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  1. kan godt prøve at hører raptor men kræver billede eller mener du hans spit? og han er vidst en jævn travl mand mit problem er at jeg ikke kan flyve med det track IR, mine briller og mit rum gør åbenbart track ir snot forvirret, men klarer den nu ok med padlock selvom jeg primært flyver BF110 og derfor ikke rigtigt slås fly vs fly medmindre absolut nødvendigt :D. Hvor skal jeg sende filen til? syntes ikke rigtigt at kunne sende den herinde under
  2. Må lige se om jeg en dag får råd til en sådan opsætning så skal jeg absolut nok give det et forsøg og tak for tilbuddet
  3. Okay, vidste jeg ikke. Tænker kortvarigt og til allersidst agtigt?
  4. Har ikke haft grunden til det, flyver en del pwcg, er virkeligt godt. Mit problem er at jeg ikke kan bruge track IR og er afhængig af padlock og det er vist ikke mange servere der tillader det
  5. er kun den "ene" af hans flyvere, da han blev wingcommander, har ikke kunne finde billeder af de andre han fløj men er da oplagt han havde et dannebrog på. Troede godt nok også jeg var den eneste med denne niche 😄 han har forresten lavet de 3 fly, han har dog kun sendt den til mig hvis det skulle have interesse for jer andre danere/skandinavere
  6. This is a file for a canadian taste as far as my scandinavian brain have researched gonna make some pilots with english first names and french surnames copy it to: your drive\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\PWCGBoS\BoSData\Names and overwrite, remember it has to be done for every update i think, hope it helps LastNamesBritain.txt
  7. i have experienced more than once now that when attacking A-20's with my ME-262 the gunners does not seem to defend themselves? and often they are unprotected/unescorted? is this just me being lucky that they are unescorted and too fast for the AI gunners to get a solution? another thing, it seems that tho the PWCG plans for my flight of four me-262 to use 500kg bombs, the planes are only loaded with 250kg bombs? this also occured in two missions in the P38, i choose rockets and bombs and they only had bombs, next mission i choose 6 bombs and they still only had the standard 2
  8. That is just fantastic, you just take the time you need, i am in no hurry and just appreciate that you would take the time to make it. thanks again
  9. I know, thats why i put the IX in the headline, just hope that raptor does but thanks
  10. That would be amazing, the text on the side of the planes are only on the side visual on the pictures The planes was bought by the "free danes" in a wish to have a danish squadron/wing in the RAF (did not happen, all danes fought bravely with our norwegian brothers in the 331-332 squadron) Valdemar atterdag: Reunited denmark in the 13-hundreds after being "owned" by the german/holstein Counts and winning wars over the swedes Niels Ebbesen: is a national hero that killed a german count in the 13-hundreds and ignited revolt against the germans in denmark. Skagen Ind: means
  11. Hi guys i am writing in the hope that one of you skin artist would do the honours and make these 3 skins apart of the IL2 spitfire "library" it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and best regards
  12. Hi, thx for your answer. i would like it to show that it is flown by a danish pilot, named the plane charlotte and added some kill markings of some russian planes, i just dont have any graps of how to do it in gimp or any of the other programs. But if you are willing to help by making the changes i would be very grateful. Full artistic freedom and thanks in advance
  13. Hi guys i am trying to add killmarkings and a Danish flag to a skin i am using for my pwcg and i have tried gimp, but that is Way to complicated and seems to “Big of a gun” for this problem, but maybe i am wrong. Is there any Way other than gimp to edit this skin easy and hopefully often it is a dds file and 4k skin, the sharkmouth fw190a3 Any help would be much appreciated, and please write the instructions as you would a child best regards
  14. Fantastic work, love those non-historic jugs! feels like i am stealing someone elses plane in my pwcg campaign with all those beautifull correct historic skins
  15. German G skin pack i can absolutly use "instead".. lack of those have made me not want to fly it, so its perfect that you are gonna give them som artistic love. Thanks again for all your skins Best regards
  16. Simply fantastic skins! And further more in complete squadron packs. I am using the paint off of your 352 squadron in my pwcg campaign. A superb job Down to every detail. Thanks a bunch for all your work. Any chance your artistic skills will go by the p38`s of the 474th in the future? best regards from Denmark.
  17. Towns taken over by the enemy/target Rich enviroment, more focus on more “static” targets. 6-12 bombers against a battlefield with sporadic troop placements seems a waste of good ordonance tho not unrealistic i suspect, maybe more rearguard bombing as targets? Arty positions, supply centers in the rear? just seems to me that the troop formations being attacked by bombers would be of a more static formation, troops dug in hard in forrest or trenches. Troops in the back for RnR just my two cents as always thanks for a awesome mod pat best regards
  18. Such masterpieces, keep Them coming mate
  19. Because i apparently am blind, so sorry. Just Saw it in the game my self. Thanks for the reply tho
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