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  1. When I played the last time the flames from the exhaust pipes changed color according to the fuel rate, adjusting the carburation you get the best combustion in the cylinders and you see it from the color that changes in a nice blue of the flames. This is poetry for me, I love these things a lot and thinking about how challenging it must be to add these effects to the game I feel like thanking and encouraging the developers to continue on this line because it makes the game unique, interesting and loved.
  2. I advise all tank enthusiasts to read the original manuals for the German tanks of the Second World War. I have found two versions, for the Panther tank and for the tiger. Here are the links https://archive.org/details/Generalinspekteur-der-Panzertruppen-Panther-Fibel/mode/2up http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Waffen/Merkblatt/Die_Tigerfiebel_Handbuch_des_deutschen_Tiger_Panzers_.pdf
  3. 472/5000 In my opinion, given that the aiming system is the same as in P 47 and the missiles are the same, probably the launching technique could also be the same. rockets I believe you can aim in the same way as miri in P 47, the falling arc of the rockets will be the same. In the manual of the P 38 I have found nothing useful, maybe I will find something in some guide for the P 47.
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