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  1. In fairness Coconut, I have also seen the same amount of Axis Aircraft attacking Allied airfields.
  2. Enjoy your well earned vacation.
  3. No.85_Camm

    Suggestion For Team Fusion

    Personally, I think they have lost any market share they had.........They update for Blitz ruined Clod. As for TF5......the promised have been going on for far too long now. I WAS a good flight sim game but I think that Blitz ruined it. Obviously a lot of people agree with me when you see how many guys DONT use it now. So may promises about TF5 and result????? Nothing. It would have to be really extraordinary to get people back. As for pre-ordering is concerned...do you really think people can trust TF5 now? I certainly don't. The quality of Bos/M/K/S is far superior to Clod now
  4. If it's a cost element, maybe I can help you with that. Please pm me. Also, I see the Normal server is down again. Any idea why it went down and when it will be back up again?
  5. Towards the end of a mission, a window appears stating that there is 20 minutes left and yet...within a few seconds, the mission ends. So when a window appears stating that there is 20 minutes left, in actual fact, there is only seconds remaining. Also Coconut, will there come a time when the 'Normal' server will be on for longer than it is now? This week, it seems to be down more than it is 'up'. I don't think Norton has blocked anything. At least it hasn't warned me of any threats.
  6. Hi Coconut On the 'Normal' server, it is still kicking us out 20 minutes early. Is that because it is a different server? Also, after waiting 20 minutes, the server has still not restarted. Any ideas when it will restart, please
  7. I have Norton and I don't think the Anti-Virus has anything to do with it
  8. Hi Coconut.....There must be something wrong with the server. There were only 3 players on (all allies) and I was disconnected for a third time. It really is unplayable if this carries on. Like Black-Witch, I also cannot access the Stats page. I think maybe Trump is getting his own back against the Russians
  9. Hi Coconut, Today, I had two disconnects (basically, I was kicked out of the server). Twice a message came up on screen stating that the Multiplayer server was overloaded and to contact the Server Administrator. Whether these two instances are related or not, I don't know.
  10. Ok Coconut, thank you. Are you able to tell me when the AI are going to decide when the battle will re-commence, please?
  11. Coconut, Why does the 'Normal' server keep going off line? Is there a problem? It is sorely missed when it is absent
  12. To be honest, I agree with Hawker. For example, there is one pilot (on the Allied side) who has 'lost' 72 Aircraft and been killed 28 times and yet he is well up on the leader board. It sort of makes a mockery of the pilots that try to look after their Aircraft (and virtual life) and get them back to base. Yet, after all their efforts, someone who has wasted so much resources gets rewarded. When fighting a campaign, the object is to win.....and stay alive. Not (as seems the case) to see how many times one can get killed. As for you, Jimmy, I congratulate you on your scores, By the way, how many aircraft have you lost and how many virtual lives has it taken to get there? Just a thought
  13. Try a different occupation. Someone I know wanted a job as a tree surgeon. I actually got him a position as a tree surgeon....then he told me he wasn't qualified (lied to me about getting the qualification). As it turns out, he would rather play flight sims and get unemployment benefits. Lower your job expectations if you really want a job.....maybe as a sailmaker or lifeguard?
  14. No.85_Camm

    #5 Licence Key Not Activated

    As Boo said....Give it time. It usually takes at least a couple of hours to settle down before an update appears...also, don't forget to start your game using the launcher....NOT the shortcut on your desktop
  15. Hi Coconut. It is clear that the Allies have lost the campaign in the Normal Server. Can we have a new map, please?