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  1. Is there a way so I can have both my Saitek x52 and my Saitek Yoke working so I don’t have to bind them every time I want to switch between them? I tried to bind pitch up and down on both but it seem that it’s only one working at the one time. Not simultaneously.
  2. Im looking for a swedish squadron
  3. I have problems updating the game. Steem doesn’t update it automatically like it should and I can’t start the game because after loading a while this massage pops up that the game needs a update? Solution anyone?
  4. Why is the flak so small in this game. For the immersion it would be so nice to se the flak pounding all around the plane. Maybe the flak guys don’t have to be so freakin good and multiply them by x10. What do you guys think?
  5. Thanks Mate! Yeah that me. But I had problems with the game and multiplayer setup. so I’ll do like you said and register with another name
  6. So I don’t have to use my Il2 name? I can choose whatever name I like? Because when I write WhiteMoose it tells me that I already have a account
  7. Hi! Im new to TAW but som how a time ago I registered on the page. Now I can’t login. I want to register for the Allies
  8. This is a awesome campaign. I hade a great time flying it and I love the detail. Meeting fighters and attackers coming home from missions. But when I try to play the penultimate mission there’s a bug when I taxi my leader start taxi I crashes in to the guy in front of him and the whole operation stays unsuccessful. I even tried flying solo bombing the s**t of the convoy, landing and still got mission failed
  9. yes I suspected that... I´ll go looking for the right one. What is a reasonable price for one?
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