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  1. No.85_Camm

    Looking for squadron (EU)

    Hi, I'm based in the UK. I'd be willing to help you along. If you would like to check out my Forum, go to https://www.tidesofwar.net Once you have done that, Register yourself and then go to 85 Squadrom. (Click on Battle group..then Air........then 85 Sqdn
  2. No.85_Camm

    TFS Developer Update – August 2018

    Bonkin said:- Q. Will anything be done about the time it takes to get a Beaufighter airborne (about 4.5 mins)? A. The engine cooling/overheat modelling for all aircraft will be revised for TF 5.0. Q. Can the excessive movement of the Spit and Hurri on the ground whilst taxying be rectified? A. We continue to revise and edit the FMs of all aircraft all the way up to the point of release. The environment weather effects also have a part to play. At the moment though our focus is on completing 3D modelling and importing. I was also at the Flying Legends, Bonks. Sorry I missed you... I understand that MAYBE the above will be rectified in TF5. However, if Clod expects people to pay out good money for something that MAY be fixed in the future, I think they will get a shock. The faults that appeared on the launch of Blitz need to be rectified now. Otherwise people will trust TF5 even less than they do now. I understand the the Devs are volunteers but..........the customers still demand value for their money....something that is bot happening now. I know you are in a difficult position Bonks, but TF5 really need to pay attention to Customer care. Something they are not doing now..so far. For at least 3 years, TF5 has been promising so much......yet nothing seems to be forthcoming. Please let us see some improvements to Blitz NOW....even if it's only to show that the Customer base are being listened to. Any improvements now may help to build the trust again. Sorry to be so negative, I really don't mean to be Camm
  3. No.85_Camm

    Settings Options

    Are any of your keys 'double' assigned?
  4. Coconut. Would you explain how your Stats work, please. I am referring to the Normal Server. For example, I don't understand how a person who has flown only one mission can be in 27th position (In the main Pilots' rankings) with 1000 points after shooting down only one Aircraft...and yet someone who has also shot one aircraft BUT also 3 ground targets is in 29th position and only 833 points. Forgive me if I am wrong but it seems as though flying Bombers (which in the main is more risky) does not get the recognition of the dangers or of the damage done to the enemy (if at all).
  5. Hi Coconut. There seems to be a problem with the Normal server. I am unable to get into the Server at all. I have no problem with any of the other servers
  6. No.85_Camm

    Me and friend both new

    You would be better off trying a quick mission first until you get the hang if the Airplane. Once you can fly in well enough.....join a sqdn (such as mine) and we can teach you the rest
  7. No.85_Camm

    Customer support contact

    You should be able to contact them by clicking on the Support label in the Launcher. I sent a message two days ago and still have had no acknowledement.....so you aren't the only one waiting for a reply
  8. Thanks Coconut. That worked.
  9. Hi Coconut, I have tries again to get on to the Normal server, unsuccessfully. I can get to the loading window and then.....nothing. I have no problem getting into other servers
  10. Hi Coconut, There seems to be a problem with the 'Normal' server. I have tried to load the server 4 times and the screen locks at the loading stage. I can get into other servers without any problems. Do you know what is wrong? Also, the Stats page doesn't seem to be updating
  11. Thank you very much for your reply, Coconut
  12. Hi Coconut, Would you please explain the scoring system to me. It doesn't matter if we bomb Hangers, Factories, Aircraft, Oil tanks, Ammo dumps or Airfield storage...it seems they only score 5 points and don't seem to have any positive outcome. It almost seems as though it's a waste of time attacking anything other than Airborne Aircraft. Would I be forgiven for suggesting that the Allies are always doomed to failure? Is it a foregone conclusion that the Axis forced win every map? During WWII, the Axis forced were suffering from lack of supplies in Russia, but on all of these maps, they seem to have unlimited supplies of everything.
  13. It's not all that important.......it's just that you can start your game from Steam (once you've paired up), that's all
  14. Bunny, If you bought it from the website and haven't paired it to Steam....just contact the Support team, They'll sort you out.
  15. Hi Bunny..........yes, it's me....same old Cam. I'm fine thanks. Hope all is well with you. If you contact the Support team, they'll sort you out. Let me know how you get on.