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  1. hi mate i give shout outs when able to fly on the Irregulars discord channel here https://discord.gg/W9RV46p
  2. Hi all i know this is in the wrong section, but was wondering how many new players check the Skins and Templates section. so i ask please do not move this post. There are two new skin mini bundle releases with 500 to 600 skins in them 10GB in total, about half have not been in the bundles before. if you want to bighten up your skys, and increase your immersion, have a look at this thread. You may want to follow this thread as new mini bundle are coming out weekly. thanks S! paul
  3. Good Evening all ! Here is the second mini update I would like again to thank the_dudeWG for all his hard efforts and diligence, in trying to make some order out of the Flying Circus Historical Skins, over half this bundle where renamed and sorted by him. for the first time we have Y_ and X_ prefixed skins i highly recommend you have a look at these as they are some of the brightest and lively skins in the game. Y_ skins are pure fantasy skins or skins from movies. X_ skins are post WW1 or WW1 planes that did not directly take part in combat, like training planes.Y_ and X_ skins can be flown by all players. The bundle also contains more Virtual Squadrons ( V_ prefix ) and personal Skin ( Z_ prefix), please do not fly in a V_ or a Z_ prefixed planes . you will also see some V_ skins that are D7F marked but are in the D7 folder, this is meant to be, they are V_ skin used by a Squadron, these are same files under two different planes sections, due to the interchangeable abilities of skins, same goes for some two seat plane Skins.
  4. The next is a write up of the_DudeWG, who is kindle helping sort out a common naming system for Historical Skins of planes who took part in WW1, and i can not thank him enough, for all the work he is putting in, try and sort a common naming system naming for Flying Circus Historical skins. it will affect positively the game in so many aspects, like skins being used in campaign's, but the main thing is a smooth distribution of Flying Circus skin, so everyone can see all of the 1000 to 2000 wonderful skins that have already be created for flying circus. Thank you to all skin creators for adding a whole new dimension of immersion and realism to a already great game. Here is what the_dudeWG posted in this thread, reposting here so it is not overlooked. Hello all! I'm trying to help Paul (@GCF) update the skin names for his Unofficial Skin Bundle and he asked me to remind everyone on the new naming guidelines for the Historical skins as they require some knowledge on their use, dating back to Rise of Flight. Luckily for us, we aren't under the same restrictions that were imposed on us by 777, but there are a couple minor (but important) rules to follow. Every Historical Skin should begin with one of the following prefixes, depending on the aircraft: Central Planes AD5 for Albatros FDR1 for Fokker DR1 FD7 for Fokker D7 FD7F for Fokker D7F PD3a For Pfalz D3a CL2 for Halberstadt CL2 CL2_au for HalberstadtCL2au Entente Planes SC for Sopwith Camel Dolphin for Sopwith Dolphin Spad13 for Spad 13 Se5a for Se5a F2b for BristolF2BF2 F2b_F3 for BristolF2BF2 Followed by an underscore "_" Followed by the squadron designation (most often) used in Rise of Flight Note, means that the French were usually Esc## and SPA##. The British were RFC##, RNAS##, and RAF##. The US were US##. The Australians were AFC#. The Germans were J## and Sch##. Etc. The above list is not conclusive, but it should cover most of our historical skins. If certain squadrons fall outside of the common group, please bring it to our attention if you're unsure so that we can help resolve its in-game designation. Why does it matter that the letters proceed the numbers in a squadron's in-game designation? This is just to ensure all faction are grouped and separated from other factions' squadrons. 10RNAS is probably more accurate of a title for No. 10 squadron RNAS, but RNAS10 is the better way of listing the squadron within the game's menu, including other programs like PWCG. It also keeps the different skins alphabetically grouped neatly within our Window's folders. After the squadron designation, follow with another underscore"_" The rest of the skin name can be named as you wish, with the exception of duplication of other skin names or potentially dangerous special characters. So far; spaces, periods, commas, and dashes seem OK to use (after the PLANE_SQUAD_ prefix). I would avoid quotes, brackets, parenthesis and most other special characters if possible. Here are some examples of historical skin names that would be acceptable: SC_RNAS3_Breadner SC_RFC80_DEC17 SC_AFC4_MAR18 Spad13_SPA75_Number15 Spad13_SPA161_Tognard Spad13_US28_Default Spad13_US103_Capt. G. DeFreest Larner Spad13_Esc80_generic Dolphin_RAF19_C4017 Dolphin_RFC19_C3792 F2B_AFC1_B1148 F2B_RFC22_default F2B_F3_RAF48_C841 F2B_F3_RFC20_AUG17 SE5a_RFC60_Bishop_August 1917 SE5a_RAF64_E4002 SE5a_RFC56_James McCudden SE5a_RFC56_Capt. A.Ball PD3a_J32__Jakob Landin PD3a_J10_Default_JUL17 PD3a_J7_Carl Degelow_Early FDr1_J12_Ltn_Paul_Hoffmann_436_17_V1 FDr1_J10_WernerVoss_V1yellow FDR1_J26_Bruno Loerzer AD5_J76_Munchner Kindl (NOTE: The "b" was never used for the Bavarian units in RoF and is unnecessary) AD5_J11_MANFRED VON RICHTHOFEN_ JULY AD5_J18_Unknown_3C More examples to come ... it's getting late. Also, one last important request: Any skin makers who have (or will have) skins in the Unofficial Skin Bundle, it would be a big help to Paul and myself if you would offer to rename them yourself and resubmit them to Paul. We are more than willing to do the actual renaming, but the more people involved, the faster we can accomplish this task. This is true with the V, X, Y, and Z skins as well! Thank you for your support and please feel free to pose any questions or objections to anything I or Paul have noted on this subject. This is a community run project and we are all a part of this community. S! Virtual Squadron Skins ( only to be flown by the Squadron Member and is a personal skin) Should start with a V_ prefix, after the prefix is up to you. Flyable Post WW1 and WW1 aircraft from nations not involved in WW1 ( These skins can be flown by everyone) Should start with a X_ prefix, after the prefix is up to you. Fantasy flyable skins ( These skins can be flown by everyone) Should start with a Y_ prefix, after the prefix is up to you. Personal Skins Should start with a Z_ prefix, after the prefix is up to you.
