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  1. Samson,


    Thank you for what was obviously a lot of hard work I have enjoyed this campaign a lot. Just to let you know there is still a couple of problems I have found. Mission 6 still never gets it's fire started but I just moved all those files to a backup and went on to the next mission. I have now found that the second last mission, "Weird mission" I land and park but nothing happens after Falce 3 lands and despawns. Falce 1 had already crashed into the truck that pulls up to my right.


    I can do the same trick in order to finish the campaign but I'd really like to fly the mission if possible.


    Again, thank you for the hard word work it really is appreciated.

  2. Fantastic campaign, really enjoying it. Just thought I'd let you know about a couple of little bugs I have found recently.


    On the way to target the flight only wants to do approximately 185 mph which seems way too slow.


    In a couple of the later missions, 17 and 18 from memory, I have found some problems. In 17 we are attacking some artillery and we get attacked by 109's after our first run. So we clear them out and instead of going back to attacking the artillery or heading home due to lack of ammo, my flight just do lap after lap around the target not attacking nor heading home.


    Mission 18 is similar in that we are covering for some IL2's attacking a bridge. We get attacked by 109's which we get rid of. During the 109 attack I noticed the IL2's were attacking the bridge but as soon as they 109's are gone they just start doing laps around the target without attacking it.


    In both cases I realized there was a problem and headed home, landed and the mission ends successfully so it's not a real problem but I thought I would let you know.


    Thanks again for a great campaign.


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  3. On 2/18/2020 at 10:02 PM, Apanos9 said:


    Calibrate the axis to only work from 0 to 50% and then use it as a wheel brake for Spitfire and Russian planes. 


    Thanks for this great little trick I'm going to try it out. I bound it and briefly tried it on a Spitfire 9 on the ground. Looks promising. Hate, Hate Hate, taxiing that damn Spitfire. I can do it, but only just and only most of the time.


    One odd thing I just found. I added this axis but didn't take away the "/" for full brakes for both wheels. Now if i hold "/" for more than half a second or so, the brakes stay locked on full. At least according the pressure gauge in bottom left of the instrument panel and I don't hear the release of air either. A quick twist of the grip will release them but otherwise they stay locked on. Parking brake maybe?


    To the OP, I have had exactly the same experience as yourself. Started with the TM and liked it but the centering issue you mention was a quite annoying. Not sure how many bots had their life slightly extended because the stick pulled itself back to center at exactly the wrong time, but it was a few. Felt like a ball sitting in a cup with springs holding it down but with a small flattened section that went very quickly when you got near center, if that makes the slightest bit of sense. Had exactly the same twist potentiometer problems as well. Sent the first one back and when the replacement went 6 months later bought a VKB Gladiator II and immediately loved it. All that pain in the backside centering issue disappeared. So much lighter and smoother. Twist grip was so stiff it was a bit of a pain though. I had just discovered the lovely, wonderful 109 F4 a few weeks before this and got just about had the worst case of w*%$ers cramp ever climbing the damn thing. So MFG Crosswinds to the rescue and have improved so much since then I could never go back to a twist grip. Completely understand the financial constraints though. I had saved up some birthday money and Christmas was just around the corner (well I could see the corner from there) at the time so...


    Have a good weekend all,


  4. Sorry for the late reply.


    Do you mean the _gen.log file because if you do I cannot find that file. I have other files starting with an underscore and having a log extension but I cannot find that particular file.


    Well that's strange. Just had another go at an airspawn in that same Dora career and it worked properly. No problem. Still no _gen.log file however. Maybe I was holding my tongue correctly this time.😁 I don't know.


    Thanks again,


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  5. I now have, since flying again in the Dora, a _gen.mission file in the \data\mission folder which I have attached. Still no _gen.log file but there is an _mgen.log if that helps at all?

    I have now found out that I spawn in the correct place on the map, the middle of a forest 10 kilometers from point 2, but at 0 altitude.


    Let me know if I can help at all.





  6. Neither of those files can be found in those places immediately after attempting to fly a Dora mission. They were there before attempting to fly this mission. I had been flying other aircraft and then read your message. I found those files and guessed that I should fly a Dora mission before sending them. Went back after this  (mission behaved exactly as described above) and neither of them were there. There are other files starting with an underscore visible in those folders.




  7. G'day All,


    Just found a bug I haven't seen before the latest update. In career mode when trying to air spawn a new mission in the 190 Dora it will spawn flying directly into a stand of trees. The plane seems to be just a meter or so above the ground and appears to be just a few meters from a forest. Subsequently a crash into said stand of trees happens. Have tried out quite a few other planes and they don't seem to have this problem. The current date of my career is 21/02/1945, the squadron is III./JG54 and the airfield is Babenausen if that helps anyone. Not a big deal as I can successfully spawn on the runway and complete the missions but I thought I would let you know.




  8. 12 hours ago, Gordon200 said:

    @SamVimes Correct.

    There is a pin that joins the two levers to operate as a single unit. The throttle has a sensor that recognizes the pin in place and functions as a single unit. When the pin is moved to allow dual control the throttle picks up on the different signals.

    Sorry I didn't explain earlier but I've been tweaking settings looking for a better view in vr. Never ending quest. lol


    Thanks for the clarification Gordon that helps. No apology necessary.


    As far as I'm aware Virpil have removed the sensor you mentioned in this latest revision which may cause some slight problems flying twins but I do that so little it shouldn't bother me.


    Yeah I have enough trouble spotting as it is, VR is definitely not on my radar.


    Thanks again mate.

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  9. 9 hours ago, Gordon200 said:

    Yes, it matters.

    You'll want to use a single engine when taxing or if an engine is damaged in flight.

    Select engine throttle for #1 and #2 separately.


    Excellent so, just to be clear in my addled brain, remove the binding for "Engine Throttle Control" and just bind #1 and #2 and that will work for both singles and twins?


    Thanks for your help peoples, appreciate it.

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  10. G'day again,


    Well I think I have solved my own problem above. I had bound the right hand throttle twice. Once near the top of the key binding page at "Engines throttle control" and again down lower called "Engine 1throttle control". I removed the second binding and bingo. All good.


    Don't know why but the second binding was inverted. Throttle full forward was 0%. I'm guessing the poor game was getting totally confused being given two different values for the same throttle. That would explain why I couldn't recreate the problem in any of the config tools too, now that I think of it.


    Having a ball with my new toy.

  11. G'day People,


    If this is the right place to ask... Just received new Mongoos T-50 throttle tonight (so smooth) and all seemed to go well with installing software, updating firmware, calibrating etc. In game , however,  the throttle percentage occasionally flicks around wildly. If I've got the throttle percentage up around 80% and pull it back a hair, it will go down (for example) to 18%, stay there long enough to notice until I push the throttle up a touch and it jumps back to the original 80% or goes up slightly higher. A few seconds later the same thing happens. Or on low throttle percentage, it will do the opposite.


    Can't seem to recreate in either Il-2s throttle curve screen or the VPC config tools. Calibrated a few times, seemed to go okay each time and no change.


    Any ideas?


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