There's also a very fine line between "crappy AAA" and "laser guided AAA" right now. Hopefully its not so fine a line when we get actual WW1 defense emplacements. Parser bug will be reported to Vaal. Nothing I can do on my end. Soon (TM) - probably after the alternate visibility poll is completed - my intention is to take completed and vetted missions and then split them into 3 versions set with different weather and times of day and that wil help provide a mix of content for those that have different ideas about "optimal" weather conditions.
  2. Phase 2 now underway - the Flying Circus Flugpark has had Alternate Visibility set to OFF for comparision testing against last week. Thanks, Matthias
  3. Server Updates 10/12/2019 - UPDATE NOW RELEASED! Amiens To St Quentin - DUSK: Moved mission time back 1 hour to 4PM because I got a report it got too dark by 8PM? Removed custom sound files linked to mission and cleaned up the mission ending sequence of events. I'll save the music for campaigns... Implemented airfield healing, refueling, rearming, and repairing Note: Pilots will have to set up some key binds for this to work but the mission now supports it. Airfields can rearm and refuel in 20 seconds. They can repair and heal in 40 seconds. This is mostly implemented for the benefit of two seaters and mission limited planes attempting to repeatedly sortie away from home fields. It also ties into the new War Stress System (see below) Introduced a new Mission objective reward system that allows both sides to "win" the map. I call it War Stress. How it basically works: You complete mission objectives. The enemy team/coalition is then penalized with an increase in their "War Stess" which goes from 3 to 18 points. Your coalition is also possibly rewarded with a reduction in it's War Stress. Every 3 points gained by either side takes their War Stress up a complete level which brings about bad things as the war effort in your sector starts to break down further and further, materials are squandered, morale is lower... and if it gets bad enough, will lead to a general retreat across the entire front line. Complete Objective Rewards: Ground attack - reduce friendly stress by 1 point Truck Convoy Kill - increase enemy stress by 1 Train Kill - increase enemy stress by 1 Tank Platoon kill - reduce friendly stress by 1 point , increase enemy stress by 1 (not currently in mission) Barge Kill - increase enemy stress by 2 Artillery Battery Kill - increase enemy stress by 2 Bridge Kill - increase enemy stress by 2 Photo Recon Completion - reduce friendly stress by 2 points, increase enemy stress by 1 Factory Kill - increase enemy stress by 3 War Stress Levels and Effects: LEVEL 0 (3-5 points) - NO ADVERSE EFFECTS, KEEP ON FIGHTING! LEVEL 1 (6-8 points) - AIRCRAFT REPAIR AND MEDICAL SERVICES FOR PILOTS AT FORWARD AERODROMES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. SPECIALIZED LOGISTICS SERVICES ARE SUFFERING SHORTAGES. LEVEL 2 (9-11 points) - AIRCRAFT REARM AND REFUELING SERVICES AT FORWARD AERODROMES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. BASIC LOGISTICS SERVICES ARE SUFFERING SHORTAGES. LEVEL 3 (12-14 points) - ACTIVE FORWARD AERODROMES ARE CLOSED AND THEIR SQUADRONS WITHDRAW FROM ACTION. MASSIVE SHORTAGES OF ALL WAR MATERIALS, MASSIVE LOGISTICS REORGANIZATION REQUIRED. LEVEL 4 (15-17 points) - HEAVY AAA UNITS IN THE SECTOR WITHDRAW IN PREPARATION FOR A GENERAL RETREAT ARMY DISORGANIZATION INCREASING, UNITS NOT FOLLOWING ORDERS LEVEL 5 (18 points +) - GENERAL RETREAT INITIATED, IMMEDIATE ENEMY VICTORY ARMY HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO CONCEED CONTROL OF THE SECTOR AND CONSOLIDATE THEIR FRONT LINE Missions Ending Due to Timeout: Upping the enemy War Stress level also will give your coalition a bunch of Primary and Secondary objective points the higher you get them, so if you don't win automatically, the intention is that the points awarded via that system will result in the appropriate victory being awarded at the mission completion screen - I SINCERELY HOPE Q&A Why do War Stress points start at 3 instead of 0 or 1? - Because negative numbers are scary to the game engine and cause "interesting" results. So I cheated and made a negative impossible. Yes that's right IMPOSSIBLE. Go ahead and try and break it please! How the crap can the game engine do this? ROF can't do this! - The new set value and add value triggers in the mission builder are without a doubt one of if not the best piece of functionality that C1 had added to BOS/FC. If you're a mission builder you need to check these bad boys out. Any limitations on reducing friendly war stress? - Yes, you can never reduce war stress points below 4. It starts the game at 3, but you can NEVER return it lower than 4 points which is still "Level 0" - no negative War Stress effects. Why is that? Logic limitations of the system. How do I know the exact war stress count as opposed to the Level? - You don't EXACTLY. When the counter moves up or down between 3 and 18 it will tell you what the new stress level is, but you will not know the exact number on the track netween 3 and 18, other than if it goes to 18 or above, because the game will end in an almost immediate enemy victory - that is War Stress level 5. I went and looked at this thing in the editor... did you actually learn math in school? - Long story short - I have to actually trick the game into counting backwards and subtracting by making it count PAST the number its going to, and then returning to the number I want it to remember and take action on. there were some additional hoops even getting it to tick upwards when adding more than 1 at a time. SO - If you give this just a cursory glance you're probably going to be confused by what you see. If you want an in depth discussion, we can talk on TS.
