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  1. DLC Kuban airplanes not cooperate.During singleplayer.Hopefully they'll follow orders here with P-47 .
  2. Thanks for the information. 6 against 6.That doesn't look like World War II.😊
  3. Hi I've tried to do both - Act like I do and attack the nearest ground targets. The result is he's going to fly away. In doing so, when I wasn't commander, they made a circle.Then they dropped bombs gradually flying at targets. When I gave the order as commander, they didn't do anything...
  4. Where do I set up the type of plane? Selection of nationality? Or is it set up in advance and there is no choice?
  5. And all the videos? Where are they?When you launch a mission there are a total of 5 videos.
  6. https://ibb.co/pJPNbWp Where can I find this campaign? How do I run it? I don't see a selection of these missions anywhere? CHAPTER :PRELUDE TO COUNTER OFFENSIVE OPERATION URANUS I bought Stalingrad and battle for Cuban. https://ibb.co/d7r7MX2 I don't see a selection of chapters PRELUDE TO CUNTEROFFENSIVE anywhere?
  7. Are there tank battles? How many players is the maximum? I am in the clan and we have armies battles. Does it exist here? Or is it dead? Like 30 Tiger vs 30 T34 tanks?
  8. Hi I need to set up the correct player name in the profile. How and where?
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