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  1. I agree it could be reworked in a more convenient form like you suggested - but you did check store->profile->purchases, didn't you? There's a list of all your purchases.
  2. If he is not an experienced simmer, let him start with IL-2 - and learn flight basics, ground attack gunnery, and even air to air (which isn't all that off - Russians used IL-2s as a makeshift interceptors against He 111s, Ju 52s, and in particular against Hs 126s). Once he will feel confident in it, let him move onto fighters.
  3. Welcome back! Was in your shoes about 3 years ago. S!
  4. Hard core realism fan I am I always hoped for a chance that friendly AAA would engage you as their target (due to misidentificaiton). This doesn't happen in the sim as of now, however it happened a couple of times that they were so incompetent at aiming that they shoot me down while targeting the enemy aircraft I was chasing. So this kinda makes up for it.
  5. Killing a P-38 with a MC.202 is no small feat, congrats!
  6. That's precisely the thinking of Japanese in early '40s about their aircraft. "Why haul all that armor around when you can simply avoid being shot at."
  7. Not only sheer amount of fuel (more than twice the normal capacity of other contemporary fighters), but also its location - first tank to drain going down from 100% is located behind the pilot; when full it shifts your center of gravity backwards, making aircraft nearly impossible to maneuver with. Keep in mind that even with 50% fuel you still have more than what you'd have with 100% in a Spitfire with similar engine for example, so it's up to you to decide how much dead weight you really need to haul around in dogfights.
  8. Being a nuclear physicist I was like this for a second: On a serious note - hat's off for another patch and restless support!
  9. Short answer to OP: Yes. Something is terribly wrong with P-47s FM, in particular it's ability to zoom or energy retention if you will.
  10. Hey all, I've bought a new computer and I'm planning to migrate my IL-2 there. Now since I'm on a metered connection, I'd like to avoid downloading entire sim once again - is there a way I can use the existing install on my old machine to transfer the bulk of data locally and download only the necessary files, thus minimizing downloaded data? Will simply copying the entire folder do the trick, with installer only fixing it? Thnx!
  11. Looks about right. UB was about two times more powerful than MG131 - which was comparable to SAFAT energy wise.
  12. Yeah, MiG is a nasty bird to master, however it does have some perks. Regarding dogfighting, it will give you the smoothest, sharpest turns if you keep her in a narrow domain of about 380 to 400 kph. Go slower and you'll bleed energy like hell, go faster and your controls will become heavy. But stay in that sweet spot and you have one of the best dogfighters in your hands.
  13. Why don't you just upload them on this forum? Simply drag them into the textbox.
  14. "A lady in the air, a bitch on the ground." ~ one of Spitfire test pilots
  15. Yak-1B is an outstanding low altitude performer and dogfighter. Flies like on rails, features an outstanding all round visibility (with glass back armor) with bubble top canopy. 1 on 1 nothing beats it below 4km alt in 1943. However, it has limited air to ground ordnance (2 light bombs, no rockets), limited firepower (one 20mm and one .50 cal UBS), and limited ammo duration (mere 120 shells for 20mm and 200 bullets for MG). Spitfire MkV offers no air to ground weaponry at all, and offers similarly limited ammo duration as a Yak (60 shells per cannon for a total of 120, 300 rpgs for
  16. Thanks a lot for this, looks really promising! A minor question - it is mentioned in the video that damage modelling for the engine was turned off in order to focus on air-frame damage susceptibility. Does this include fuel tank as well? Because probably there should be more fuel tank fires. Anyhow, stay safe, stay healthy.
  17. The answer is simple and non-philosophical: it was because Jumo 213A couldn't mount engine cannon (it was intended for bombers initially), but 213F could (and did). End of story.
  18. Whoah! Revised DM sounds like another milestone for already launched models. The last one being revised high-g pilot physiology for me. Looking forward!
  19. Seeing what IL-2 dev team can do, I'll take any "ACRARA" (As Close To Reality As Reasonably Achievable ) aircraft they produce! If there is anyone on Earth these days more suitable than IL2 devs to guesstimate the missing parameters for Japanese warbirds, there aren't many. Consequently, not only I wouldn't mind, I'd even encourage and expect them to make informed estimations, extrapolations and even guesses. Hell, even current, well researched aircraft need constant tweaking from the beginning on.
  20. All my G14 skins from DetCord, with upper three among them: https://we.tl/t-u3nvQnHCrF
  21. Yeah, precisely. Looks as if they had no place to give it some serious guns and forcefully squeezed some MGs into the cowling.
  22. The only Soviet WW2 fighter that looks cool IMO - at least until the Yak-9U comes around.
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