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  1. But making something visible, does not mean it will be immediately spotted by everybody. So without zooming, you still get the "finding a distant contact is a trained skill" without adding an additional and IMO artificial difficulty. Regarding pilot diaries, modern fighter pilots flying with jvn says the FoV limitation and associated peripheral vision loss is problematic. Looking at things on a computer things, you already get less contrast and resolution, there is no need to make it harder than necessary.
  2. When speaking of agility, I was not speaking of being able to quickly spot anywhere in your surounding. In fact I agree with you on the similarities between carefully examinating a given region of the sky and zooming. However, I think the eye can quicly move to look at an instrument or a nearby object like another plane, and quickly resume scanning at the point it left. Whenever I zoom in an airsim, chances are the plane attitude will start to change without a chance of being corrected (no peripheral vision), and if I have to restore a previous fov to check my wingman or an instrument, I will lose the point I was looking at, and to resume scanning, I need to zoom again, and loose peripheral vision again, wich means piloting without visual clues and hoping for the best. That is why I think requiring zoom to find contact adds an artificial difficulty. In fact with the IL2 mechanism, I experienced the same learning process that is described in pilot diaries, so being able to see contacts at a 90° fov isn't equivalent to giving a superhuman optical radar to every virtual pilot. And there is no need to state the obvious thing that we have a different opinion. What is intereting is precisely to explain what are the reason behind our respective opinion.
  3. And it is IMO a big drawback of the zoom method. And the loss of peripheral vision is not the single issue. IRL you can switch from looking far to looking closer at a different point and back very quickly. If you need to zoom, IMO you lose both peripheral vison and eye agility. Geometric truth and physiological truth are not the same, so I think there should be some kind of zoom factor varying with the distance, to compensate the fact that we are looking at computer pixels.
  4. I am going to sue you for the damages inflicted to my F5 key !
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