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  1. Thank you man! Now that freakin ring is gone
  2. hank you man for fast anwsering. That was faster then most support calls a made in my life 😃
  3. So then I have to supersample with Tray tools?
  4. Just started up Il2 after not playing for a longer time and the F*****g blue ring is back. Is there a new way to get rid of it?
  5. I am curious how you experience a night mission?
  6. Thanks for the review! I’m so going to upgrade to reverb from the CV1.
  7. I’m interested in buying a Reverb. How is the field view compre to the Rift ? Is it demanding?
  8. Hello again. Still enjoying this campaign. After blasting some Night Witches out of the sky its was time to do a offensive maneuver and attack landing bombers and there airfield. I took down there flying a20s and two parked aircraft. Doing the second pass on the airfield I got shoot upp really bad and had a struggle getting home with one engine and the other one starting to overheat. I was at final approach when I noticed I had only one wheel down. I managed bring the bird down just beside the runway with the plane still intact... almost. But I got a mission field any ways. Thats was a big disappointment after all me and my gunner was thru on that mission. Is there a way you could change it? I like the idea of coming home after a hard battle, barley making it in ditch by the air field.
  9. I’m looking forward to this one
  10. Hello. Is there any of you mission makers working on new scripted campaigns? I really enjoy flying all of your works and would gladly pay for more exiting scripted campaigns if there is a way for you sell them? Or just give us for free with love 😃
  11. Thank you! Now everything works fine and I past mission 5 last night. I really enjoy this campaign.
  12. Its a really nice camping so far. But I’m stuck at mission five. It doesn’t seam to register the second waypoint? I flew thru it and it doesn’t change? Any solution?
  13. hello fellow pilots! Its game time for me this weekend and I wonder if what time is good to come online? When is the server aktive and people are online at discord?
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