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  1. CrazyDuck

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    A couple from me again. All unedited. Spoiler for those with swastikas.
  2. CrazyDuck

    Size of the forum just got tiny????

    You probably scrolled the mouse wheel while holding Ctrl pressed.
  3. CrazyDuck

    So who else is looking forward to P-38 ?

    4 fifties with insane ammocount and a 20 mil, all closely packed in a nose, on a twin engined platform with contra rotating props... a marksman dream!
  4. CrazyDuck

    help with a russian plane part i.d.

    I think you nailed it!
  5. CrazyDuck

    Check this out - Blohm und Voss 155

    Holy cow, prototype of this monstrosity actually flew! I've lived in a false belief this was only a blueprint stage project. Thnx for posting.
  6. CrazyDuck

    Attacking ships

    How about "drag'n'bag" (sort of)? The first plane to enter the flak range maneouvers away from the ships and "drags" the flak flak fire (hopefully) and thus buys a couple of seconds for the rest of the team to strike.
  7. CrazyDuck

    DD today?

    Really? For me it's vice versa! Blown canopy on 190 simply takes away it's sharp aggressive lines, it's ruggedness and masculinity if you will! Even (or rather especially) with Doras I prefer the old, non-blown cockpit.
  8. CrazyDuck

    P-40 Great aircraft. Thumbs up.

    Is indeed - as long as the only type of misson you fly is dogfighting on action oriented servers. Once you try a more realistic setup, like coop ground pounding, you'll realize you can take out half of wehrmacht soft targets with awesome firepower and ammo duration. Or when having Yaks or Spits as high cover to protect you from hungry LW fighters, you are a nightmare for blue bombers, or even 110s.
  9. CrazyDuck

    P-40 Great aircraft. Thumbs up.

    Apart from chronic feeling of being utterly underpowered (be it during climb, turn or accelerating flight) in dogfights, she really is a lovely bird. Devastating ground pounder and formidable bomber destroyer. However, when I meet a well flown 109 or 190, I consider myself born a second time if I make it back to base.
  10. CrazyDuck

    Bodenplatte Bombers

    Not really counting on long strings of missions in "ironman" mode, but hey, can't resist her appeal!
  11. CrazyDuck

    La5 vs 5FN ??

    This really shouldn't be the case. The two planes are very close aerodynamically (same mass and mass distribution - if we overlook the negligible difference in mass of the engines, different cockpit design and metal wing spars instead of wooden), so both should behave virtually identically at the same engine power output. Roll rate was influenced by improved angles of aileron deflection (not symmetrical up/down as on La-5 and 5F anymore), so it's not surprising we see a difference/improvement there.
  12. CrazyDuck

    Mission Accomplished: Captured?

    Did your pilot appear captured only the next day after your successful mission? Could it be that your base was close to enemy territory and the frontline moved overnight (effectively capturing your entire base)?
  13. CrazyDuck

    Flying into enemy territory is scary...

    A neat idea!
  14. CrazyDuck

    End of the road...

    Shoot, SHOOT you fool! :D