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  1. I am learning to fly the ME-262 and I had a question about online play. Are people finding that the back armor is useful to have? Thank you in advance for your replies.
  2. Thank you for your answers. niektóre odpowiedzi były bardziej pomocne niż inne.
  3. Hello! Are there runways on the Rheinland map long enough for taking off the Me-262?
  4. I never realized that the Tempest was never fitted with rockets. I thought it did ground duty just like the previous Typhoon. I was hoping to get a Typhoon substitute when I heard that the Tempest was announced. I remember footage on the Thames Television show World at War of Typhoon rocket attacks.
  5. Hopefully by my next paycheck I will be able to purchase the P-38. In the meantime I had a question about online play. Is the fact that you can very easily recognize a P- 38 a benefit or a curse? Both? Just curious to see what your opinions are. I remember hearing somewhere that they used a lot of P 38‘s on D-Day because they were so easily recognizable they were safe against trigger happy Allied anti-aircraft gunners. Just curious how this works out when you’re going against another human.
  6. Are there future plans for the Tempest to get rockets?
  7. I don’t have Bodenplatte yet and was curious about something. Has anyone belly landed a ME-262 on land? I was curious how it would behave with the two underslung engines, whether that would be an advantage or disadvantage. I can imagine trying to set it down in the water would end badly but I wasn’t sure about how it would work on land. Thanks for your replies.
  8. I was interested in getting back into flying the MC 202 but I was wondering how many multiplayer sites let you have the version with cannon. It’s standard armament is pretty weak. Thanks for your replies
  9. Sorry made two posts and can't figure out how to delete one of them..
  10. Hello all first time posting. I decided to get Il-2 Moscow last week because of the sale and I have been very happy. I played Rise of Flight a couple years ago online and really enjoyed it so I would like to try Il-2 multiplayer. Right know I am learning the planes. I was wondering if there is a "typical" altitude range that online battles are being fought or are they all over the place?
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