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  1. Tempest - for one reason only: There is no measure to how cute Focke Wulfs look when they try to dive away from one. 😍
  2. Two hairdryers under wings and quad potato launchers in the nose? Ain't nobody got time fo that!
  3. A couple edited ones with the latest toys.
  4. And firepower! I'll take this nose concentrated arsenal over the P-47's any day. Plus, with extended ammo you get 500 bullets per barrel! Insane ammo duration.
  5. It's outstanding! Fast, smooth, stable, excellent in turns (at normal and high speeds)... days of wine and roses for the LW are over!
  6. First Fw 190s had 4 MGs in the nose (two in cowling and two in wingroots), plus two MG-FFs further out in the wings. First trigger was for MGs, second one for cannons. This never changed afterwards, despite wingroot MGs got exchanged for MG 151/20 from Fw 190 A2 on.
  7. Yes, once the aircraft and the prop slow down - as we can see on numerous crash landing photos. But what in the case of "hit and run" like the picture in question?
  8. If metal prop hits dirt under full (or considerable) engine power, shouldn't it bend forward?
  9. To answer this question I only have to imagine how I'd "play" this sim if there was a gun pointed to my head which would trigger if I got my pilot killed in the sim.
  10. Oh crap, Flakvierling! As an (mostly) Il-2 pilot I'm really not impressed. 😨 Jokes aside - thanks, I can hardly wait. 😊
  11. I can't imagine how a single 50 mm cannon could be more effective than a quartet of Mk 108s. Yes it would have longer range, but probability of a direct hit at distances above 600 m makes this like shooting a sniper rifle from the back of a galloping horse towards another one half a mile away. And not to even start about ammo-count. 360× 30mm shells vs what... 20× 50mm?
  12. Air to air: 120 m. (for bomber hunting I'll sometimes choose 180 m). Air to Ground: 300 m. With Fw 190 you are lucky to have so much firepower concentrated close to centerline. I always equip 190 with outter wing guns and use them only at close distances (<150 m). Centerline guns I use also at longer distances, since their trajectories are not affected by convergence as much as outter wing guns. Plus, you have virtually unlimited ammo..
  13. In this situation, one and only one thing works: (Matrix bullet dodging)
  14. Yes, that is precisely my point. Again, how do you know it's the russian DM that is suspicious? Perhaps German guns are too weak?
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