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  1. A dynamic campaign generator would meet my needs, however I’ll probably buy it for the Gladiator and Wimpey..There is a ”dynamic mission by theOden” for Blitz that generates a new mission after each sortie that is good (albeit without the immersion provided by PWCG, vanilla career in BOX etc). This will hopefully be adapted for Desert Wings. Hopefully the AI is better..we’ll se. I will not buy until there are some reviews..
  2. The big ones seems to be Revenge class (top) and Queen Elizabeth class . The cruiser could be Leander-class
  3. Maybe the engine torque wasn't enough to spin that prop at higher revs ?
  4. It's not perfect, but Crimea could pose as Sicily (or even Sardinia) , Kerch -> Messina , and the rest some kind of "twisted " Italy mainland (Calabria , Salerno-Naples area or whatever)...distances will be incorrect but it could be a fun campaign...
  5. Upvote...considering that we now have a 1944 Eastern Front Campaign on the Stalingrad map, maybe we could have an 1943 Sicily/Salerno campaign using the Kuban map ? Spit MkV, P40 and P39 flying for USAAF and RAF vs Regia Aeronautica and the Luftwaffe flying Macchi's, BF109G's etc...
  6. https://www.flygvapenmuseum.se/om-flygvapenmuseum/prao/praobloggen/p-51-mustang/
  7. http://svaf.net/index.php
  8. Jorma Sarvanto got 6 DB-3 on Jan 6, 1940. But still, the AI squad mates are very nonproductive unless I send them on a mission without participating myself.
  9. It’s not working with my current control setup (MFDs with buttons, custom panel, throttle quadrant etc)..need to see stuff. The day I can click inside the virtual cockpit , I’ll consider it. I guess that I’ll get VR anyway for racing games at some point.
  10. Career immersion improvement suggestions. Type of improvement: Career injuries, length of absence linked to wound severity Explanation: Currently, being injured in a career rarely requires more than a week to return to active duty. If shot, badly burned or in a serious crash-landing it would be more realistic with a longer absence. Type of improvement: Being able to request leave / forced to take a leave Explanation: Requesting a leave will advance the career a week (for example). Optional: After a number of successive missions, force a short leave to rest the pilot.
  11. Please move this to the big suggestion thread..
  12. A feature only available when the full screen map / mission briefing is selected and on AutoPilot/Level Autopilot. When activated , time will pass rapidly (16-32x). CPU-calculations for AI units etc will be simplified while TimeSkip is activated. Once enemy units are visible, TimeSkip will exit automatically. SP only, of course.
  13. The scripts/13squadron.cfg has some errors . All Staffels flying 109F2 and F4's now gets 109K4's. Interesting but not historical. I edited the file back to F2/F4s and got the correct aircraft the next day in my career.
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