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  1. If you want to really put forth the notion that every pilot in the 8th AF was flying combat missions using G-suits from 8/44 onward ok. I think that is most likely bunk but ok. So how do you mitigate that on online servers where the scenarios are not super late war, the Axis doesn't get it's top dogs the 109K4 and FW190D but we are facing Mustangs, Tbolts and Lightnings just minus the 150 octane. They are still fully modeled w the Gsuits active. NOT HISTORIC Then there's this which equally effects everyone. Why is G-Loc straight to blackout while skipping steps 1 and 2... gray out
  2. I am also a long time sim player and have been reading books on air combat for decades. My favorite stories have always been in first person account type books as I loved being able to relate to what pilots had to go through in combat. I agree 100% with Gate and all the other posters that said something is wrong with the current G-Loc model 1st question I would pose to the developers: If you have any data that you consider accurate then it must have an upper range vs. a lower range of avg time to G-loc loss of consciousness in various tested or observed pilots\test subje
  3. Hello all! Kalo here. I used to fly for TUSA in the early 2000's. Back to sim life in full VR glory now Trying to reconnect with any of my old squadron mates or affiliates if you're still out here. I saw some posts from some of the guys I used to fly with but there didn't seem to be a way to message anyone directly here on the forums. Gate, Thrud, TX-Gunslinger, GOZR and many more. Here's some more of the guys. If anyone is still out here I'm ready to do what I do.... Marseille things! let me know where you're flying! Reco
  4. Hello all, I just recently purchased my Rift and I'm still getting everything all dialed in. Loving the experience of this game in VR btw... I just found that there is an SS (super sampling) checkbox and slider built into Steam VR. Mine was set at 1.7 SS although the default is 1.0. (I have no idea why mine was set to 1.7 when it clearly states default is at 1.0, did it interrogate my rig and see it could handle 1.7?) anyway I had used the BoS CFG file and inserted the line that forced the game to SS 1.3 (i felt that would be a good compromise from what i read here on the forums)
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