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  1. I wish the developers could implement these modifications. Removal of dive breaks and removal of the front gunners MG 81. It surely can't be that much work to remove a few functioning bits off the Ju-88. https://youtu.be/9DZlVk3nC7E?t=1290 The front MG 81 obscures the dials for the engines and is practically useless in defense of the aircraft. Removed dive breaks would provide only little speed improvement, but it would be nice to see more field modifications.
  2. Ahh the old days of the Training tracks: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgvc9AKqxL2C34llpF7sKXig5HDONz91x
  3. At the time of posting this there is no in-game tutorial, instead you have the official game manual and numerous user made manuals in this subtopic for specific aircraft's. There are many YouTube tutorials for aircraft's, I trust you can find those yourself. 1) Official Game Manual : https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/17572-il2-user-manual/ 2)Some planes you must hand crank the flaps (0%-100% percentage) and others have preset settings (landing, take-off, retracted). I myself rebound all my keys and do not use defaults, but here are defaults for flaps: Flaps up --> LSht + F Flaps down --> F 3) From what I understand "little target" continues the campaign story, so that you can unlock the other airfields. Airfields with no "little target" will not continue the story. I played Wings of Prey on console many years back, was a terrible experience because the only way to unlock planes in Multiplayer was to get achievements (in multiplayer), but there servers were never populated so it was impossible to play.
  4. You have this thread about dive bombing in Ju-88: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/27549-junkers-ju88-4-guides-and-manuals/ When they decide to add torpedoes things will get more interesting. But here's some info for skip bombing instead, as its more useful for anti-shipping. Worked well in IL-2 1946, still depends on the accuracy settings of the AAA. But with a Ju-88 I would just recommend level bombing from high altitude if the ships are stationary, AAA is heavy and especially if you are flying alone. 1) Up to 100m in Level Flight if skip bombing (60 Degrees if in Dive) (Crosshair thing is mentioned in the VP1 PDF) 2) 5 Seconds if not contact fuse 3) If bomb lands in water next to ships waterline it will still damage it 4)A 500SC should be enough for largest ships currently in game, should test it though Mission4today thread (MD_Titus) THE VP1 RED AIR FORCE (Bombing in the IL-2) Some information on skip bombing starting page 8: http://www.derrierloisirs.fr/il2/bdd2012/documentation/Il2Bombing.pdf Someone should make some bombing tests with the Ju-88 and make a nice PDF like the one above.
  5. Clearly nothing in the manual explains why I am experiencing this. I was banned! It was fun while it lasted, but =LG= has a personal vendetta against apparent frauds like me. They would have replied to my previous post if I had broken any rules. But my proscription is just another example of the bad apples within the current IL-2 community.
  6. It's apparent to me that my profile is banned from flying any planes, why is this? 5 seconds into spawning the plane results in a boot to the server browser.
  7. If you are killed or captured they are still recorded, your kill streak is reset if either of the two happens though.
  8. Thanks to =KK=Des_ there was finally an act of organization among the mob of Axis players. 9x Ju88's for Safronov during mission 453.
  9. There is nothing wrong with Allied AAA, perhaps people are just unlucky in their methods.
  10. I see you are a man of culture as well... (For hack frauds ) AI Gunners be both very effective, And absolutely useless at times. (always shot down in the Ju52 by @@Carl_infar flying the La-5, even kamikaze in the end on mis #344 ) I would always take a human gunner over the AI ones, the AI either get lucky or carelessly fire their gun until falling asleep at a critical moment (They won't shoot at disabled aircraft who lost an engine but can still fire at you). When you have a public server there will always be some idiots, ALWAYS! The malaise pilots who have succumb to carelessness. Truly their efforts are in vain. The raids for Maikop with Ju88's and later Ju52's on Kuban map (Map #4 mission #233 and #232) was some of the best cooperation Axis side had during this campaign. Sadly the average bomber pilot for Axis takes his plane, refuses to communicate, flies alone to target, and the rest is history. There are many players on Axis attempting teamwork and organizing flights, 6./ZG26_Klaus-Mann, HenHawk, [ZOO]Ckapa6eu, NJG/88_Relent, 4./JG52_Riksen to name a few. There are a few newcomers too but the rest is idiots who do not care about winning the map. Another example of Axis attrition at the works.
  11. Great work LLv24_Veccu, LLv24_StableAce and LeLv8_Archi for helping the capture of Plesovskiy with paratroops!
  12. I don't think you can have a balanced map on TAW, depends on how well the players do. Axis did come close to capturing those 3 airfields in mission 107 (map#3): Kalach, Gromoslavka, and Ventsy were the most contested airfields for map#6. From my sorties with I./KG53 and Fritz-Faber we managed to capture Ventsy with paratroops, but only once and then it was lost overnight anyway and the stalemate continued. Tried to capture Ventsy and Kalachlinskaya in future sorties but those failed, I also recall others like KONAN and [ZOO]Ckapa6eu trying to push for Kalach, even with paratroops, but in the end those efforts failed. This map will end soon, Axis looks to be almost out of aircraft's. It is disappointing we never got a chance to fight in Stalingrad itself, but at least the map lasted for a while. I hardly got to play Map #2 (Moscow_South), only about 5 sorties and then the map was finished in under a week. I don't know why map #2 went by so fast, maybe this was contributed to by the lack of Allies playing or a large squadron like III./JG5 doing all the work. In the future when they fix Dserver it would be interesting to see more bridge/pontoon river crossing objectives, you wouldn't think the front line would change so quickly over the larger rivers.
  13. Server only lets certain amount of people establish connection during a time frame (about 3 people?), and others get booted to the main menu. It's a next gen feature that will be incorporated into all future IL-2 titles, or until they hire people to rework it. So far only solution is to connect to the server as many times as you can. It is well known that Axis loses many planes, one reason is that we use other planes as arrestors when it comes to emergency landings.
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