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  1. I agree TPReggie. We have done Co-op missions but we also do MP and to be honest, we prefer MP
  2. maybe 5 years after...….if ever. It wont clash then!!
  3. I do our own missions, using my own computer. But it is only for 85 Squadron (so far) and we only fly Allies. We are currently working on the new missions for the new .map
  4. Fantastic job, devs. The P38, P51 AND Tempest fly really well. If I had to make any criticism, it would be....why aren't there any rockets in the payload for the Tempest? After all, if it was used in the ground attack role, it would be fairly useless with only two bombs
  5. Hi Guys, Here are two missions that someone may enjoy. The one marked 'Intercept the Bombers' is an updated one from the one I posted yesterday. They are both 2 hours long and they are both Allied only. I suggest you read the briefing before you fly them. They are both designed for Multiplayer but, anyone can fly them on his/her own if you so wish. Enjoy!! A great may thanks to Gramps for all his help Intercept the Bombers.zip Leaving the Motherland.zip
  6. This is just a basic mission done quickly by using the help from JimTM's manual and assistance from Gramps. The visibility is clear and there is no wind. The duration is 2 hrs. By the way. It is for Allies only and it is a Multiplayer, designed for use by more than one player (although a single player can use it). Hope you enjoy it Intercept the Bombers.zip
  7. I don't think so but....why not do a copy of that mission and set a different time of day and weather pattern?? Then you could have them running one after the other.
  8. Try the Sopwith Camel. If you would like practical instruction (without looking at the many manuals), send me a PM and I may be able to help you
  9. You are welcome to look at 85 Squadron. We have our own forum on https://www.tidesofwar.net. If you register, once you are approved...you will be able to see what 85 is about. We also run our own missions and can give you help wherever you may need it. (You will need to register) We also have our own teamspeak and the address is:- uk-voice4.fragnet.net:9017 I will let you know what the password is ...if you decide to join us Cam
  10. When you bought the campaign, did it not state that BoS was required?....Failing that...you could always purchase Bos....especially as it is now in a huge sale
  11. Yes...that is exactly right. A target can be made to be difficult to destroy or hard, depending on the settings of the durability of the target
  12. This update and the forthcoming new additions are what makes BoS vastly superior to Clod. Thank you Devs for outstanding acheivements.
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