  4. I have a wild guess as to why this may be... the server is using two custom sound files. I will reverify that the directories are appropriately set. Please make sure that the following directoy path is not read only: 1C Game Studios\<your game directory name here>\data\swf\il2\storage Update: I reverified that everyone should be able to download these files but just to be on the safe side, I will probably remove them from the missions.
  5. Server Updates 10/10/2019 Amiens To St Quentin - DUSK: Fixed a bug where Central was not seeing Heavy AAA zones correctly, although the main icons were correctly visible There is now a visibile "front line" on the map using the normal convention common to ROF maps, as well as bolded territory borders to the sides and rear (may not be fully visible if outside the map hardcoded Arras borders). All mission objectives now have icons that will deactive when the objective is inactive and activate when the objective is active. Significantly reducing map clutter in the long run - the system will be incorporated automatically into new maps. The objective update messages now run on a 20 minute timer as opposed to every 5 minutes. I intend to leave it like this for a little while with the objective icons updating and then we can have a discussion on whether or not an alternate timer setting would be preferable, or the message spooler can be removed completely (Right now I think this is a bad idea).
  6. No activation trigger required. Make sure you hook each waypoint with an object link back to the train Mission Start -> 3sec timer -> Waypoint 1 (object link to train) -> waypoint 2 (object link to train) -> etc. .
  7. If you need examples of complicated scripts for randomization and photo recons hit up the map of the flying circus flugpark. JG1 has a new territory capture system so hit up Butzell for that. I plan to have working arty spotting and trench mapping systems by the end of the month that I can share with you.
  8. Bumping again because the WW1 community deserves an answer.
  9. Just to be clear Sizzlorr, I understood you meant objectives within a single mission file.
  10. Lots of good ideas, many of them Ive toyed with extensively. Some I even already have plans to implement like icon triggering. Gating funneling aaa battery icons behind players finding them is not a nice surprise. That is more of a campaign thing for when funnel areas are randomized. The current play area ia not large enough to support random funnels. Also not everyone wants a congratulations you found an elite flak battery youre dead experience without warning. The requirement of a maintainable randomized system is a fully stable design template. Were not quite there on all the types of missions yet. There are already quite a few randomized systems in the map. Expect more as time goes on. Territory capture is a cool concept. Been played with extensively. Eventually you will see some... But not yet. It is harder to effectively pull off than it sounds. As we get actual ww1 units to take place of the ww2 ones that will also drive upgrades to the mission designs. Chained missions I did in ROF... Im not chaining here until I have fully trusted and vetted systems to work with... Also keep in mind that randomization actually can make implementation of chaining more difficult where the two systems interact.
  11. Well based on some of the absolutely dumbfounding ai behavior Ive experienced over the past month not to mention what I watched yesterday putting ai on the arras map I kind of have to agree... -ai two seaters not manning rear gun positions when under fire -the formation system appears completely broken. Following the linking system instructions in the editor manual for wingmen to flight leaders results in them ignoring orders. -ai planes chasing an enemy throttling back to slowly approach when chasing a target instead of actually closing on it at speed in straight and level chase. -dragging planes in a dogfight dragging so far they lose contact with their pursuer. -the ai landing system that requires an active airfield now to even work and then the ai gets itself stuck in a loop because of player/ai traffic in the pattern and then it can threaten to jam up the entire server.
  12. Just go download a copy of the current flying circus flugpark map. Open the group called central photo recon or entente photo recon. Pm me and I can explain how to close a small loophole that exists in that system for tournament and campaign play.
  13. Server Updates 10/8/2019 Amiens To St Quentin - DUSK: AI flights with random starting locations added to both sides. A two seater will run Trench Mapping routes at 1500 meters, escorted by two scouts. All planes also have randomized pilot ability levels. "Marking AAA" units in the center of the mud have been repositioned into staggered positions on either side of the lines. The crews are all nearly insane after months in the trenches and so they will shoot at any approaching aircraft out of panic and desperation. Fixed a message issue for Central that told them Entente factories were not targets when they were. We've found the enemy agent responsible for this treachery and dealt with them. The stats system appear to be back online? I didn't think I fixed it but apparently I did so... yay! Some of the ww1 themed eye candy is temporarily gone but we'll get that back up asap.
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