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  1. My internet connection seems ok and my fps ranges between 59 and 61. and I use ethernet not WiFi. There doesn't seem to be any surges. thanks for your assistance though
  2. Can someone help me please? Whilst playing on Coconut Server (Normal), I have had 8 disconnects this month (so far) and I don't know why. Is there a reason for this? I have played on this server for over a year now and never had this problem (or at least...not as bad as this) Any help would be appreciated. I don't know what my fps is and don't know how to check it
  3. No.85_Camm

    collector plane download and installaton

    If you are referring to the Collector aircraft in Box, go to the IL2 website and purchase from there....then activate the product key......job done, In Clod, there are no Collector planes to purchase
  4. Coconut, This morning there were two pilots (Xphyle and potatohog41) that flew 15 sorties between them and lost 14 aircraft (plus munitions) between them. We haven't got much munitions (on the allied side) as it is.....but for these 'pilots' to throw away the assets ruins the whole scenario. Is there any way they can be stopped?
  5. Ok guys.....thank you very much
  6. I have tried repeatedly without success to reload the guns for the turrets on a PE2. The mechanism is there...……..but they just will not reload and fire. Is this a bug?
  7. Hi Coconut. At approx. 05.00 (GMT), I flew two missions on the Kuban map (Normal Server), destroying 4 torpedo boats, 2 Cargo ships and 2 warehouses. The missions do not show up at all so obviously I was not credited with the kills. This was before the map changed to the current one. Is there a reason for this?
  8. Ok my friend. Thanks for trying anyway. Seems like I'm grounded for a while.
  9. Hi Coconut, For three days I am having problems getting into the Normal server and I still cannot get onto the server. I have tried coming out of the game and going back into it and that doesn't work. All the problems started after the update on IL2. I hope you can sort it out.
  10. Thanks Coconut. I managed to get two flights in then it wouldn't allow me to fly again......I left the server and then it wouldn't allow me to rejoin. There is a serious problem (I think)
  11. Hi Coconut, There still seems to be a problem with your Normal server. I can get into all other servers....other than your Normal server. What could be the problem?
  12. It seems to be impossible to connect to the Normal server
  13. No.85_Camm

    Start up error since 3.007 update

    I have had that twice now...but go back into launcher and see if it has finished launching…..that's what I did and all seems ok now
  14. Hi Coconut. The Normal server has been down for two days now and I am getting withdrawal symptons. Will it be back any day soon?.....PLEASE
  15. No.85_Camm

    Alaska based Canadian looking for a squadron

    85 Sqdn can fly either on Clod or Box....any allies are welcome