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  1. This happens consistently to me and my squadmate when we're hosting. Also generated mission on Rhineland map. He will have lockup about 30mins into mission, I had it about one hour in.
  2. We had Il-4 in 1946, I'd much rather Tu-2 this time
  3. Almost every time I save a new mission, seasonPrefix in .mission file is empty and I have to fill it in manually. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  4. supply missions & squads squad has 6 members and 550 points two members will do 3 supply runs each and no combat in between (all of them are in bombers) squad has now 6000 points any points above that has to be earned by combat correct?
  5. Its broken, fix it. edit: ...please credits reporting and counting is kinda weird and confusing, seems like whole squad is getting kicked for no reason
  6. exactly! mods basically killed mp with ouside world in our squad...
  7. Said by others, but i will say it nevertheless, because its that important... TRUE COOP MODE PLS, thx devs. It's true you can work wonders with triggers in DF, but you still can't do one crucial thing. Prepare playable planes for mission, let players choose theirs in mission lobby and then let AI take control of the rest. Also hosting MP game within game UI would be nice. Both already works perfectly in RoF, so just copy paste it over, there's no need to reinvent wheel.
  8. I really hope they will add good ol'fashioned coop. Our squad definitely played more coop than df in rof. It's true you can simulate coop in df, restrict and distribute individual planes a trigger mission, but still missing important feature and thats AI taking over unused planes. There maybe some hacky solution with triggers and counters, but still... DEVS PLEASE, WE NEED COOP MODE, THX
  9. But that's cleared asphalt, not grassy field under a meter of snow.
  10. Thank you Habu, the distance limit between WPs would probably drove me mad without your help.
  11. Well in the old Il-2 we were flying with western planeset over eastern front, time to do it the other way around :D And i don't think the place changed too much between wars, hills and rivers don't move (mucuh) and i saw photos of recognizable wwi trenches from present day. All you need to do is remove muddy front line and i think that's not that hard, since you can see green grass flash under brown trench texture in ME during loading on weaker pcs. So its probably just another layer that can be deleted. Or shifted, it always bugged why there isn't more maps from different war periods with proper front line placement. It did move more than few meters on some occasions.
  12. i use git for work stuff, so no problem there, but you would have to save really often and make git commit everytime mission files change, prefereably automatically ... and it would be probably pain in the *** to revert, but still better than nothing I don't think undo delete is so hard even in unprepared sw, as its one well defined action, just hook one more event listener, save object info somewhere before actually deleting it
  13. DEVS can we have please x16 back? It's possible to unlock mods from your website anyway...
  14. About AI manevouring space, in my hello world mission (take off, two WPs, land) i kind of forgot that default height is 100AGL, and WPs were close by, about 2-3 small runway lengths, but AI managed it fine. Although watching autopilot flying Pe-2 at tree tops from cockpit seat was a bit scary Takeoff is straight ahead from spawn position, landing (touchdown) should be on spot where comand is placed, in the direction of the yellow line. I spent like 5 minutes in BOS ME, so excuse me its simple and i just missed it, but is there a way to make AI taxi to takeoff? It is (was?) possible in the game, as AI taxied to runway in some beta test mission.
  15. it's more like we need icon that will save your a** after you accidentally removed lots of things from mission So undo last X deletes would be great (I dare to say necessary) and surely not that hard to code, undo last X actions would be even better. DEVs, pretty please with cherry on top ;-)
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