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  1. CrazyDuck

    FW190 A5 armament doubts

    Sure, I don't think anyone will hold a grudge against you for clothing an A5 as an A6. If you take the outer guns out instead of in, they should be identical (apart from some interior wing design differences, which aren't visible from the outside anyway).
  2. CrazyDuck

    FW190 A5 armament doubts

    A6 carries MG 151/20 in place of MG FF, so its wing cannon armament is similar to A8 (= four MG 151/20s).
  3. CrazyDuck

    FW190 A5 armament doubts

    Two MG 151/20 cannons in the wing roots, two optional MG FF ones further out in the wing (out of prop disc), for the total of four. Nothing wrong here.
  4. CrazyDuck

    Help for aim

    Are you tying to aim the MK108 that far? 108 needs to be aimed noticeably more upwards for convergence at 500 meters (why do you need it so far anyway?) due to (s)low muzzle velocity - it's shell needs almost one whole second to travel that far. In one second an object in free fall covers 5 meters (so you need to aim your cannon that much higher!).
  5. CrazyDuck

    Forcing enemy to crash doesn't count as victory?

    If it was indeed you who dealed the fatal damage causing the enemy to crashland, you should be awarded the kill.
  6. CrazyDuck

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    You would be surprised how many online pilots go for headon against something like an IL-2 in a plane as weakly armed as an 109F2! I've scored countless kills this way in my flying tank and will always go for a headon vs a fighter in an IL-2. Perhaps not vs an A8, but if he's onto you, you are dead anyways, so why not try your luck in a headon.
  7. CrazyDuck

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    From my Mk 108 testing, where I deliberately stopped firing after scoring a single hit on enemy aircraft, I learned that many times plane is fatally damaged without showing any kind of serious damage to the outside. So it's always a gamble between conserving ammo and letting your target go free and wasting it on an already dead bird.
  8. CrazyDuck

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    In a Yak or SpitV I tend to conserve ammo as much as possible with very short bursts (a few rounds only, never more). In a P-40 with 4 guns and extra ammo, I behave like I have unlimited ammo (which isn't so far from the truth).
  9. CrazyDuck

    Best aircraft for attacking ships

    Here's an iconic photo showing how chaotic ship attacking could be in real life. Numerous Beaufighters are hammering German destroyers while trying not to collide between themselves. Note about 10 Beaus, rocket trails, a stray bomb... Such a photo is damn hard to stage even in our sim!
  10. CrazyDuck

    Spitfire pilot sees footage about himself after 60 years

    Indeed! Flying to Berlin in 1944 during daylight, alone, no guns. Talk about balls... Hats off also to the Savage's grandson for the effort of finding this man.
  11. CrazyDuck

    No credit for a Taran kill

    As mostly a bomber and CAS online pilot, I fear this would only encourage ramming online. But from historical point of view I vote yes. There is another issue related to this - usually propellers were much sturdier than tail surfaces. There were numerous instances where the victor destroyed enemy aircraft by chopping the tail surfaces without destroying his own prop in return and kept his aircraft flyable. I don't think this is modelled in our sim - I'm under impression that prop gets damaged instantly at the slightest physical contact to anything. Might be wrong though.
  12. This made my Saturday. 🙂
  13. CrazyDuck

    Seriously, IAR-80

    Not only early war and not only Soviet opponents. In 1943 Romanian IARs have been intercepting USAAF heavies quite effectively, and as late as June 1944 they clashed with USAAF P-38s, both sides suffering severe losses. Only in July 1944 they were withdrawn from service. That said, I agree fully on the "half-assed" point.
  14. CrazyDuck

    rendering 50 bombers

    List of dedicated bombers in the sim is: He 111, Ju 88, Ju 87, Pe-2 and A-20 from the top of my head, so no heavy stuff yet. Also, no viermots on the horizon as of now,
  15. CrazyDuck

    What is your favourite plane

    Yeah, beauty by definition. If only it was armed...