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  1. No.85_Camm

    No Servers Showing

    To be honest, Hund....I agree with you entirely. I merely tried to inject a little humour to make up for my frustrations with the Devs for the lack of information.
  2. No.85_Camm

    No Servers Showing

    Do you think Trump has introduced more sanctions which has stopped the Multiplayer servers? Oh woe is me>>>>
  3. Hi Coconut, Would you please explain to me why there was no scored for the following mission? Took of from Novorossiysk at 04.06 on Sunday 14 October Destroyed MGC 30 Turret at 04.41 Destroyed Flak 30 Turret at 04.33 Destroyed Flak 30 Turret at 04.36 Landed Novorossiysk at 05.01 (Total flight time 55 minutes) These targets were marked as destroyed yet no scores given in the Coconut server but were given in the Stormovik game.....why is that? A bug perhaps?
  4. You're welcome, Buzz. I see you are with ACG. So was I...in fact, I'm meeting Kev tomorrow night for a beer. As you are new to BoS...if you need any help,,,, shout out and I'll help where I can. Take care
  5. Yes Buzz. The Axis were the winners on the expert server and the Allies were the winners on the normal server
  6. No.85_Camm

    How To Make Your Stats Look Good

    There can be no dispute Hawker. I was there and I saw it happen. That pilot on question (15 letters in his name) has done it many times in the past and no doubt, will continue to do so until he is banned from all servers. As for the sarcastic comments you have received....ignore them. You were merely making a point that it is not 'sporting' for someone to cheat at what is only a game. It is almost understandable for someone to cheat when playing cards (for example) for money but a flight sim???? for fun???? That pilot really ought to go and play with kids his own age....he is obviously a very immature person.
  7. With respect, Coconut. That does not seem to be the case
  8. I suggest there is another bug. I took off at 04.21 today to attack some ships. The attack was successful and I destroyed 8 cannon/naval guns/AAA, yet no scores were given. Indeed, according to the stats (coconut) I didn't hit any targets. According to the IL2 stats, I hit 8 artillery.
  9. Coconut. I was disconnected to day (second time in two days). Is there a reason for this? There is no problem with mu computer or internet so I don't know what else it cam be.
  10. You don't get much for Bombing missions. If you hit a plane on the ground = 5 points. Hanger = 5 points. Oil tanks = 5 points. Factories = 5 points. In June, we got much more points but it all changed from July onwards
  11. No.85_Camm

    TFS Developer Update – September 2018

    Thanks Bonkin…...it's looking good...…...finally. I'm looking forward to seeing the end product
  12. No.85_Camm

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    I think it will be a shame if you turn GPS off. I would have thought that everyone should be happy with what is being provided FREE without (almost) making demands for changes to suit their own requirements.
  13. No.85_Camm

    New Players start here ...

    Hi Persifal, My Squadron flew a lot on Clod. If you need any help (even Clod) please feel free to get in touch Camm
  14. No.85_Camm

    Possible content for TF 6.0

    NO..........it is the Falkland islands. If you had fought there.....you wouldn't call it by the Argentinian name
  15. No.85_Camm

    A begginer

    iL2 and cliffs of dover are two different games. What are you trying to run?