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  1. You can ignore the "Src" folder, it's a Visual Studio solution with the source code that's compiled in the "Release" folder as .DLL files.
  2. One thing to keep in mind is to get on the Northern Line train to Edgeware, there are two branches of the Northern line. So, Colindale is on the Edgeware branch. I've been to Hendon twice, but have yet to see Duxford..some time I will. Last year, at Hendon, I managed to see a flypast of a Spit and a Hurricane: https://www.times-series.co.uk/news/15541847.Historic_fighter_planes_fly_over_museum_to_commemorate_famous_military_campaign/
  3. An update with the Javelin issue in WOFF(and most likely the same issue discovered in WOTR): The buttons were recognized in the WOFFKeys mapping utility but not in the game..this was the same problem that was solved for the VKB Gladiator. The configuration file , WOFFKEYS.XCA , contained an extra trailing space " " character in the Javelin heading. Removing this " " and saving the file solved the problem ! The only issue in WOFF now is that I need to add the " " back into the WOFFKEYS.XCA if I want to modify any key/axis mapping...not a big issue really.
  4. The control mapping worked fine until I plugged in my new Ravcore Javelin (Gladiator clone). The mapping tool recognizes all buttons and axes, but in-game most buttons won't work..It only maps "Fire" to one of the flap buttons on the joystick base. So I'll guess that I have to pass on WOTR.
  5. In WOFF, there were 3 levels of Claim realism (if I recall correctly): 1=Disabled (auto victory), 2=Claim with type and witness required (input data needed and auto victory), 3=Claim with type, witness and location needed. If the location was wrong , or if you selected a witness not part of the flight (or shot down), the claim was denied. Imagine the frustration when you were separated on your own and killed an enemy ace and failed to get the claim confirmed.
  6. If you have linked the 1C and Steam accounts, you should have the Bodenplatte contents in your Steam installation , I believe..
  7. I have the CH throttle quad + Yoke (not using the yoke in BOX that much, I have a Ravcore Javelin). Anyway, I have previously used CH Control Manager in mapped mode for different flight sims but with the arrival of the Javelin I decided to clean things up and only use the CH HW in direct mode. I also removed a Logitech Force 3D from my setup. I had some issues with joystick detection when I started BOX with the new setup..Win10 detected the devices OK, but not BOX. So then I examined a config file , the ”data\input\devices.txt” I think it was. That file contained a list of recognized devices...I removed the ”old” devices (CH Control Manager Device 1 and 2 + the Force 3D) and edited the joystick assignment number for the remaining devices...and then it worked. I think it’s also possible to remove the devices.txt file and let BOS find them again..of course, the mapping has to be re-done.
  8. Maybe the axis name needs to be added manually in the controls file ? I’m using the Logitech G25 pedals (combined axis) as rudder but the game only recognized the individual axis. I had something like ”joy5_AxisU” which had to be edited manually to ”joy5_AxisP” to work correctly. If the axis is not recognized at all by the game then this is probably not a solution.
  9. Well, in the career mode you can select skin...but the problem is that it doesnt stick between missions...you really dont get a personal aircraft whic is a bummer. The PWCG career mod solves most of that. There’s a lot to wish for in terms of radio commands..for SP play its pretty unusable, and also annoying to hear the voice of your own pilot calling out attacks and kills (as if you wouldnt know whats happening). Of course, if and when this is improved, I hope that radio commands are only implemented in aircraft that had transmitters. If you are squadron leader you will get a few radio commands though. Wingmen are just stupid right now.
  10. Boost-cutoff ”off” should be enough to get more boost..To really see a difference, make sure you fly with 100 oct fuel.
  11. My 4.12.2 BAT installation is something like 60 Gbs...I have the 4.12.2 VP mod on a separate drive, can't remember but much smaller though. A good "light" version for SP campaign (using DCG)...not flying it a lot nowdays with BOX, CLOD, WOFF/UE and ROF installed.
  12. Since these promo codes only grants discount in the ROF store and for things in the BOX store except from FC, BOBP and TC , I can’t see how early access customers can feel cheated ? Thx btw, got myself 3 new ROF aircraft + the Spit Vb.
  13. Barrel rolls and sideslips could make the E/A overshoot and end up in your sights..flying real low usually keeps them from firing as well
  14. In career mode the intercept missions are a immediate success after 1 kill...this may be sufficient, but the remaining enemy attackers continue to destroy ground units while you flight is on the way home for some Schnapps/Vodka...same for AI only missions that you don’t participate in. The outcome of these shows typically 1 kill only for a success mission. A proposal would be to alter the criteria to something similar to ground attack missions where several targets need to be destroyed
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