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  1. Absolute gold. This can potentially save so much time and effort spent making timer breakers to kill logic pulses in the middle of complex repetative logic.
  2. Hey Vaal can we upgrade to a later version of Python or are we still locked at 3.5.2?
  3. No issue at all, even when located on the wings like in some of the ww1 birds. Make sure that you set up the command Maximum Zoom which is a hold toggle zoom for VR, and set Sharpen in your graphic settings to maximum. I came here trying to figure out the same thing. You're looking for the command Quick Zoom: Maximum under pilot head controls on the key bindings menu. You do not need to set a minimum zoom key as this is a hold toggle binding. As soon as you let go your view returns to normal.
  4. WEATHER FORECAST STATION LFAQ (EPINOY) Dusk Wind: 03 KNTS (1.5 m/s) from 310 Clouds: Scattered at 1550m (~5100ft) Turbulence: Light Chop Temperature: 14C Pressure: 749mmHg NOTAM: The mission starts immediately! No warm-up period! WEATHER FORECAST STATION LFAQ (EPINOY) Dawn Wind: 01 KNTS (0.5 m/s) from 340 Clouds: Few at 300m (~1000ft) Turbulence: None Temperature: 6C Dewpoint: 4C Precipitation: Baby Rain (Light Fog) Pressure: 756mmHg NOTAM: The mission starts immediately! No warm-up period!
  5. MARCH 29th MISSION UPDATES - ALL MAPS Amiens St. Quentines Changelist: Changed: Upped the rearm and repair service area radius at all fields to 50m from 25m so they're much more usable. Too many reports of "doesn't work" and I realize that we're not all expert drivers when it comes to avoiding the flagpole. 😑 Changed: fuel replenishment and rearm speeds to be easily controllable for partial loadouts. Changed: Repair and reheal speeds were reduced slightly Doullens Cambrai Changelist: Changed: Recon script so that now you are able to
  6. Hey guys, I already PM'd this to Sizzlorr but figured I would repost for all. A tool you can use for some great airfield info is an offline copy of a now defunct website. I'll link you a download package. https://github.com/dptww1/WW1AirMap2 1. Hit Clone or Download green button on that page. 2. Download zip file 3. Either open the zip file and double click index.html or extract the whole package to a folder and then execute index.html 4. Opens website in browser Enjoy!
  7. SUNDAY PATCH: DOULLENS CAMBRAI Fixed: Entente Recon C doesn't activate central icon for trench attack in sector C anymore. Fixed: Every recon subtitle has it's own space on the screen now to prevent them from overlapping. Recon A is bottom left, recon B is bottom center and recon C is bottom right. Changed: Recon mission script, so that if a recon gets shot down the next recon will spawn after 5 minuites. This is done to prevent recon exploit and long waits for recon planes. To not interfere with the other recon planes every recon has its own airfield n
  8. Ok you have a misunderstanding here - the F key views - Those views are called the "padlock" and if we allowed everyone on the server to access to the padlock it would kill the realism, in that right now everyone must look from their plane to spot things. If padlock were allowed bouncing another human player would be near impossible. It has absolutely nothing to do with catering to VR. Before VR was even a thing, many pilots bought a product called TrackIR which allows you to look around usng your head and a set of lasers tracking your direction of your face. But befo
  9. And the tweaking continues! Thank you all for the continued feedback and support... Dialing some of this stuff in continues to be a real challenge. Mission updates deploying now. Change list Doullens Cambrai: - Photo recon target distances significantly reduced to reduce time required in air - Fixed: Recon icon in Sector C on the allied side will now deactivate properly - Fixed: Trench attack icon in Sector C on the central side will now activate properly after successful recon in that sector - Changed: Trench attack logic: to 4 targets out of 5 have
  10. FLUGPARK SERVER 20-02-02 UPDATE Arras St. Quentin maps Patrol Airstarts renamed to Dogfight Airstarts to reflect their purpose better. A "Dogfight Area" Icon is now present over the mud directly between the two Dogfight Airstarts. May help with priming server during low pop times. CHANGES to parser countable points for completing two seater missions (Photo Recons). The model being used to track the points has changed. It now will look like a large hubcap on the ground in the hangar when you taxi over. You can shoot at the hubcap or slightly above the hub
  11. FLUGPARK SERVER 20-01-30 UPDATE Arras St. Quentin Map Air start spawns increased to 1000m height to support immediate dogfighting. British mud flak was indeed able to shoot over the Cappy airfield too accurately. Mud flak quality degraded. Just a further note I'm still not happy with the AAA situation. There will be further changes. No matter what solution we go with, we're just not going to be able to totally get away from the WW2 batteries in some places until things get fixed by the devs.
  12. FLUGPARK SERVER 20-01-22 UPDATE ALL MISSIONS Arras St. Quentin maps Albatross D5 Patrol Airstart fixed to spawn D5s as opposed to Fokker D.VIIs All Entente armored cars switched to Mk 5 male tanks In additional, all ground attack targets have 2 such tanks and 2 infantry. All Central ground attack targets now have 2 infantry guns and 2 infantry as opposd to 1 gun and 3 infantry.. Added parser countable points for completing two seater missions (Photo Recons). After completing the mission and landing successfully you will be prompted by subtitles to taxi ove
  13. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and NewYears break. Sorry for the lack of new content, but family took priority through most of December. Anyway... here we go into another year and we're getting the train back on the rails so to speak SERVER UPDATE 2020-01-07 Amiens St. Quentin maps rearming, repair, refueling on all airfields now work per the rules laid out on the War Stress meters (forward airfields can lose access to services). "Repair" trucks offering these "FBO" services are located next to airfield flags and have a 25 meter service radius. Repair truc
  14. On Wednesday December 4th, Our server experienced a sudden issue with regards to people being unable to enter and crashing back to the main multiplayer screen when attempting to connect in. We'd like to know if any other multiplayer servers are experiencing this issue (because it may take some time to dectect if you're not monitoring traffic), and we believe the issue is linked to a "quick hotfix" potenitally deployed incorrectly by C1. Facts: The server is running Flying Circus Missions The server SUCCESSFULLY updated to 4.002 and ran with no issues for multipl
  15. Unfortunately C1 pushed an update hotfix that has caused a serious bug. The J5 server is up with the old Kuban Flugpark mission running I can't offer more details because I'm still troubleshooting and because I'm liable to say some very unkind things to the game devs... suffice to say that every one of the six missions in our current roation was rendered unrunnable. It has already taken 3 people and approximately 16+ total hours of work to realize it was a map issue as opposed to a server issue. Once I have more facts and find the true source of the issue, I will repo
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