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  1. I had a similar setup before with a GTX 1080 which should be almost equal to your 2060S. I recommend you buying an old RIft S instead. FPS are more important than pixel density for immersion. I have a Quest 2 and a Rift S and still prefer to play with the Rift S allthough I have now a beast of a PC. The image quality just is better despite the lower resolution. Even in quality mode of link.
  2. Thanks for that! But that was just an example and a bad one (see below). I like it that way because real pilots couldn't do that either. That isn't about competitiveness. I play for fun & immersion and not for boring stats although I think I'm better with VR than with trackIR. But my problem is IDing an enemy with VR and it would be much more fun to play with markers. I can understand that if someone plays with a 4k flat screen markers are game breaking but that's why a separate server would be great.
  3. I would love to have such a VR only server as an alternative with identification tags on. Not that serious, just to train dogfights with people with the same vr play style. For example: trackIR users check their six easy peasy for 10 seconds and I can't turn my head physically like that without break my neck or loose control over the flight path. If there's an option I would like to setup a server like this...
  4. Today I played IL-2 the first time with my new rig. I had the luck to get a Ryzen 5900x and a RTX 3090 Vison OC. For a detailed specification take a look at my signature. Always steady 80 FPS (limit) with my Rift S and 120% SS, all set as high as possible with MSAA 4x.
  5. Yeah that would be great! With real head tracking it would be even better. Same with the mirror in the spitfire. Hopefully there will be a mod sometimes in the future.
  6. Thanks, you've sold me with that! I'll try it with that cable first, but it's not about money. Around Christmas it's time for a new PC build and a HP Reverb G2. Maybe I'll install a separate sound card directly, so it will work without that cable.
  7. Thanks, I tried the wings demo already but it won't work with my hardware. I followed every step of the guide but I think the problem is, that I use my onboard sound card (motherboard) instead of an external sound card. I'm very happy with the buttkicker out of the box. Is it really such a big difference using @Andre's software?
  8. I had a blast playing this game with the Oculus CV1 back in 2017. Meanwhile, I'm playing with a Rift S. Since then, it got better and better and I still love it! Especially the visibility update last month was a game changer for me. But despite the immersive experience, I missed the "connection" to the aircraft. Visually I was in the plane, but I missed the haptic feedback. So I bought a Butkicker Gamer 2 this week and what can I say: WOOOW! That was the missing piece! It feels so real that it has become a must-have for me. Highly recommended!
  9. Hi there I'm looking for some other "vr only players" like me (and you JSKATTEBOL100). I prefer to fly the spifitre IX and I played around 60 hours in vr so far. It would be fun to play missions online or just try some formation flights. If someone is interessted please write me a pm and I'll add you on steam. Cheers
  10. Hey there First many thanks to @ICDP for this brilliant template! I made a skin of the Spitfire Mk Vb from Robert Stanford Tuck. Wing Commander Robert Roland Stanford Tuck, DSO, DFC & Two Bars, AFC (1 July 1916 – 5 May 1987) was a British fighter pilot, flying ace and test pilot. Tuck joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1935 and first engaged in combat during the Battle of France, over Dunkirk, claiming his first victories. In September 1940 he was promoted to squadron leader and commanded a Hawker Hurricane squadron. In 1941–1942, Tuck participated in fighter sweeps over north
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