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  1. 15[Span.]/JG51Navarro

    Same brand for motherboard and graphics Card...?

    I will, thanks!
  2. Hi all, As the title indicates, do you recommend that the motherboard and the graphics card be of the same brand? Thanks!
  3. 15[Span.]/JG51Navarro

    Z390 motherboards...

    Thanks, I will read all of them!!
  4. 15[Span.]/JG51Navarro

    Volar sin TrackIR

    Hola a todos, Volé durante muchos años utilizando la seta del joystick pero al pasar al TrackIR, ¡todo cambió y para mejor! Sin embargo, he de decir que, a mi personalmente, me costó bastante acostumbrarme, me mareaba, pero cuando superé ese problema el volar, y todo lo que lleva consigo, se volvió más natural. Es mucho más instintivo mover la cabeza hacia un lado que darle la orden al dedo para que mueva la seta o a la mano para que mueva el ratón hacia el lado que se quiere mirar. A mi me pasa igual. ¡Saludos!
  5. 15[Span.]/JG51Navarro

    Z390 motherboards...

    I went to Gigabyte AORUS Master on the first place as well, I like it but i will see other options and ASUS is for sure a good one. I'll keep your comments in mind. Thanks!
  6. 15[Span.]/JG51Navarro

    Z390 motherboards...

    Thank you for your comment, glad to know!
  7. 15[Span.]/JG51Navarro

    Z390 motherboards...

    Thanks Alonzo! All of them have 10 or more power phases (Gigabyte and ASRock x12, MSI x13, and ASUS x10). I'll have a look for the active/pasive VRM cooling. I have already read some serious good reviews but not all the MBs of the list are reviwed yet. At least in Spain. I'll have to wait a bit more... I think it's also important to know the opinion of other people. I will check Gamers Nexus, thanks for the tip!
  8. 15[Span.]/JG51Navarro

    Z390 motherboards...

    Thanks for your comment! So I do!
  9. 15[Span.]/JG51Navarro

    Z390 motherboards...

    Hi all, I am planning to build a new rig and I am seeking as much information as possible about some of the Z390 motherboards before to proceed to purchase, I like the following ones: ASRock Z390 / TAICHI / TAICHI ULTIMATE / PHANTOM 9 ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WIFI) / CODE Gigabyte AORUS Master msi MEG Z390 ACE Any comments or information will be greatly appreciated!
  10. Thank you for your prompt answer! That's a big help!
  11. Let me ask you two questions: 1. Will a Z370 MB work fine with a 9th gen. CPU? I like the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X CODE / FORMULA 2. Will a Z390 MB work fine with a 8th gen. CPU as the i7 8086K? I like the following Z390 MBs: Gigabyte AORUS Master ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO WIFI msi MEG Z390 ACE ASRock Z390 / TAICHI / TAICHI ULTIMATE / PHANTOM 9 Any comments and recommendations will be appreciated!
  12. 15[Span.]/JG51Navarro

    Need some advice for a new VR gaming PC...

    After looking a bit more... I can find DDR4 3600Mhz 16GB (2x8) CAS 15 from G.Skill Trident Z!
  13. 15[Span.]/JG51Navarro

    Need some advice for a new VR gaming PC...

    I'll too!
  14. 15[Span.]/JG51Navarro

    Need some advice for a new VR gaming PC...

    Alonzo, thanks for your prompt answer!
  15. 15[Span.]/JG51Navarro

    Need some advice for a new VR gaming PC...

    I tried to find 3600mhz cas 15 but had no success... :/ If I take 3200 cas 14 OC to 3466: 14/3466=0,004039 3200 cas 14 OC to 3600: 14/3600=0,003888 3200 cas 14 OC to 3866: 14/3866=0,003621 3600 cas 16 OC to 3866: 16/3866=0,004138 3600 cas 16 OC to 4000: 16/4000=0,004000 It seems that if you OC the 3200 you get a faster response than the 3600 one but I don't know if it's possible to reach all the parameters described above (sorry for my lack of knowledge.)