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  1. Congratulations to the winners of the XX TAW!! - =TY= anaconda * Tore * 15Span * 1pa1 *- SCG_Fenris_Wolf- =TY= anaconda-samkis-WT =TY=anaconda_tiesa, thank you very much for putting the 15(Span)/JG51 tag next to your name. It is a pride for all the members of the squadron and personally for me a pleasure to have been your wingnan in numerous aerial sorties. =TY=anaconda_tiesa, muchas gracias por poner el tag del 15(Span)/JG51 junto a tu nombre. Es un orgullo para todos los miembros del escuadrón y personalmente para mi un placer haber sido tu punto en numerosas salidas al aire. Greetings, 15(Span.)/JG51Navarro
  2. I've been "playing" a bit with the settings and it seems to work fine now…
  3. Thank you very much for your advise. My TV model is not on rtings.com but I'll try to toning down the settings on my TV menu. I don't know what happened, it worked fine until a few days ago... The gamma in IL-2 is set to 0.8
  4. Hi guys, Since a week or so I am having trouble with a SAMSUNG 32" TV used as a PC Monitor (I haven't touched the settings at all...) It seems that the inside of the cockpit only looks right when I'm facing the sun. If I head in any other direction, the cockpit looks almost black (see the screenshots). Any advice or suggestion will be very appreciated as I have no idea how to solve this problem. Thank you very much in advance. Regards, 15(Span.)/JG51Navarro
  5. I have updated Windows just a few days ago but the trouble with starting the game is still there... I use both the launcher and .exe
  6. Thx jollyjak, when I press control-alt-delete there are only two programs running: IL-2 and TrackIR thats all. Another problem is that it won't let me access the taskmanager to shut down the game, the only option I have is to restart it. I've never heard anything about the autoruns before. I have to say that I am quite denied with subjects of informatica... 😞
  7. Hello everyone I don't know if this is the right place for this thread. If not, please tell me where I can post it... I have a lot of problems starting the game, sometimes I have to restart it 6-7 times before I can fly. Any recommendation or advice that helps me to solve this problem will be very grateful. Greetings, 15(Span.)/JG51Navarro
  8. Hola E69_julian57, Sí, lo sé, también me he dado cuenta de eso. Una verdadera lástima que no haya más fotos de los aviones de las EE.AA. Ya entiendo. Una pregunta... ¿qué número de aparato crees que es donde se ve al Capitán Hevia subido en el ala, el 3, 5, 6, 8, 9? Hello E69_julian57 Yeah, I know, I've figured that out, too. It's a real shame there aren't more pictures of the EE.AA's planes. I understand. A question... what number of plane do you think is where you see Captain Hevia on the wing, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9? Un saludo, 15(Span.)/JG51Navarro
  9. Hola E69_julian57, Buenos días, aquí te mando los retoques de pintura que creo que habría que hacerle al skin del 12+ blanco para que quedara aún más realista si cabe. Por supuesto basándome estrictamente en la fotografía que acompaña al skin. 1. cono: creo que la parte amarilla debería llegar hasta un poco más para atrás. 2. no sé como se llama esta pieza, es la que tiene un pequeño circulito rojo dentro y es la que está más cerca de las hélices: esa parte no tiene que estar pintada de amarillo (véase ilustración). 3. tampoco sé como se llama, me da la impresión que le has dado un tono verdoso a ese color amarillo pero debería ser exactamente del mismo color que la pieza de debajo del motor (véase ilustración) 4. banda vertical: puede ser una percepción errónea mía pero creo que esa banda debería ir un poco inclinada (véase ilustración) Ya sé que esa banda no la has puesto tú así y no sé que puedes hacer al respecto... 5. fondo donde está colocada la cruz gamada más blanco. Cómo ves, es poca cosa, o eso creo, espero que si, evidentemente son sólo sugerencias y tú decides si lo modificas o no... pero ya que a ambos nos interesa el tema de los skins de las EE.AA creo que estaría muy bien hacerlos lo mejor posible. Y si puedo ayudarte en algo pues encantado. Yo personalmente te lo agradecería mucho y los volaría con mucho gusto. Muchas gracias de antemano. Hello E69_julian57, Good morning, here I send you the paint retouches that I think should be done to the skin of the white 12+ to be even more realistic if possible. Of course based strictly on the photograph that accompanies the skin. 1. cone: I think the yellow part should go further back. 2. I don't know what this piece is called, it's the one with a little red circle inside and it's the one closest to the propellers: that part doesn't have to be painted yellow (see illustration). 3. I don't know what it's called either, I get the impression that you have given a greenish tone to that yellow color but it should be exactly the same color as the part underneath the engine (see illustration). 4. vertical band: it can be an erroneous perception of mine but I think that band should be a little bit inclined (see illustration) I know that you did not put that band like that and I do not know what you can do about it ... 5. background where the swastika is placed should be whiter. As you can see, it is not much, or I hope so, obviously they are just suggestions and you decide if you modify it or not… but since both of us are interested in the subject of the EE.AA skins I think it would be great to do them as best as possible. And if I can help you with something I'd be delighted to. I personally would appreciate it very much and I would fly them with pleasure. Thank you very much in advance. Saludos/Greetings, 15(Span.)/JG51Navarro
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