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  1. We only fly our own missions and they are a\ mix of dogfights and ground attack, However, you don't say what time zone you are in. I am in the uk and we generally fly at about 11.00 am (GMT) until about 14.00, daily. We only fly allied too. If you are interested, pm me
  2. Ok guys. Thanks for your replies. I got it wrong. sorry fellas. 🥵 Good to hear from a Lincolnite too.. 😊
  3. The fuel gauge on the Tempest doesn't work. No matter how long you fly...or how much fuel is entered, it always shows as full
  4. You are welcome to join us .....if you wish. We don't fly on any of the regular servers, we fly on our own. I live in the UK so, the timing that we are on is about 10.30 to about 13.30pm. Send me a PM if you would like to fly with us and I will send you the password for the server and the password for teamspeak. Oh...and we only fly allied. Which module do you have? We mostly fly on Bodenplatte and Kuban.
  5. As I recall, when you purchase through this site, you get a key, then, when you log into Steam, they ask you for the key code. I may be wrong, but I believe its as simple as that....but I will check You can link your iL2 account to your Steam account
  6. No, you don't have to buy everything through Steam. You cab buy everything through the Store and combine then. The details are on tghe forum on how to do it. By buying all through through this site, you are ensuring that iL2 get all the proceeds Have fun
  7. There are plenty of Squads you can fly with. However, what you need to do is decide what kind of Squad you want to fly with and and will you fit in with them???
  8. I don't have a problem with ground looping in the Tempest at all. I start slowing down about 15 kliks out and I do that by reducing my RPM down to about 10-15% and 20 degrees of flap....getting my speed down to about 130mph. As soon as my wheels touch the ground, my rpm is reduced to 0. Then it's just a matter of using the brake and rudder. (I also sideslip at times....no problem). Did you try what I suggested (Blind as a Bat)? If you could come on the server when I am on, perhaps I could help you more!!
  9. I recommend the P38 but the Hurricane ix outclassed because of the limited choice of ammo (I mean it doesn't have the DeWilde). Also, all the collector planes are available
  10. I agree with all of the above recommendations. However, even though you have already decided to buy Bodenplatte, I strongly recommend you also purchase Stalingrad, especially as the Sale is now on. Happy flying and if you need any help, please don't hesitate to pm me
  11. You may want to think about joining us. One of us lives in Virginia (US), whilst two of live in th UK. WE dont fly on any server (apart from Coconut casual)...we fly on our own server, flying our own missions...which can be quite challenging. We only fly allied aircraft and we would be more than willing to help you along and give any help you need. (We dont fly tight formations 😎'] Normally we are on through the week at about 10.00am, UK time and at the weekends at about 09:30 and we are on for about 3 hours. We fly dogfight, ground attack both ground targets and shipping as well as
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