  5. Hi all really messed up, the first bundle had so many errors on my part, i had to do a V2 of the first update, it contains the correct naming system, i will upload the relevant skins to the skin creator. sorry i ended up in a situation where i was drowning in skins, and i acted hastily in post about and in trying to get everything sorted out myself and people where asking me things am incapable of doing like sorting out a naming system, for historical planes, which is important to the game. my lack of knowledge would be counterproductive to sorting out a very complete problem. if you all don't mind thedudeWG, has kindly offered to take on this mammoth task of getting the historical naming system figured out and getting working. i@ll still be working on the Prefixed skins. i thank thedudeWG for the offer of help , as i have really burned myself out over the last few months, hope you give him all the great support and help you have given me in trying to make a working skin system. Thank all ! Salute ! paul
  6. okay edited ill get some examples drawn up today.
  7. i personaly, am not so strict on skins a long as it starts with plane designation_squadron_some type of identifier, i dont think we have to be regimented about it, what i really want is a smooth, quick way of getting skins from creator to the, to the public, in a way which they can edit files and get them back in the game . also in a way that they can get used in the game , correctly, so people can know not to use personal skins, or virtual skins . sorry i did not play ROF but believe the skinning system there was not perfect, in a way that can be the same but a camel skin to me is a camel skin SC_Sq10_who ever what every what, just some type of identifier, all is good of me.It does not matter to me if its navy, french, US or from Italy, as i like to fly a skin i like not what its name is. any individual part of the game i am sportive of as long as Fast distribution, of all your have worked at skins, is my primary concern.
  8. hi comes from this post. you are correct sir nice catch will correct in next update as an X skin prefix, nice spot thank you
  9. One big note Please if renaming skins please use a _ in place of a space as it will separate into the skins containing _ in there names first and those with just a space below them, only needs to be use for Historical skins between the plane type and the Jasta / squadron and then between pilot name. just for organisation, please use J not Jasta in the unit names. In the same way please in any X_, V_,Y_, Z_ , rather than using a space. if you are willing i am always willing to change the names for you with your consent and send you a renamed skins in a zip folder. feel free to contact me anytime. thanks again Salute ! paul
  10. Thank you Sir ! By the look of things there maybe another mini update tomorrow so if you want them hot off the press you might follow want to follow this thread, in the Flying Circus Skins and Templates section thread. Mini bundles will be posted there !
  11. But not my work, i just collect them, i agree really livens up the whole game.
  12. i just though i would let everyone know, not all flyers follow the skin threads. everything is explained in post here
  13. Good evening all ! Finlay a bit of an update to the Flying Circus unofficial skin bundle, starting today a new mini skin bundle update will be coming out every few days or at least once a week. these mini updates use the new naming system, i do not want to keep you all waiting for any longer, i know i have kept you all waiting far to long, and for this i apologise. This first mini update only contains 274 skins 5.61 GB decompressed, to be exact , some old, some new, but is only a small fraction of skins from only a few skin Creators, the ones that already where using the new naming system , those who changed that names, and those that gave me permission to change the name of there skin. i will message each skin creator over the next few days, My apologies if i did not include your skin in today's , will have another mini update in a day or two, all skins with old name will still be there. Please contact me if you need any help , have questions or concerns ! I would like once more to say a massive thank you to all the skin creators out there, who make a great game even better with their colourful, vibrant skins that brighten the air for all that play FC. My hat off to you All ! zip file containing mini update is uploading to my Google drive now , have link for you all in about 15 min. Salute All ! paul First mini update 31/05/2020 Here's the link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CRrBJgrOr1fOUQPw-PFOAj2oVpNOKfY_?usp=sharing
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