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  1. R.I.P. Clod...………..by the look of it.
  2. Yes there was. I believe it was called 'Tophat'.
  3. Do you REALLY think that TF5 will ever be released? Personally, I have my doubts
  4. I honestly don't think early access would be successful. A lot of people have lost faith and trust in Clod..... so their money will stay in their pockets until TF5 proves to be worth the money. If it comes out as bad as Blitz did, I think it will prove to be the demise of Clod.
  5. I would suggest to the hierarchy that there is a major fault with the main server. Since Mid January, I have had several disconnects (#10009 Disconnected from game server). This fault happens on ALL servers and there is no pattern. There is nothing wrong with my computer or internet. My Ping is low and I have no package loss. Prior to January, I never had a problem. This fault is happening to too many people (please read the forum on this subject) for it to be isolated to anyone's computer. The fault MUST lie with the main Server. Will you PLEASE look at rectifying this problem Cam
  6. Have you uninstalled the game and deleted all the relevant flies then rebooted your computer before you re-install the game?
  7. It happens on most Servers and my Ping is low.. As I have already stated (MANY times) there is nothing wrong with my settings or my upload/download speeds. Everything was good until Mid January. You stating that you got 1 disconnect per 50 sorties...I would be happy with but THREE disconnects on THREE sorties (today) is too darned much!!!! Please read my other posts on this matter before you come up with suggestions that have already been tried
  8. To the Developers or Coders. Will you please check IL-2 at your end please. There are too many of us getting Error #10009 for it to be a problem with our computers. There is nothing wrong with my computer or internet service. I have uninstalled the game and re-installed it 3 times. It is now getting to the point where I cannot play the game anymore. I have had 3 flights and 3 consecutive disconnects. The problem started in mid January 2019. It is now looking like I have wasted a lot of money buying Bos, BoM, Kuban. Bodenplatte and all the Allied Collector planes (other than the UV-2) Not to mention the Single Player campaigns. Please help us out Guys.
  9. Well to be honest. I have tried everything too (as well as contacting the support team and I got the same answer as you). I had no problems with disconnections until mid January of this year...plus….there are lots of other people having the same problem., I'm still trying other things and if I find an answer, Ill let you know. Good luck!!!
  10. I no longer have your email address, Gos. If you would like contact, you can contact me through the pm service on this forum. I see you read Liefr's post.so you will know that there are lots of people having the same problem
  11. If you are so darned clever Gos….YOU tell me what the problem is. There is no problem with my internet. I have no package loss. My computer has been checked out by an IT specialist and he states my computer is perfect. I have installed new Internet adaptors. I've also uninstalled and re-installed the game 3 times. I have a low Ping...so that isn't the problem either I have flown on Coconut server for almost 18 months with no problem...until mid January of this year. THAT'S when the disconnects started. I have been in constant touch with the Support team and they suggested (eventually) I contact Coconut about his settings. As for flying on other Servers is concerned, I have even done that.....on THREE different servers, with no problems. I am at a total loss as to where the problem lies. So, I say again...if you know so much you tell me what the problem!!!! Also I don't expect Coconut to sort out ANY of my connection 'woes'. I merely asked fort his help Incidentally, if you check the forum, you will see that I am not the only one that has connection issues
  12. What suggestions were they? I have a new router, new internet adaptors, I don't have any problems on any other game.....just IL2
  13. Your server is by far the best but......18 disconnects this month is just too much. I have been in touch with the Support team and they suggest that it is due to your settings. I know there is nothing wrong with my computer and there is nothing wrong with my internet. I have also installed new internet adaptors. It's so frustrating....I don't have this problem on any other server. When I do manage to complete a mission, I don't get any score because of penalties
  14. I am also getting the same problems. I have had an IT guy check out my computer....no problems. I have fitted a new router. I have also installed new internet adaptors. The support team have been no help at all, insisting that the fault lies at my end and NOT theirs. If you find a solution, I would be grateful if you let me know what it is. Have you tried contacting the support team?
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