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  1. It's fake news and...…………..it rhymes with Trump...….😇
  2. Ok DFLion, I'll see what I can do. Have fun Camm
  3. The Airfcraft code DW was not 616 Squadron, it was for 610 Squadron. I think you will find that the Aircraft code for 616 Squadron was QJ
  4. In order to get the Tobruk expansion, you need to purchase the 'Blitz' add-on to Clod first Bos and Clod are two different engines
  5. Have your fuel load at no more that 68%...………..that would be a good start
  6. Personally speaking, I thought that when Blitz was introduced, I was sorely disappointed because of all the bugs that came with it. Then, when it was mentioned (by lots of people) Buzzsaw stated that the bugs would be sorted out when TF5 was launched. TF5 was at least 5 years in the making and now that TF5 has finally appeared.....still MORE bugs that apparently will be sorted out over the coming months. I am a pensioner and I can ill afford to buy games that have bugs in them from day one. I haven't bought the latest expansion, nor do I intend to. Personally speaking, I think the community has been ripped off and if I thought I could get a refund for Clod, I would request one. I cant even fly on the Channel map (multi-player) anymore because there aren't any servers that are doing the channel map....they are all doing Tobruk Goodbye Clod
  7. You are welcome to join us in 85 Sqdn. Apart from we Brits, we also have an American (from Virginia). We are normally on-line at about 10.30am (uk time), If you are interested (and we can help you) please pm me and I will give you our teamspeak details....we only fly allied.
  8. No.85_Camm

    IL-2: Crete new!

    Extremely well done. Thank you
  9. Try having your prop pitch set at no more than 70% for take off/Taxi and go easy on the throttle
  10. Try it with only 75% ...no more than that. I think that that will solve your problem
  11. It seems strange that in mission #5, the P38's are attacked by P51's...……..or has a mistake been made?
  12. there are often sales. Try again in about 6 weeks time
  13. Check out the Mission editor. All the information is there. Any problems, send me a pm and I'll try to help you. Cam
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