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  1. got the point, that makes sense.
  2. the shortcut KOTA stands for Knights Of The Air. KNOA is a software company. Not thats its too important, but we are pilots and we love to be precise and respekt server hosts by calling them right ;D pretty nice video by the way. nice video, you can hide the technochat etc, in the ingame record by simply turn it off before replay
  3. Its a pleasure to see such mature gameplay, realy enjoy the videos.
  4. Also bei mir geht jetzt nach dem update nix mehr, weder online noch offline. keine verbindung zum masterserver...
  5. same problem here, no connection to masterserver
  6. Salut! Nice video ! The P40 is so much fun to fly. She is a beast with the 50 cal. . You dont even need 6 of them, 4 is enough. I almost never use this plane for ground attack, i like dogfighting with her even if its tricky sometimes.
  7. When you look at the angle of the 109 and the tracers direction its very likley the bullet goes through the wing into the engine. But interesting to watch is the time lag that happens between the bullet impact on the 109s windshield and the pilots death, wich allows him to shoot one last burst.
  8. Excellent Video, i realy enjoed it. Would be cool to have something like this between some Campain Missions to underline a story. Of course not that long.
  9. i can feel the pain in the arse.. damn
  10. I fly the P40 most of the time and of Course she is not a 109, but that does not say its impossible to fight a Messerschmitt. I have a lot of fun with her and i dogfight every plane, doesnt matter FW190 or Bf 109. here i loaded up a video of a dogfight against a 109F4. And i have more like this on my harddisk. Sure you Need to get used to the P40E and shes is a havy weight airplane. But we like the challenge or dont we?
  11. you have the specifications in the game. When you start a Mission go to the map by pressing "o" and there you find it on the right top Corner. press the specification button and you will find every Information needed to fly this plane without wracking your engine. By the way, forgett what People say here. Shes realy a beast and fun to fly. The strongest weapon plattform in this game. with her 6x50 kaliber she shoot everything in pieces, even tanks! i shoot down Bombers easily . Try to use a 300m gun Konvergenz. Works best for me, no Need to close up, shoot from distance is enough. Get used to her and you will have a blast. Salute!
  12. hmm interesting idea never thought about that . i will give this a try.
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