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  1. yes I suspected that... I´ll go looking for the right one. What is a reasonable price for one?
  2. Okey good. I was a little worried because the one I orderd didn't look like yours =P Pleas tell me this one works
  3. Are there different sidewinder ffb2 stick out there and are there some modells that won't work for this project?
  4. Wow Thats awesome! could you point me in some direction so I can make one. Im waiting on a ffb2. What to do next?
  5. Wow, that sound great to modify it! Do you know any good guides?
  6. I’m thinking of buying one on eBay. do you fell when you are firing as well?
  7. Is there some problems installing the Sidewinder to a modern pc? And how is it to combine with IL2?
  8. I have the rift CV1 but this sounds like the same problem. I tried to reinstall everything and it got a little better but still have to close one eye. I find it difficult to understand how to change stuff in this mod but if you figure out what’s the problem I would be great full if you cheered it
  9. Is there a way to adjust the view horizontal for each eye when I’m zoomed in? Maybe I can fix my problem that way.
  10. I reinstalled the game and followed the instruction. The zoom got a little better but it is still a little bit of Center. its like I need to cross my eyes to se the zoom straight
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