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  1. I have the rift CV1 but this sounds like the same problem. I tried to reinstall everything and it got a little better but still have to close one eye. I find it difficult to understand how to change stuff in this mod but if you figure out what’s the problem I would be great full if you cheered it
  2. Is there a way to adjust the view horizontal for each eye when I’m zoomed in? Maybe I can fix my problem that way.
  3. I reinstalled the game and followed the instruction. The zoom got a little better but it is still a little bit of Center. its like I need to cross my eyes to se the zoom straight
  4. I was new to the game back then. No need to be rude boy.
  5. Hi. I have this problem with the mod when I zoom 10x and 5x I’ll get som wired zoom so I have to either close one Eye or cross my eyes to se. I have tried deleting the mod and downloading it again but the same problem happens. I have the Rift CV1 please help me
  6. Thank you man! Now that freakin ring is gone
  7. hank you man for fast anwsering. That was faster then most support calls a made in my life 😃
  8. So then I have to supersample with Tray tools?
  9. Just started up Il2 after not playing for a longer time and the F*****g blue ring is back. Is there a new way to get rid of it?
  10. I am curious how you experience a night mission?
  11. Thanks for the review! I’m so going to upgrade to reverb from the CV1.
  12. I’m interested in buying a Reverb. How is the field view compre to the Rift ? Is it demanding?
  13. Hello again. Still enjoying this campaign. After blasting some Night Witches out of the sky its was time to do a offensive maneuver and attack landing bombers and there airfield. I took down there flying a20s and two parked aircraft. Doing the second pass on the airfield I got shoot upp really bad and had a struggle getting home with one engine and the other one starting to overheat. I was at final approach when I noticed I had only one wheel down. I managed bring the bird down just beside the runway with the plane still intact... almost. But I got a mission field any ways. Thats was a big disappointment after all me and my gunner was thru on that mission. Is there a way you could change it? I like the idea of coming home after a hard battle, barley making it in ditch by the air field.
  14. I’m looking forward to this one
  15. Hello. Is there any of you mission makers working on new scripted campaigns? I really enjoy flying all of your works and would gladly pay for more exiting scripted campaigns if there is a way for you sell them? Or just give us for free with love 😃
  16. Thank you! Now everything works fine and I past mission 5 last night. I really enjoy this campaign.
  17. Its a really nice camping so far. But I’m stuck at mission five. It doesn’t seam to register the second waypoint? I flew thru it and it doesn’t change? Any solution?
  18. hello fellow pilots! Its game time for me this weekend and I wonder if what time is good to come online? When is the server aktive and people are online at discord?
  19. Yes I did that my first time yesterday and its great. You guys will se more of me in the time to come
  20. My battle rapport from last night. This was my second mission in multiplayer on KOTA and MP. Last night I hade a ruff mission. I got airborne and was on a bombing mission in my 110. One 111 in our group had problems and lost all the bombs before we even came over enemy territory. Left was me and my 190 escort. I guess my escort tried to figure out where we were and accidentally rammed me and damage my right engine and took of my right Aileron. The 190 was badly damaged and Returned to base. I managed to stabilise the plane and took the decision to carry out the mission of attacking the 51s dev. I located the tanks and drop my bombs taking a T34 out and damage at least four more. Turned west and struggled with the navigation on low altitude. When I reached 2000 meters I knew that I was over axis ground. I was following my navigation routine wish is in the very early stage when I spoted two fighters flying round me on lower altitude. I identify them as two 190s and continued flyg north west. Guess they identify me as a Peshka and the attack me and took three passes on me taking out my right engine and damaging my 110 badly. They must have relized there misstake when the left me alone in a hurry. But hey, its war. My bird was still in the air but I was struggling keeping her in level flight at 350 meters. I knew I was over the friendly soil and there where just a couple of there a flat field under me. We crash landed just by a small farm house and survived the day. This is a great server and good people. My second mission here was mighty interesting and I'm happy I experienced it. Good day gentlemen. WhiteMoose
  21. I definitely will. is there a discord or team speak Chanel I can join?
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