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  1. very dramatic series, it perfectly transfers the chaos ww2 pilots go through. very much enjoyed watching. please go on!
  2. With all respect, but honestly i struggle a lot to shoot down 110´s. ok, i mostly hang out on FinnishVirtual Server and the 110 pilots there realy know their job. So to say in the hand of a skilled pilot you realy have a hard time to find a good angle for a attack. Do not know in career mode! the physics in il2 realy is impresive. A very good demonstration here! i love this sim because of exactly this moments , sorry you got to end your career 😀
  3. holy handrail, so much fun to watch! great stuff🤙
  4. For me personaly MiG 3 is the most beautiful warbird. Thanks for the video 🤙
  5. congratz mate, you realy make enjoyable videos. i love them. Your vids are full of atmosphere and action, music joice is great and how you play with the camera angles and cuts is a pleasure to watch. 9.5 from 10😎
  6. definitely yes! 👍 i didnt thought it will be possible to catch that VR feeling, but this video gives a great impression of VR. And * you are a stuntman dude* ! 🤙
  7. that looks awesome, and the precision is absolutly stuning. Respect!
  8. Absolut

    New DM Kills

    sneak on target, boom... excellent shooting. But to be honest,would be more fun to watch if you also show the external view to enjoy how the enemy get ripped apart. Nice demonstration anyway. edited* at 1.10 very interesting to watch how you diceded to switch target priority
  9. I remember a player named Wanganui Wildcat, he did some videos similar to your style. I realy loved them. we need more fun stuff like this here in the video section. From my perspective the different camera cuts are well done! Thanks for sharing the docu link. Yes we are pretty lucky to have already acces to great tecnologie like VR is. It makes it so immersive. I will say at least that your video is a pretty good example that IL2 is so much more than shooting targets. Thanks for that!
  10. VR makes it so special, its too sad not be able to transport the feeling through a video recording. I use the VR for funflights only like you do here. I personaly love the VR-cockpitview in the P39 most. The Music is a good choice also the cuts are well done. I enjoyed your video. edited* the note to 70´s VR is excelent idea. Was´nt it the NASA who made the first VR project alive?
  11. nice shooting, try out Berloga server you maybe get an ace in 1minute. The Germanfighter pilot got to make a 25kill series to become an Ace. you need to make a 15 minute video then. 😄
  12. i realy like the dramatic of that screenshot
  13. try it with 65% fuel only. When the reartank is empty the balance is perfect!
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