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  1. sure will dont worry had computer problems the last two weeks but all sorted, if anyone wants to add more skins, i will start collecting on the 20th feb
  2. Hi all, will include skins, will start collecting all skins on the 10th so should have new bundle update latest end Feb, sure i will list date.
  3. New Skin Bundle Update 1 If you have the first bundle these links will update the FCUSB with new planes and some will replace old skins with later changes by the skin creator. Just choose the aircraft skins type you want from the links but the complete bundle will get you everything, no need to download the other bundles as the bottom 5 are just the complete bundle divided into skin categories. Complete Flying Circus Unofficial Skin bundle Update 1 ( All skins in one Download, No need to download other links ) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IvDuo3riDykfWGmq22kBB2kvAbWAT
  4. oops , give me the weekend and ill buy some new storage and upload bundles there
  5. I Claim No Credit for any of these skins, all skins in this bundle are other peoples hard work ! I would like to say a very big thanks to all skin designers, thank you for the excellent work, it is really adding a great new dimension to the game. Keep up the good work ! S! Virtual Squadron Skins ( only to be flown by the Squadron Member and is a personal skin) Should start with a V_ prefix, after the prefix is up to you. Flyable Post WW1 and WW1 aircraft from nations not involved in WW1 ( These skins can be flown by everyone) Should start with a X
  6. sorry for that at moment working on a update new link will be up in a week sorry for delay
  7. hi mate i give shout outs when able to fly on the Irregulars discord channel here https://discord.gg/W9RV46p
  8. Hi all i know this is in the wrong section, but was wondering how many new players check the Skins and Templates section. so i ask please do not move this post. There are two new skin mini bundle releases with 500 to 600 skins in them 10GB in total, about half have not been in the bundles before. if you want to bighten up your skys, and increase your immersion, have a look at this thread. You may want to follow this thread as new mini bundle are coming out weekly. thanks S! paul
  9. Good Evening all ! Here is the second mini update I would like again to thank the_dudeWG for all his hard efforts and diligence, in trying to make some order out of the Flying Circus Historical Skins, over half this bundle where renamed and sorted by him. for the first time we have Y_ and X_ prefixed skins i highly recommend you have a look at these as they are some of the brightest and lively skins in the game. Y_ skins are pure fantasy skins or skins from movies. X_ skins are post WW1 or WW1 planes that did not directly take part in combat, like training planes.Y_ an
  10. The next is a write up of the_DudeWG, who is kindle helping sort out a common naming system for Historical Skins of planes who took part in WW1, and i can not thank him enough, for all the work he is putting in, try and sort a common naming system naming for Flying Circus Historical skins. it will affect positively the game in so many aspects, like skins being used in campaign's, but the main thing is a smooth distribution of Flying Circus skin, so everyone can see all of the 1000 to 2000 wonderful skins that have already be created for flying circus. Thank you to all skin creators for adding
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