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  1. "The crew can become motion sick from alternating G loads;" goodbye to OP russian gunners
  2. 2 week delay inc, take cover now
  3. It will be released today at 11:59pm on the last timezone on earth.
  4. My game crashes straight to desktop frequently, both on and offline, while flying. It seems to only crash in game, not in menus. Not yet at least. Here is the lastest crash: Il-2.exe.15840.rar
  5. Well I kind of lied, I have 50-60 hours in single player...and more in DCS in the P51. Almost all of it was in the BF 109 though, haven't touched others. So sign me up boss.
  6. I was wondering how me and my buddy should jump into IL-2. Where's a good place to start? Can we hop into a CO-OP mission?
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