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  1. Excellent skins, would you like me to add then to the FC Unoffical Skin Bundle ? S! paul
  2. Sure SYN_Skydance Dont worry about deadline it will be around the 15th to 20th January, I am working on a list of all skin creators, including all links their posts, i collect skins from, per creator. Once the list is published, the deadline will be 15 days later. If all goes well, the bundle chapter two of the unofficial skin bundle will be available in the start of February.
  3. Good morning All ! I have been looking at the Flying Circus Skins again, with the amount of skins being produced, the amount of different threads they are produced in, or different web sites, makes collection of these excellent skins most confusing and almost impossible to stay on top of skins being produced. The Flying Circus Unofficial Skin Bundle will hopefully help. Due to all the changes over the last 6 months, since i updated the bundle, the unofficial skin bundle will need a major overhaul, and updated in chapters, twice a year, with links to 6 separate bundle download links. 1. Main bundle containing all skins ( for new people wanting all skins, Historical/Fictional, at once ). 2. Chapter update bundle of Historical/Fictional skins ( for people wanting to top up with new content only ). 3. Main Historical Only bundle ( for new people wanting all Historical skins, at once ). 4. Chapter Historical Only bundle ( for people wanting to top up with new content only ). 5. Main Fictional Only bundle ( for new people wanting only fictional skins ). 6. Chapter Fictional Only bundle ( for people wanting to top up with new content only ). If you would like your skins included and have not spoken me before, please feel free to get in touch. Cut off time for the chapter 2 update is midnight on the 2 January 2020. Will post in each skin thread, "bundle up to date" once collection finished and will include in this thread links to all the places i find skins, so in between skin bundle updates, people can follow the individual threads. All advice or suggestions appreciated. S ! Paul
  4. Hope you Dont , i really enjoy flying on your server, my first choice when flying, it is great would be sad to lose you, Hope you deside to stick around. Only problem i have it does show 0 players online in it, so never now how many are online, until i load into the map itself. Missions and server are excellent ! S! paul
  5. [edited] damit Sorry, feel a fool but all good , should get more sleep some time . lol
  6. Early Access Discount for BOBP Premium and FC Extended in the IL-2 Webstore Where do i pay for FC Extended ?
  7. no worries, let me know if you ever do want them included.
  8. Hi i see you have a skin pack, would you like it added to the unofficial Flying Circus Skin Bundle ?
  9. hi would you like me to include your skins in the Unoffical Flying Circus skin bundle ?
  10. Unless its in new skins, but i dont remember ever seeing that one before, did a quick search for the name kister on the il2 forum and it does not show up, hope this helps !
  11. hi doing an update to the FC Unofficial Skin Bundle, would you like me to include them in the bundle ?
  12. hi doing an update to the FC Unofficial Skin Bundle, would you like me to include them in the bundle ?
  13. Latest And only working link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MJGiTVvo2lakgxsUDB868dernjXJ9jO6/view?usp=sharing I will update and clean thread this month, until then this is the only link that works. over 6GB of skins updated end July.
  14. Thanks Adam, had some health issues this year, so lost track of most things, i will be putting out a bundle update some time this month, will amend the list then , what title do you want me to use ? just Adam ?
  15. Hi there is a discord channel called The Irregulars, i run the FC side, there are no squadrons, no formal rules, no time tables, just come and go as you like. It has text channel to arrange fights or flights by just giving a shout out when interested in flying. Has 3 FC voice channels, one general , one axis, one allied. All are free to use this room. https://discord.gg/W9RV46p
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