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  1. CrazyDuck

    Noob Can't Go Fast

    My advice would be: Don't bite too much at once for starters. Go and train in a Spit IX or La5FN vs Bf 110E. Once you can cosistently shoot him down, bring the game up with harder opponent. Soon you'll be able to fight similar opponents on eaual terms. 😊
  2. CrazyDuck

    Soviet fighter tactics?

    Yak-1B is indeed a killing machine in 1v1 at low altitudes, but find yourself in a say 4 vs 4 situation (109 or 190) at some 3 or 4 km altitude and all you'll be doing will be using the fabulous rear view to try and postpone your demise. That's my experience at least.
  3. CrazyDuck

    True Air Speed?

    No Brems, this is a simple rule of thumb for general speed ranges. I find its compromise between accuracy and simplicity (easy to memorize or calculate in your head) very good. Added correction factors are all squares if you look closely. Also not that far off from what unreasonable described (2% for each 1000 ft).
  4. CrazyDuck

    True Air Speed?

    At 20.000 ft the following roughly holds: TAS = IAS + 36%. 400 mph = 300 mph + 36 %, so I guess you are doing just fine. Remember that this correction isn't linear with altitude, but squared. For the simmers rule of thumb estimation, this table is more than enough:
  5. CrazyDuck

    Soviet fighter tactics?

    My common online sentiment:
  6. With P-47 arriving, this is becoming more and more important question. So how well does the game engine simulate the high altitude aerodynamics and plane behavior?
  7. I salute you. While not impossible, it's certainly extremely difficult to kill a KV-1 with the MK-103. Especially when you're "wasting" your ammo on other targets.
  8. CrazyDuck

    We need a new tab for tank controls

    Actually I like the idea. We could have a common "generic" tab for all the controls, and then individual tabs for each aircraft - which would only offer to the user an option to customize the controls for each plane and override the ones from generic tab when that specific plane is used. This way a certain button could be used for multiple operation depending on the plane used.
  9. CrazyDuck

    What plane should I buy?

    Well, the answer depends on what are your wishes and/or fighting style. 1. If you prefer close range 1v1 dogfighting, go for Yak-1B. Also, I'd prefer it on external views enabled servers. Simply one of the best low to med alt dogfighters of WW2 - it's faster and more maneouverable than 109 in most cases at low altitudes. Plus has a lot better view out of the cockpit (to the rear in particular). 2. However, if you prefer cold blooded boom and zoom quick ambush kills with not so much dogfighting, go for La-5FN, especially on locked cockpit servers (where enemy is far less likely to see you coming). It's somewhat less maneouverable, but faster and has better guns with more ammo than Yak-1B. It's also better suited for bomber intercepting.
  10. CrazyDuck

    Night Witches

    Amazingly, with over 3000 tons of bombs dropped, about 23.000 missions flown, 800+ missions on tally sticks of some members at the end of the war, and 23 Hero of Soviet Union awards, only 32 were killed in action throughout entire war. Guess this speaks for itself how hard it was for the Germans to hunt these apparitions down.
  11. CrazyDuck

    What are you Devs doing?

    Hehe, looking for... no. Asking for... absolutely.
  12. CrazyDuck

    What are you Devs doing?

    Hate to say it but sounds like my wife!
  13. CrazyDuck

    BOK: P-39L-1 seems very slow.

    You simply picked a very challenging aircraft for a beginner, in particular in regards to its formidable German 1943 opponents. Like said above me, you can actually make the P-39 very fast (for a limited amount of time tho), but this requires an impeccable manual engine management and a vast amount of experience and knowledge. Why not hopping into one of them Russian birds, they appear to be more forgiving (as long as you use engine management assist at least). Also, keep in mind that being faster than their opponents at the cost of other characteristics (maneouverability etc.) was one of the main strengths of Luftwaffe fighters in the initial years of war.
  14. CrazyDuck

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

  15. CrazyDuck

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    French are resisting the invasion with everything they can, even museum examples are put to good use